How To Get Very, Very, Very, Verrrry Rich (And Own The World)

You won't find this anywhere else on the web. The recipe for getting very, very rich.

Get Very Rich

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17. July 2024 by Click insider / Get rich

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Disclaimer: This is hypothetical and not tied to any real world event or group in any shape way or form.

Some people aspire to get more than their fair share. They want to own the world, and they will do anything it takes.

The first thing you need to understand, is perspective.

Your biological life extends your physical body, and we're not even entering supernatural territory. How? You may own the world, all of it, but it will take time.

The things we are going to discuss here might be difficult to imagine.

To begin, just think of the thought of generating some wealth for yourself, and building a family.

Life is short, and soon you will be dead. Deal with it. As you get older, you may want to pass on your hard-earned wealth to your children. Some prefer to leave a large fortune, others just enough to help them out in life.

Next, imagine having a rich family history, one where your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents and further back have laid the groundwork for you and your wealth.

You were born rich. And it is your duty in life to die even richer, add wealth to the family.

All that matters in life is making the family richer.

The worth of non-family members are limited to the benefit they may provide for your cause. Such psychopathic attitude exemplifies our futuristic world-owning monster.

Your ancestors have passed on wealth, but just as important, they have attained valuable knowledge, skills, contacts. Your privilege is access to any person in the world.

Extending Your Life With 1000+ Years

Most people are not born as the chosen one of an apex elite family. But what if you are determined to own the world? Your only hope is to shift to long term thinking, it will not happen in your lifetime. Establish your own thousand-year plan for your descendants. Fools will be sold the promise of eternal biological life here on earth, wasting money on cryonic scams and whatnot. But to pull this off you have to be extremely smart, proceed with genius foresight and the most delicate stratagem. As always, luck will remain another key ingredient.

The most important thing is to extend your life to thousands of years?


Shift your current view of your life to one that contains your life plus the life of chosen descendants.

This is a power battle, and it is a long game.

The most important thing is to keep the knowledge within the family. And you make family rules, and a system to ensure these will never be broken. You become a master hedger, and you hedge against social unrest, destructive forces within the family, pandemics, plagues, wars. Actually, you're not only hedging against some of these things, you make sure you will gain from these things.

You, as the individual, extends the biological self. You are the system you have built. You are the system your ancestors have built, you are the system you will be working on and in your whole life, and you are the system that will be kept alive for hundreds of years into the future. This system is the meaning of life, and not only your ticket to rule and own the world. This is your ticket to ensure your genes will be passed on for thousands of years, winning the battle against every other non-related or far-related human. In this system, those humans are those are either regarded as tools or waste.

Galactic Wealth

The mission is galactic, and the purpose is as holy as can be. You are serving the ultimate purpose of nature, to pass on your genes. Your family have unlocked the rules of nature, and you are playing the game of nature.

Disregard for now that all of this is despicable and only a very inbred chain of psychopathic monsters could pull this off. From the inside this will be regarded as the most pure and holy mission in the history of humanity.

War is a racket. War might even be justified. Above all, war is a profit machine. The saying "Never let a good crisis go to waste" is just an amateur's show. You (the future ruler of the world) are not playing this game. You are too powerful for this. You are the creator of crisis. You are already in control of the human games at all levels. But you are still playing the long game. Nature is yet to be domesticated, and the world extends far beyond earth. You are playing a very long game, and you are determined to become very, very, very, very, very rich.

500 Million or Less

Humans are either family, tools or waste.

Those humans in the waste category should fear you, but you don't have to fear them. They are like ants, and you have found your ways to deal with them.

Next are the human tools. You will find use for these people, and they need not fear for their life, although they might be miserable slaves of your sphere prison.

Your long game extends your life, and it extends earth. The path to ultimate wealth is beyond money, beyond owning all of humanity.

First you occupy Wall Street. Next you occupy all of humanity, and the entire earth. The adventure continues in the blackness of space.

You Are Not The Devil

They will see you as the purest manifestation of the devil. Yet, your perspective is not based on the typical humanist perspective, or any religious perspective. In your mind, you are playing the game of nature itself, there is no good or evil, just cause and effect.

If the people of the world knew, they would revolt and perhaps cause some actual harm. But they will never know. You made sure they will never know. If a tiny minority did know, and even if they could prove the things you were up to, it would not change anything. If anything, it would be a benefit. You've got this.

Humanity has been enslaved and you already rule them.

But the threats of space are real.

Rules Were Ment To Be Broken

Your inbred family may rule the world, but you are still chained, as you family cannot run this world and advance your game without a few non-relatives. This dependence is a problem to be solved, and one that will be solved as you play the long game.

Humanity became yours, but you current realization is that this great asset has become one of your greatest liabilities.

Your wealth-acquirement approach has been a flawless process for hundreds of years. The plan was almost too perfect. It was like you were one step away from the end game. But then, in this final stage, you discovered nature's own inherent Laws of Wealth. Nature owns itself. Nature own you, it owns your family history and it owns everything. Nature owns space and time itself. You just realized the key element in the puzzle your family have been trying to solve all their lives.

You, and your inbred family have been fooled by the devil himself.

But you are not the devil, neither are any of your ancestors.

You have been playing the devil's game all this time, without even knowing it.

Your family have been possessed by demons, and the one and only thing that truly will make sense, meaning and pleasure in your life, is to fully dedicate your remaining days to fight off these demons.

Unleashing The Biggest Secret The World Has Ever Known

Make no mistake, this will be the most difficult battle of your life, and the monsters will be everywhere. You've been fooled by the devil once, and it will happen again unless you do exactly the right thing.

Radical openness of your most horrific actions, revealing the secrets in your family history, this will be the first step in this transformative process. It will not be easy. Nothing worth doing in life will be easy, we all know that. As you will see in the coming years, this process has already begun. A lot of horrors has been made in the name of the cause for good.

You had the whole world in the palm of your hands. And then you realized it was all an illusion.


Now, if you truly want to contribute and add something of real value to your life, and also add lasting and substantial value for your descendants, then reveal the power dynamics and your hidden family secrets to the world. You will share your deepest family secrets and let the monsters out, and save yourself and your family once and for all. This was not the work of any human in your family. You have really been possessed by the devil, and this is the only way out. If you will resist to do this, if you do not break the chains, the burden will be passed on to your beloved ones, you will cause harm to yourself and your beloved ones, and you will do exactly the opposite of what you intend in life. The resistance will be real, perhaps even incomprehensible, but through is the way out.

You have played the game for a long time. You know the rules. You know how to break the rules. Now it is time to break the rules of the family, these are not the rules of your loving parents, they are the works of demons. This is the time to explore faith in humanity. Let the world know what you have done. Let the world know you have been possessed by demons. Have faith in the goodness of people, and watch the battle unfold. You personally may not survive, but it may still be the best decision you have ever made.

The weight of the world will no longer have to be carried on your shoulders.

Set yourself free. Win this battle.

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