Making Money in Affiliate Marketing: The Truth

Most people have to make money, in order to survive or to keep their current lifestyle. But some people have enough to retire, but they still prefer to make money.

Making Money

Affiliate marketing has been the one true make-money-online method that has worked for decades. It's been the one think you could do to literally make millions of dollars, if you just knew how to do it right. You'll find hundreds of free resources to teach the basics of affiliate marketing, so we won't cover those here. Instead, we will offer our unique perspectives and insight on how to make affiliate marketing profitable from anywhere in the world.

18. July 2024 by Click insider / Affiliate marketing

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There are many ways to make money. You knew that.

Let's not repeat the things we all know. Let's not talk about how you could make money in the stock market, or as a CEO, or from starting a random company.

Instead, let's discuss affiliate marketing, and how you can make money as an affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Used To Be Easy And Highly Lucurative

In the old days, affiliate marketing used to be extremely lucurative, pretty straight forward, and you could make millions of dollars if you know how to do it the right way. Plus, you could do this legitimately and ethically.

From 2000 till 2010 you could be making substantial amounts from affiliate marketing, even if you were a beginner. Very little computer experience were required, and coding knowledge weren't essential. Understanding of basic HTML can be learned in a day, and back then that was almost all you needed to get going.

Today, it's not that easy.

But in the old days, it was. The mystery is, of course, if getting rich in affiliate marketing was so easy, why didn't everyone do it? It's a mystery. The one answer we can think of is, because people did not know about this opportunity. They did not know it was possible to make big bucks from affiliate marketing, so they didn't do it. Lack of knowledge is costly. If you were born before the 2000, and if you're still not rich, too bad. You could have been a multi-millionaire by now. The early days of affiliate marketing was a blessing.

In the very early days, you could stuff a page full of keywords, and you'd attain all the eyeballs you wished for. Black hat SEO tactics eventually stopped working, or at least there was substantial reduction in the effectiveness of the methods. Which was good and a benefit to all, as it improved the user experience and the overall quality of the internet.

Affiliate Marketing Today

The game has changed over the years. It's not as easy as it used to be.

In the old days, you could easily make millions as a solo affiliate. No need to start an organization, hire dozen of employees, get venture capital...

But you know what, you still don't have to do any of that.

If you want to make money in affiliate marketing, there are basically two routes:

Grow a huge affiliate marketing company. Today there are huge public companies having affiliate marketing as their only source of revenue. As solo affiliate marketers you will compete against these professionals. They know what they are doing, and they know how to do the right things right.

Work as a solo affiliate. This is the cheap and easy route. Initial cost could be as low as $100/year and that's it. This covers hosting and a few domains. You should be able to cover the initial expense within the first month, not hard at all. From there it's all profit. But of course you have to calculate your own cost, you're not doing this for free, so realistically you should aim for several thousand dollars in profits after a few months.

In addition to the corporation-route and the solo-route, there are in-betweens and various options. Affiliate marketing could be a side-hustle (but in most cases you will only begin to make serious money [millions+] from affiliation once you pursue this full-time). Another option is joint ventures, cooperation with friends.

Furthermore, you could pay your way into this game, by buying a profitable affiliate site. In addition to money, you would need knowledge about the affiliation game, and if you are new to affiliate marketing you might as well begin fresh: Pick a niche, buy a domain, hosting, and enjoy the steep learning ahead.

How Much Should You Make As An Affiliate?

If you're not making at least $60K/year from affiliate marketing, and you're doing it full time, then you might as well get a job.

You have to calculate your own cost. If you are making less than you would in any other job, why choose affiliate marketing? It's fun, but other jobs can be equally fun. Being self-employed is probably better than being employed, but as an affiliate you will need to perform to earn, just as in most jobs.

The first year or first couple of years as an full-time affiliate, you might earn less than in the best paid job you could get, but within the thrid or fourth year you should be able to make at least six digits.

Making $200,000 to $600,000 is not far fetched. Many affiliates are making millions every year, some are even making several millions every week, although that might be rare these days.

Realistically, the sky is not the limit, but making six digits from affiliate marketing is not that hard if you are working full-time as an affiliate.

Learn How To Make Money As An Affiliate

This site will not be another basic guide to affiliate marketing. There are plenty of those guides available. We aim to offer additional information to everything else that is currently available.

Our goal is to make money, honestly, but we know that won't happen unless we can offer something unique to the affiliate space. And this is what we intend to do.

Affiliate marketing can be a sure path to making money online, the surest path if you'd ask us, but only if you are determined to learn and to adapt to changes.

If you are interested in making money from affiliate marketing anywhere in the world, we hope this site will be exactly what you have been searching for.

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