WallStreetBets Glossary - Words, Slang, Idioms of WSB Explained

WallStreetBets (WSB) is a popular subreddit. The given community description: Like 4chan found a bloomberg terminal. This WSB glossary lists words, slang, sayings, idioms used by the community.

WallStreetBets Glossary

We can remain retards longer than they can stay solvent. WallStreetBets is dynamic in nature. Stay in the loop by lurking WSB to understand trending terms and popular sayings. Or just read this page for a short introduction.

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WallStretBets Slang Guide

This reddit post explains the culture of WallStreetBets.

Retard. How WSB users describe themselves. Being retard is okay and expected, as long as you don't go full retard. Never go full retard. The typical WSB retard does not know what they are doing, while autists know something, does DD (but they too are retarded). Most WSB'ers can't read. They can't even think, but emojis are helpful. Newcomers are degenerates.

FD F**got Delight. Retarded investment strategy that has a one in a millionth chance of success, which means moon or bust, probably to be posted with a Gain flare pretty soon, because, there is a chance.

Diamond Hands. You never sell. You hold. HODL. What's an exit strategy?

Paper Hands. Sellers. Selling in the red, or selling at small gains. WSB'ers are going to the moon, pluto and beyond.

$ROPE. Your final investment. If your account blows up you buy rope.

Guh. Losing, and losing fast. $1,000,000 to $0 while staring at sceen.

Tendies. Never say Money. It's tendies.

Rocket emoji. Because you expect every WSB investment going to the moon. Actually, moon is just the first destination. Mars second, then pluto, then beyond. You reach moon when investment went up 0.01% or 69420%.

Drilling means you lost on a stock, small loss or complete loss. Loss is loss. But stonks always go up, no worries.

Bagholder. Buy high, selling low, or better, never sell. Because you're a bagholder.

Binary Events. Moon or bust bets, typically earnings reports, reports of clinical trial outcomes, and events where price movement depends on something binary.

Basic terms, acronyms: FOMO (fear of missing out). DD (Due Diligence). BTFD (Buy the Fucking Dip). SEC (Securities exchange commission). Can't Go Tits Up. BRRRRRRRRRR. DFV. Yes or No. Moonday.

Flairs of WSB:

  • DD. WSB'ers doing their homework. Due diligence. Investment opportunity research. Actually not investments, just risky bets.
  • Loss. WSB users posting loss porn.
  • Gain. Users posting their gains from investments.
  • Meme. The memes are prety much the heart of WSB.
  • YOLO. You Only Live Once. That's why WSB'ers invest ~100% of your account into one risky bet. Users YOLO their investments in gambling bets.
  • Discussion. WSB'ers discussing.
  • Other WSB flairs: Chart, Daily Discussion; Earnings Thread; News; Mods

WallStreetBets Says

  • We like the stock.
  • I didn't hear no bell.
  • What's an exit strategy?
  • Hold the line.
  • Daddy (Elon, Powell, Deepfuckingvalue...)
  • Buy High Sell low
  • Something regarding Your Wifes Boyfriend
  • BJ's @ Wendys
  • This is not financial advice.
  • Apes strong together.
  • This is the way.
  • We like the ________.
  • If he's still in, I'm still in.
  • [Legend] just tweeted. Hold the fucking line!
  • We can remain retards longer than they can stay solvent
  • Hold.
  • Hold hold hold.

Gangs of Wall Street Bets

WallStreetBets isn't really a community. There are gangs withing this subreddit.

There's the Bear Gang (these are Gay bears and like it when stonks go down), opposite of Bull Gang. Then there's the Kang Gang (bumpy stocks, going all the way up, then all the way down).

Theta Gang θ prefer sideways movement, stocks going nowhere.

Other gangs include Late-night gang (awake between 1AM-4AM PST). West coast gang, East coast gang, Silver Surfers, Corn Gang, Gourd Gang, Tanker Gang. GME Gang. Gang Bang. So many gangs.

Dump & Pump

  • What outsiders think WSB are doing: Pump and dump.
  • What WSB think they are doing: Pump and pump.
  • What WSB actually do: Dump and pump. Retards, remember.

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