Fast money: Truth about quick cash

Do you want to earn quick money? We made a survey on which opportunities are the best for earning money fast. Check out what our readers think is the quickest way to earn cash.

Make fast money

Council of quick money from the internet can be a rip-off, but we have conducted a survey and not at all is nonsense.

18. July 2024 by Click insider / Get rich

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It is wrong to say that fast money does not exist, for some can really make money the easy way, in your pajamas from home, blindfolded and " whatever".

Most popular opportunities for making money fast

Here's what our readers thought was the best ways of earning money quickly:

  1. Playing the lottery. Kind of makes sense. If you are lucky and wins have earned fast money.
  2. Trading forex. It can be dangerous, but you will certainly make money quickly if you have a few good trades. Bear in mind, forex trading is risky.
  3. Stock trading is another way of making money fast. Although it is not as risky as forex trading, it still involves substantial risk for the loss of money.
  4. Start a company. It's a quick way of making cash alright. But then again, most companies fail and go bankrupt.

In other words, there are no perfect way of making fast money without taking some risks.

On a sitenot, make sure you read our article about getting rich fast.

We are looking for " fast money "

We have searched around a bit on the internet to see what others are writing about Fast moneyand here is what we found:

  • Inherit money. Sell items you do not need, and ask for an advance on inheritance.
  • Rent apporatments. We read about a broker who says that buying small apartments for rent is the thing. You can earn quick money.
  • Get a job in sales. We have found sales jobs are easy to get, and you can get good commission pay.
  • Consumer loans and unsecured loans appeared in our web search for "fast money". Many sites beckon with (expensive) loan, but this is the money you have to pay back! Some have even created a blog with the tragicomic name " Loan Fast Money ".
  • Thinking outside the box is a tip that runs on multiple websites.
  • Sell healthy food. Everyone needs to eat, and we all desire good health. Sell carrot snacks, exotic salads, whole wheat bread, fish and organic juices.
  • "Dear Money-seeker"... with those words begins many nonsense sites that promise you quick money. They do not say what it is, but it 's supposed to be a terrible easy way to make money while you sleep, and you only need to work one hour a week to earn unimaginable amount of money.

Fast money does not exist, write some. Maybe they are partially right, maybe not. What takes time is to find opportunities to make money fast, preferably before anyone else does.

No doubt there is a lot of advice about making fast money on the internet. Some advice is not that stupid, but we'll select a winner from among the tips we have seen today, and you'll select your personal favorite.

- Just stop asking all those questions will ya? Just go out there and do something. Ya could be rich ya know.

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