Forex Trading

How to open a forex account

How to open a forex account

Before you can trade currencies over the internet, you must open a foreign currency account. It's easy and only takes a few minutes. Are you ready?

Social investment networks

Social Investment Networks: Not really Social, And Not Investment Networks!

Social investment networks may make it more fun to speculate in the markets, but trading through these services posse a very high risk. Most people will lose their money.

Does this really make currency trading easy?

Fiat Maverics: Trading Currencies For A Living

Some trading services was created to make it easier for ordinary people to speculate in foreign currency. A few of those brokers are now a true success.

Currency- & forex brokers

Forex Brokers Might Rip You Off: Don't Get Fooled Twice!

Here you get an overview of the key value services on the internet today. Learn Forex broker that suits your needs in 2 Minutes.

The Forex market

The Forex market

The foreign exchange market is a financial market where one can buy and sell currencies. You use a currency to trade another currency (eg U.S. dollars).

Automated Forex trading

Automated Forex trading system

It has been written a lot about automated forex systems, but do they work? Our Forex experts have looked at whether it is possible to create profits in forex.

CFD-broker for easy access to the markets

CFD-brokers: Avoiding Scams And Rip-Offs In The CFD Arena

What is an excellent service for any trader who want to trade foreign exchange, stocks, or commodities over the internet through CFD trading?

Start trading: 10 reasons

Top 10 reasons for starting trading forex

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should start with foreign exchange trading today.

The first FX trade

Your first trade in the forex market

Are you completely new to forex trading? Don't despair, read our guide and learn more about FX trading. We will make it easy for you to learn the basics of foreign exchange trading.

Q&A: Currency trading

Q&A: Currency and Foreign Exchange

Here are answers to some common questions about currency and foreign exchange trading.

How to become a forex trader

How to become a forex trader

You have finally realized that your 9-to-4 job does not give you the financial freedom you crave. You do not take risks or work by starting their own business, and you have not yet won the lottery. Becoming a forex trader is emerging as a great opportunity.

Risks in forex trading

Risks in forex trading

You can lose everything in one day, or be terribly rich - in just one day. Foreign exchange market itself does not offer any extreme risk, but there is the possibility to trade on margin, creating increased risk.

Broker review: The innovator in online trading

Broker Review: Yes, They Are ALL FAKE

Trading online does not have to cost you anything beyond the low spread, even if you are trading with some popular brokers.

Advanced forex trading

Advanced forex trading

You already have experience with forex and want good results in the trading, you should choose your currency services wisely. Do not miss these great services.

Call/put options

Call options and put options

Learn what a call option is, and the difference between the offer and purchase options.



Derivatives are securities whose gain depends on the underlying security.

What is a option?

What is a option?

An option is a legal right but no obligation to buy or sell a security at or within a specified future date.

Are you a terrible trader?

Why forex trading sucks?

Why does forex trading suck? Because you suck at trading forex! That's why. Master forex trading and learn a good trading strategy. We will help you suck less at forex trading.

Spread and pips

Spread and pips

Spread and pips are two very important concepts of foreign exchange trading. It tells you what they mean.

Leverage trading

Leverage trading: Investing on steroids

Currency trading on margin means that you can buy and sell currencies for a greater value than what is available on your account.

Forex trading introduction

Introduction to forex trading

Here's an introduction to what Forex is, how to earn money in currency trading and how to trade into practice.

Interest Parity

Interest Parity

Interest rate parity is a theory that attempts to explain the development in exchange rates with respect to the relative interest rates between countries.

How to start trading forex

How to start trading forex

Currency trading is an activity that is to trade currencies in the foreign exchange market. It is easy to start, and many people have made ​​a fortune in foreign exchange trading.

Start Trading

Start Trading: A Beginners Guide To Trading

What is the best trading service you have tried to date? Try a foreign exchange service that crushes the competition in almost every area.

Yes, Popular Forex Brokers Suck Too

Let's face it: Of all the hundred forex brokers out there, most sucks. There's just a handful usable currency trading services. And barely one decent social investment network.