Insurance policies you must have

There are many unnecessary insurance policies, but some are almost necessary. Read what insurance you should have, and what insurance is virtually worthless.

Insurance policies

Insurance is a question of what you can not afford to lose. Ensure that which is of greatest value: yourself, your family and children, your house, car, and any boat, cottage, and very valuable items.

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Lifestyle, family relationships, and personal finance varies among people, and therefore there is no definitive answer many insurance questions. Yet there is one important question you must consider before buying insurance:

- Will my finances could be ruined if I do not have this insurance?

This question is a very good starting point, and you should use it every time someone wants to sell you an insurance policy.

If the answer to the question is " no", so too should your response to the insurance seller be " no".

If the answer is "yes ", then you should consider an insurance of this kind, but do not take advantage of the first insurance offer no further. Check and compare different deals on insurance.

Insurance for the main

It is most important to you and who can give you compensation if it does, you should consider insuring.

What is most important for " people "?

  • Your family and yourself. Life has a greater value than what can be measured in money, but what happens when that happens, happens anyway? Illness, disability, death. For accidents and major and unexpected disasters and tragedies should assure themselves and their family.
  • Earned Income. What happens if you are not able to work? Can your family survive without working your income? For most people the answer is no, and you should therefore ensure against loss of income from employment as a result of that you become disabled.
  • House, your car and your belongings. As a rule, it is enough to insure housing, household goods, and newer cars, or cabin, boat, precious works of art and other things of greater value that you own. You really do not need an insurance policy for each computer or mobile phone that you buy. In som countries consumers are blessed with good warranties, but if you're clumsy device goes down the drain, then follow enough not private economy after. Most people have far better margins than that.

These assurances need

In plain language this means that people must acquire the following insurance:

  • Children Insurance if you have children. Child insurance is a very important insurance, but many families ignore completely. Do they not afford this insurance? Being disabled child can be a tremendous help for the child with a child insurance. Also consider the need for children's insurance covers benefits if the child is affected by disease in a limited time.
  • Life gives survivors an insurance premium if the insured dies. All, with the exception of single, should have such insurance.
  • Disability Insurance provides financial compensation if you or someone in your family becomes disabled.
  • Home Insurance if you are freehold. If you rent, you do not think about this, and if you live in housing co-operatives will often go into rent.
  • Property insurance is smart and provides financial compensation if there is a fire, theft or various other events that leads to your home contents are damaged or lost.
  • Auto insurance consists of a liability and hull insurance. Responsibility insurance mandatory, but no auto incurance on on older cars. Part-insurance costs less, and is an option that covers some, such as theft and glass pane, but not if the car is totaled.
  • Insurance is nice to have. It is an insurance policy that many actually get use to, in relation to disability insurance or home insurance that most (thankfully) do not have to take out the prize. The insurance policy covers sickness when traveling, thefts, accidents and more.
  • Insurance of boat, cottage, art and other items not included in other insurance policies. Animal art and craft can be smart to insure. Cottage and holiday home will usually also be appropriate to take out insurance for.
  • Additional Insurance: We have written about insurance for most people, but there are many special conditions. If you are self -employed consider an additional insurance for illness and loss of income. Are you a singer that fetch millions at your voice, you should consider a supplementary insurance.

This is quite a number of insurance policies, but a minimum if you want to be on it (too) safe side!

Insurance you do not need

When it comes to the insurance people do not need, so we answer simply: Everything else. This answer comes with many qualifications and exceptions of course.

Forget to make trifles and what gives you the low premiums that are relative to what you pay your insurance company. " Security Agreement " and value insurance is something you do not.

Do you have a dog, cat or other pet, you do not make this when the insurance premium is very low, and sheep are partly funded through the State. In exceptional circumstances, if the horse is an outstanding racehorse can however be wise to take out insurance.


Short, so make sure what matters in life and that can give you compensation if you lose it: family, yourself, work, income, home, car, boat and valuable objects.

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