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Problems! (What should we do about the problem?)

What should we do about the problem?

Power of Movies

Movies And The Transformation of Reality

Movies have the power of transforming reality.

How To Buy Stuff

How To Buy Stuff

We buy things we want and services we think we need. But what we really should aim for is to buy whatever solves our problems, all things considered.

Not Too Good To Be True

Disputed: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is

Do not conflate first impressions with evidence. Just because something sounds too good to be true, does not itself make the thing false.

Book Prices

The Price Of A Book

If a book sells for $15, is that the true cost of the book? No. The real world is much more complex.


Balance Is Key

Find balance in your life through moderation, experience and thinking clearly.

Psychopaths and Psychopathy

Understanding Psychopaths and Psychopathy

Psychopathy, narcissism and machiavellianism, the dark triad. Looking at tactics used by highly manipulative people. Sociopathy. Books, papers, discussions, science on psychopathy. Psychopaths in history, in society, in finance, in government...


Mathematics: Random Interesting Math Stuff

Mathematics: Pi, golden ratio, calculus, algebra, complex analysis, differential equations, functions, graph theory, game theory, geometry, Euclid, Newton, mathematical biology, mathematical finance, computer science. We're not covering it, just random math picking and poking.

Manipulation & Propaganda

Manipulation, Propaganda, Cults And Mind Control

Taking a closer look at manipulation, propaganda, mind control, cults. Covering disinformation, fake news, fake media, FUD tactics, crowd psychology, global politics, mass hysteria and more. Crazy interesting stuff.