Movies And The Transformation of Reality

Movies have the power of transforming reality.

Power of Movies

TRIGGER WARNING: This text may induce irreversible psychosis. Fait accompli. Proceed at own risk.

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Wisdom & Knowledge

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Movies may alter reality itself. It does, however, require the imagination of a conscious viewer.

There is a point to be made in order to fully appreciate the potential of movies. Consider the subjectiveness to reality:

The perception of the viewer is part of reality itself, and even distorted perception eventually morphs into reality. Truth, what is, must contain itself in all its dimensions. Your thinking ties in with reality in ways which are yet to be described by anyone.

A great movie watched by a great mind may induce a state of trance: Transport oneself into another world, another time, another place. Be someone else, for a few hours, several hours if trilogying, days if binge watching. It's not even a fantasy, you will literally become someone else, something else.

The Illusion of the Idiosyncratic Phenomenon

Because what is mind, what is thought and what is the reality of the self; The fabric of reality embodies the fabricate of mind, and once this is properly understood, one will realize that the power of movies goes exceptionally deeper than the purely entertainment aspect.

Illusions, even actual illusions, are in fact oxymoronic as they appear in spacetime constituted congnitively, thus what cannot be by definition actually is. This is beyond hilarious, and that this fact is recognized by so few is yet another item to insert into the column of human incompetence of elementary logic. The serendipity of this discovery is an ironic one, and while not quite an obiter dictum let's not digress further.

What's all this fuzz about movies: The human obsession with ad infinitum streaming, the catharsis of binging series, cinema pilgrimages, devout illegal pirating, global Hollywood anchors, and beyond, everything pertaining to movies: The transformative properties of the recursive self-descriptive movie-mind intersect is, in fact, a thing.

We can merely point to this phenomena, but you have to see and experience it yourself.

Eventually you will head back to your own reality, your own life. The finagle trick here is to make sure the trip was worthwhile. You have traveled through time and space, and hopefully the adventure was worth the effort. Because effort it is. If bored with a movie, and the movie is any good, it's not the erratum of the movie. The problem might not even be the person viewing the film.

A movie must be watched at just the right time, the right place, and if executed with due propriety, one might experience something otherworldly.

Similar experiences can be had with books, music, art.

Once you see it, you will understand the non-fictional aspects of fiction. Most of you won't know what the hell this means. But when you get it, you get it, usually served cold with a hellish kind of malaise. Ibidem, it is not a return; because a river cannot be crossed twice.

Certain individuals may react with agonizing fear and full-blown psychosis. "It is no joke this". Haven't seen it yet? Don't know? You will know when you do, and it will probably be as intense as anything your mind can produce on its own, terrifying like nothing you have ever experienced: A new kind of terrifying.

For the vast majority, this will be a It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better moment.

The experience itself will not be unreal. But it will certainly feel like it.

Nec Scire Fas Est Omnia

Prepare for anything. Apathy, or the opposite. Emotions of sadness caused by this epiphany, of your former reality being nothing but an illusion. What's worse: There is no way to predict reactions to ravaged perceptions of reality. The fist time is usually the worst time. Embrace the unknowns; Iteration and inertia juxtaposed; Cope with eternal darkness and learn to live without fear.

But then, your mind needs to adapt to the revelation. Ignorance traded for fractional truths. Bliss traded with insight into segments of reality, a case of quid pro quo with the universal self. Finally aware of the fact that you've been blind since birth. Reality has revealed a disability, and it cannot be unseen.

The facts are dark, but once you are ready to concede the darkness, a superpower has been granted: The ability to recognize light, and perhaps even the sensation of an existence as bright as the sun.

Crazy Is What Crazy Does

The ideas laid forth here may seem like total madness, beyond insanity even. But gibberish they are not. Do you not realize the familiarity of the madness? What you are sensing is uncomfortably near and dear; Breathing down your neck. Once felt, it sticks.

If truth seems inaccessible, pay attention to the superrefexive properties of reality. If you know what this means, you know, and if you don't know, and you give this a thought, festina lente, and prepare for another kind of eerie, this is another level of crazy. Sorry to break it to you. If this at all seems like ostentatious gobbledygook; well, you've seen nothing yet, and are in fact, clueless about reality, beyond the fact that you are clueless about reality. The implemented recursiveness of reality and the circular yet fractal structures of the universe is mind-boggling once awareness of the functions of higher dimensions emerges.

Intertwined Proxies

This text wasn't really about movies, neither books, nor anything fictional. Quite the opposite. These were merely proxies.

Words are containers. The connection has been subjugated by simplistic forms that does not transcribe reality. Categorize all you want, your generalized simplifications won't help you; It will not matter to matter, it will not change a thing. Dualities does not exist outside of the constrained abastractions of pathological minds which are chained to binary thinking and their new religion of complexity, perplexed by continuous uniform distribution which aren't even there. Self-proclaimed isomorphic erudites most certainly did not understand this; Academics lack the proper mapping to contextualize what has been communicated; For the practitioner cohort any clarification will not add to the comprehensivity; Even semiotics is futile. Words nor language itself encapsulates the essence of perceptual reality beyond the boundaries of the idiosyncratic mind.

Just like categories or words don't really exist at all, outside of their narrow scopes of definition, neither do you. Your self illusion is nothing but a self-deception. One is all and all is none. Decline the absurdity, discard your half-thoughts, but do know there is more to this than you might be prepared to understand. Exploration was always in the realm of the unknown, there resides the truth, readily available, yet inaccessible by the self-cencorship that is haunting.

Spacetime Moratorium and the Dissolution of the Anthropocene

While words and concepts may be explicitly defined, it is by implisit contextual usage any arrangement of letters will attach itself onto the texture of reality. Unfortunately the implications are poorly understood by anthropological ignorants, yet it has far-reaching consequences. The collateralized debt of linguistic abuse is, in some sort a corollary, the trajectory of anthropoid demise.

The preservation of humanity relies upon the conceptualization which civilization is built, yet we as a species trade speed with direction with little critical thought. Very few people can comprehend.


In your darkest hour, dare to look where you've never before dared to look. Your in vitro studies does not comply with the world at large, these are different animals and the predicament of any proxy relies on the tautological nature of nature.

Reality itself has been put on the table. It's been dissected, but unfortunately such experiences cannot be adequately transformed into text.

The malignant consigliere predicates his cement shoes; There never was a plain text spoon talk version of what has been communicated here. Don't even bother looking for dynamic interrelationships containing half-cryptic arcrostic hints. You won't find any.

How To Proceed / What Now

The paradox of the teleological is right in front of you. It has always been.

Open your ubiquitous eye. But that is not enough. Is it not strange how we cannot unsee, that which is absent? Even more perplexing is our inability of observing that which is right in front of us. Let these esoteric ideas laid forth here unperfunctory merge with the brightest brain-body-machines of the world, and a New Precocious Order will arise in mind as in reality.

You've been asleep your whole life.



If this made sense at all,

you know who you are.

If you know, you know.

tHe BlUe PiLL PaNaCeA

If this made little sense to you philistine souls, well, whoosh! Your rejection is welcome, encouraged even. Discard this glib, mountebank cargo cult piece and re-establish your equanimity into oblivion.

Go on. Live your happy boondoggle life.

But then again... for all you maudlin malingers, the day will come, when you're faced with a lurid question, a creeping doubt which will stangle the inquisitor shall no attempt at arriving at an answer be made, namely:

What is happiness for?

Every path eventually leads to pain and there is no escaping. Either pain will find you, or you will find pain. Opt for the latter if you can, and if your preference is exposure to torment by choice, rather than forced agony.

Oh well, discard any such litany thoughts in exchange for the gregarious. Do not poison your mind with this filth. There is truly something misanthropic at the root of happiness, but not to worry, this will go unnoticed by myopic minds. Your illusion of freedom will in fact, as formerly proclaimed, be unconditionally indistinguishable from actual freedom.

Nothing to see here, move on. Die dulci fruere.

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