Free money: Not always too good to be true!

Skeptics claim that nobody gives away money. But is this really correct? Join us and find out how you can get free money.

Free money (really!)

Free Money is not always an illusion. Sometimes you can actually get free money. But in that case you should find out what they want to achieve. Why is it appropriate for those who give away money?

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Get rich

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Free money does exists. Contrary to what skeptics assume, some companies are actually giving away money.

The best example of free money

The state in your country are probably giving away free money to certain individual. The reality is that many get free money from the government. Government monetary gifts can be anything from benefits, tax credits, subsidies and benefits.

Lump sum for new mothers who have never previously been in employment is one such example. The math here is probably that the new country citizen later becomes a profitable taxpayer in adulthood, so that the state does not lose money on benefit.

What about those who get their disability- or annuity is not free money? It must not be extended somewhat, but they get the money anyway. Foreigners who come to wealthy countries gets money from the state (although this is suppossed to be a "secret" because rich countries does not want people taking benefit of these rules).

Grants and scholarships can in some cases be characterized as free money (some countries offer free education). You accomplish something that one would still be done, and then you get extra money for it. Student Scholarships are something most students, this is free money. In Legathåndboken there is a listing of thousands of scholarships and grants that can be awarded to groups and individuals.

Contests where you can join for free to win cash and other valuable prizes, it is perhaps not free money, but many contests require very little effort. For example, if you predicted the correct number on something, or if you sit on the seat number X at Oslo Spektrum, you win. The stakes are small, but you can win thousands of dollars, a car, etc, to do almost nothing. If you win something of great value with extremely little effort, even when it is well almost regarded as free money.

Assistance and contributions. What about people who give away money to charity, foreign aid, and the poor. What about those who give money to beggars on the street. Recipients receive free money. We humans have a basic need, among other things, to feel important and significant. For some, it is to help others and to give money to those who need a way to meet this basic need.

Special Cases where people give away money without expecting something back to there too. A millionaire from Romania decided that he needed the money yourself. He announced that he would give it all away, and brought the money to the square of his hometown. He climbed up on a lift lift and throw cash at a value of numerous million out of the crowd. It was free money.

Money you can on the street is free. Stray money. Can an amount of more than 1000 million is, however, required to deliver it to the police, you will then normally 10 % of the value. If you find a wallet with money and driver's license, delivers it to the owner, and you get good conscience and perhaps a thank you in the form of cash as a reward.

Get free money

What about the skeptics who say that no one is giving away free money? They do not know the world. Alternatively, they do not express themselves correctly.

As we have given the example here, there are many benevolent giving away free money. What we have also seen is that they are giving away free money often do so because it is convenient. They do it to achieve something for themselves.

If someone wants to give you free money, offer services for free or give you anything for free, you should ask yourself this question:

What they want to achieve by giving me this for free?

The whole article boils down to this question...

It 's possible to get something for free, but please note every time someone tries to give you something, they will also get something in return. At least they will earn some goodwill. They do not often to be kind, but because it is appropriate for their own interests. Think about that the next time someone offers you money, services or other values ​​free!

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