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We found something mind-blowing. This will make you question everything. Read this. And. Click. The. Link.

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Read the text. Click the link. Do it now.

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Affiliate marketing

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This is not an ad. This text is a game. There is no marketing. The link at the bottom is not an affiliate link. Have fun and learn something very important while reading this text.

Marketers aim to influence behavior.

There is a link at the end of this text, and the aim is to make you click it.

  • We win if you click the link.
  • We lose if you don't click the link.

We do not intend to lose this game.

In fact, we will win this game. Every time. The house always wins.

You WILL play this game, and you WILL click the link.

Why should you click the link?

You click, we win.

But what if you don't?

Read All Of This Page

*No ads inside.

*No affiliate link at the end.

Read on and you will understand how we will make you click the link. You may think you have a choice here, but really, you do not.

Close The Page Now To Prove A Point?

Not a good move.

You will miss out on the greatest marketing lesson of your life.

Did we tell you that we have already won? Predetermined, remember.

Read on, and observe how to literally hijack the brains of any reader.

It does not matter who the reader is or how smart they are. This will trick every reader. All of them. All of you.

If you close the page now, you will still remember this experience. Even if you forget it, it will be burried inside you, and you wil spend hours trying to find this page again. This is a burden you do not need to put on your future self. Solve this puzzle now, and finish it. Play the game now, and play it well.

Big Lesson Inside For FREE

We will hijack the brain of any reader and make them click the link.

This works every time, and you will be a first-person observer.

This is a big lesson and we're sharing it here for FREE. No ads. No nothing. It's just this page and a link to something that will get the point across. Somthing important. A thing which we are not affiliated with. This is not a business thing.

Don't worry. We're only hijacking your brain.

And if you are okay with that, continue reading. Learn how it's done.

This will be mind-blowing stuff and you're in for a rare treat.

Wait: Do Not Click The Link... Yet

The link will not make any sense now. Not yet.

Read the text first. Then click the link.

  1. Read the text on this page.
  2. Click the link.

Why? Read and you can make the informed decision.

Lose Once, Lose Forever

You may scroll to the bottom and click it. Click it. Click the link now. Go on. Do it. Click it now. Don't read this text. But then you lose. Do it.

Actually. Don't do it. Don't click the link now.

If you scroll down and click the link now, you will lose forever.

You cannot play this game twice. Play it once. Win it once.

It will make no sense to scroll down now and click the link. If you do scroll down to the bottom of the page now, and click the link, you won't get what this was all about. And you will lose.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link NOW. If you want to lose the game.

If you scroll down and click the link now, you will never understand what this is about. Lose once, lose forever.

There is only one way to win this. For you, there is only one way to win. We've already made victory. And you will see that this is true. We have won, but we gain nothing from you losing. We can both win. But the game has just begun and you need to read more to understand the game.

Don't Scroll Down And Click Now

If you scroll down and click the link now, you will lose. And we will still win.

Just continue reading, read everything, then click the link

Read this text. Read everything. Then click the link. We both win.

There is no marketing going on here. Just a FREE lesson, and for you it will probably be a BIG LESSON, and a good lesson.

This is an experience. If you don't read the text and just click the link, you will ruin the experience. It's like ruining your best movie ever. It's like spoilers, and spoilers will ruin the experience of movies, books, and spoilers will ruin this thing. The content behind the link is for now just a spoiler, and it's meaningless. But if you read all of this, the meaning of the content behind the link will moprh into a lesson of a lifetime. You do not want to spoil this.

This is Not An Ad

This is a game. Read more and it will make sense.

You can stop reading. You can close this page.

But you can NOT quit the game.

Your mind has pressed "start".

The off-button is in NOT in the browser.

There is only one way to stop this now. And it's not in the browser.

Keep reading, or this thing will bug you for a long time. There is only one way to quit.

You Mind Is In Control (And You Will Click The Link)

This is NOT AN AD.

This is not marketing.

The link we are referring to below is NOT an affiliate link.

It is just a link. And YOU WILL CLICK THE LINK.

What is hidden behind the link?

Why is it important for us that you click the link? It is not important for us at all. But you will click the link.

Why click the link? Do you actually think you have a choice?



Read the text first. Click the link second. Soon you will know why.

1. Read the text. The content behind the link will not make any sense unless you read this text first.

2. Click the link. You will click the link after you have read this text. When you click the link, you will see some content. The content will be revealed on the screen and your brain will process what it means. Processing this might take a while...

The content behind the link is something you need not fear. This is not an ad. It is not marketing, not scary and not something you need to fear. But it is something, and it only makes sense if you see the content in context to this text. Both this text and the link-content will change its meaning once you see these things in context.

The content behind the link is something special. It has a very special meaning and will make you question things. Perhaps it will even question your sanity. It's not so much about the content itself, but rather, it is your actions that will shock you. Many people have been exposed to this before, and it is certainly not something to be scared of, but there is a huge lesson to be learned from this.

We Have A Situation Here

What situation?

Remember, there's a link below, and we win if you click.

  • We do not like losing.
  • You don't like losing.
  • Nobody likes losing.

And you will click the link. You will make us win.

Why will you make us win?

Because this is how you will win. You win if we win.

Read the text first. Then click the link.

Catch 22 Of Your Life

How can we be certain that we will win?

What makes this outcome predetermined? If you read the text, you will know.

It does not matter who you are. Marketing genius. PhD. Master persuader. Redneck. It does not matter who you are. The situation is what it is, and you are in it.

So we've created a very special situation.

This is the situation. The experience you are having right now is the Catch 22 of your life. And now we have it. We have the situation. And we have this situation because you have it. Do you now see? You have the situation. That is the situation.

Don't Quit. Won't Quit. Can't Quit.

You may close this page, and never come back.

But your mind will remember this.

Your mind is more than the things you are thinking about right now. Your mind is here. Your mind is now. And your mind will always be here. Trapped inside this experience. The only way out is through. You can not just quit this thing now. This thing stays in your mind until the puzzle has been solved and does not end until the link have been clicked.

Your mind will remember this.

Subliminal Phenomena

Turns out we have created some kind of s i t u a t i o n h e r e.

Y o u w i l l c o n t i n u e r e a d i n g.


This thing has been carefully crafted.

This is a lesson, and you should probably pay attention.

Reading things will change things in your brain.

Reading something can alter your mind. You may feel like you are in control of your life, but here we are.

What have we arranged? Here's the situation:

We don't like losing. You don't like losing. So, let's make this a thing where we both win.

That's why we have created a situation here. You are part of this thing now.

Again, the goal is to have you click the link below. We know you will click the link. Just watch this unfold as you read, and see your choices (click or don't click) turn into a forced click.

Continue reading. You WILL CLICK the link.

But wait, don't click yet. Read the text first. Then click the link.

What's in it for you? First of all, this will be a first-hand lesson in marketing, sales and business. This will be an experience. Something you will remember and not easily forget. You may have learned this before, and it's an important lesson which is easy to forget when you need it the most, but THIS TIME YOU WILL REMEMBER IT.

We had to find a way for you (all of you readers) to click the link below. Remember, this is not just about you, the individual. This is about all of you. Every visitor to this page. There are thousands of you. And all of you will play this game. And the outcome is determined.

Binary event. You click the link. Or you don't click the link.

Actually. This is not a binary event. You will click the link. We said this was a game. It's a game for us. For you, this is a movie. The movie of your life. Events unfold. But everythings that happens, will happen just as it happens. It can't be this or that. It's either this or that. You can't both click and not click. This is the movie of your life, and you just happened to come across this text, now you are thinking, will I actually click this link? Is it really possible that I cannot make this choice? That's right, it is predetermined. And we are not trying to convince you into clicking the link. We are not suggesting you should click the link. We are telling you: You will click the link. Soon there will be this scene in the movie of your life, where you will click the link at the bottom of this page. Or perhaps you think you can win by closing the page and by not clicking the link. But then you will spend hours trying to find this page later, then click the link. We're telling you. You will click the link. It's a scene in the movie of your life. The link will be clicked, and it is you that will click the link. But, as you now, you will not click the link yet. First, you will continue reading. Second, you will make the click. Your life is now and this is a game in your life. Play it well, because you will only get one shot at this.

The outcome is predetermined.

  1. You will click the link, or
  2. You will read the text first, then click the link.

Seems like there are two options. But this is the real world. Only one outcome is possible. We know you will click the link. You will know this too, soon. But not yet. Read first, then click the link.

Some people might have told you that you have choices in life. You can do whatever you want. Be what you want. But this is simply not true. When you are finished reading this page, you will understand, if you don't already know this. You will click the link, and it's not really up to you. Remember, you will click the link.

We are not trying to convince you to click the link. We're telling you. You will click the link. Just not yet. Read the text first, then click the link.

Click the link after you have read this text. Only if you want to. But as you will soon see, you cannot control everything you do and you do want to click the link. The things you do are the things you want to do. If you really don't want to do this, you don't have to do it. You do what you want, and we know what you want. We all know what you want. You want to click the link. Again, we're not manipulating you, we're not trying to convince you to click the link. We are telling you: You will click the link. Some things you do are predetermined. You want to click the link, because you have decided to click the link. Your finger does not have a say in this. Your finger is your a tool to click the link. Your finger will click the link, push the mouse button or touch the screen. The click will happen. Not now. But soon.

Your Finger Is Brainless

God, or evolution, or what-you-believe, put brain in head. No brain in fingers.

Point is: It's not the act of clicking that counts.

It's the act of processing the content behind the link.

You need to see the content behind the link in context of this text.

It's not about the click itself. It's not about your finger. It's not about your screen. It's about the content behind the link, and how this relates to this text.

Content Is King

You may click the link, or copy the link, then paste it you your browser address bar. It does not matter. You just need to see the content. Even being exposed to the hints, by looking at the URL if you are sceptical. But as you can see there is nothing sketchy. It's just a link to a commons document. If you look at the URL, that will be enough. We still win. You were exposed to it, your mind were exposed to it. But if you consume the content, it will make more sense. It might blow your mind.

You will feel like you have a choice to make here, but this is a binary event: Either you click the link, or you don't click the link.

Binary event. You win or you lose.

These Are The Rules

Rules are meant to be broken.

  • You win if you click the link.
  • You lose if you don't click the link.

What is it we really want? Why is this text here? Why are you reading here? Life is short, and time is a limited resource. Do not waste your time with silly games. But everything is a game. Play the good games, and play them well.

This is A Game You Can't Quit

You are participating. But who are the players?

Who are "you"?

*You are the reader. We do not know you. You may be incredibly smart, or dumb. You may be a master persuader yourself, or not. You may reason with logic, emotion, both, or none. It really does not matter.

Every reader, every visitor of this page, is unique. We don't know who you are. But it will not make a difference. The outcome of this game is predetermined.

Every Person Who Reads This Will Click The Link

This much we know. Thousands of people will arrive at this page. And they will all be participating in this game.

We will win.

If you've read this far, you might as well keep reading and click the link.

Just kidding. We know you're too smart for easy marketing tricks like this. You have read this far, but you can stop now. But you probably will not, because there is a great lesson coming, and it's a lesson to be remembered for a long time.

We Will Win This Game 100%

We aim for a 100% click-through rate.

We won't track your click-behavior here. It's not even an experiment. It's a game. Most human things are games. Society is a game. It's all a game really.

You have never played a game like this before.

It's just text.

But it's not just text.

This is us, taking control over your mind.

Sounds stupid, right? It is. Because we are not in control of your mind.

Your mind is a complex thing. Whatever you are, you are influenced by a lot of things. This text is one such thing. Your mind is processing the words, and it's trying to make sense out of the semantics.

Right now, a lot of things are going on inside that head of yours. You don't know half of it. Who are you? Exactly.

You think we're playing a game with you? You think coming here was yet another random event in your life. Everything is random, no? No.

Randomness is a complex matter, just like your brain. Even at the cellular level. But the higher level complexity involves the interacting of brain cells. And it's not just brain cells. You are more than your brain. Your mind is the experience of yourself. Your brain and body are part of the same organism, the same being. You are one creature, and now you are here. Or where are you exactly?

Are you here, or are you there? You are not in this text, but this text is not inside you. Not yet. But it will be soon. You will just have to consume these words first. You will read this text, and extract some meaning from this.

In one way or another, this will be part of you forever. You cannot change what has happened.

Is This Really Happening Right Now?

You can stop reading here if you like. It's your choice.

Just remember, this experience is now a part of you, and it will always be a part of you.

You can stop reading here, but the game will continue in your subconscious.

  • You cannot quit a game, if you don't know how to end it.
  • You did not ask for it.
  • This is really happening right now

You are playing games with yourself.

You get to choose how you play, but you don't really get to choose whether or not to play. You are a participant by default. In fact, you are in a game right now. You participate in this game. You know where to find the exit.

How We Won

Our goal was not to make you click the link below.

Our goal was to make you participate in this game. And you did.

Even if you skimmed this text, we won. We won because you're here and you are reading this.

The rules of the game were hidden. You are the player. We set the rules of this game.

This Game Is Not Over

Since you now are playing this game, you have the power to quit.

But if you quit now, you could miss today's biggest lesson. Or perhaps the most influential lesson in your life.

How Can You Win This Game?

This is a game. You are a participant, simply by reading this, and thinking.

Remember, we created this game. And you are in this game. Right now.

You know where to find the exit button, but how do you know if this will end the game? By this point we have invaded your mind. This text has altered your thinking. Perhaps forever.

Making an exit will not change anything. You are now in this game. Did you really think quitting this game would be as easy as shutting down your browser? Turning off your phone or computer will not change a thing. Your subconscious has been set in motion.

Special Price For You My Friend

There is a lesson to be learned here.

This was not free. But nothing in life is truly free. There is no pay-button. There is no business on the other side.

It's not free, because this lesson involves heavy thinking.

What's the price? It will blow your mind, and mind is the currency.

Literally Mind-blowing

Some experiences will change you mind forever.

Your brain is a physical thing in spacetime.

Your mind is... what exactly is your mind?

As humans we can have our minds blown while still having intact brains.

Just watch this...


We will not force you into making a choice. Click or don't.

It's your choice. Actually, your subconscious have already determined your next action. You just aren't aware. You are not self-aware, meaning you do not know your whole self. Know thyself, he said. But that's impossible. All we can do is go along, enjoy the ride. Watch the movie which is your life.

Now act.


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[1] How did we know you would click the link? If you clicked the link, you would have known.
[2] This game will keep running in your mind until you turn it off.
[3] Marketers are liars. Context is everything. Context.
[4] Now click the link.

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