The Forex market

The foreign exchange market is a financial market where one can buy and sell currencies. You use a currency to trade another currency (eg U.S. dollars).

The Forex market

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18. July 2024 by Click insider / Forex Trading

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Currency markets are usually very liquid as the world's largest banks offer currency trading around the clock. They are open 24 hours a day.

Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has published a turnover in the global foreign exchange market at USD 650 trillion in average, and this is for every day. These figures are from 1998. In 2004 this figure had risen to $ 1.9 trillion. It traded with other word trillion in foreign exchange markets and the man in the street one might as well talk about googolplex, for here it is inconceivably large amount of money in circulation.

World's currency market

The largest markets for foreign exchange is London, followed by New York and Tokyo.

Currency trading is one of the most popular forms of making money on finance. Why? Liquidity (how easy it is to sell or buy a currency) is very good and it's fun to watch on the big news rather than focusing only on individual companies or sectors.

If you want, you do not even have to follow the news. You can use technical analysis, and then use only simple tools to determine which currency it pays to buy in order to earn the most money.

Are you opportunist is Forex thing. Will you be rich and currency trading unique opportunities to make a lot of money.

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What forex trading is and what it is not

In order to profit from trading, you must speculate on the smallest changes and movements in exchange rates, and buy and sell currencies at the right time.

Currency is a means of payment. It can be used by one or more countries. In Japan they have the Yen, and in England, the British pound, in USA there's the US dollar, in Canada you have the canadian dollars which historically have been (and still is) slightly less valuable than the US dollar.

Make Money On currency

You earn money to buy cheap and sell for more. Buy as dollars when it is cheap and sell when it has gone up in value. You can use any other currency to buy dollars. For example, you can buy euros with your dollars.

How to get rich in forex

Remember: Most people will lose when trading forex, just the best and luckiest will make money over a longer period of time.

You can get rich quick with shifting. Currency trading (or currency speculation that it is really about here) makes it possible to earn big money. Although exchange rates do not move so much on weight, it is possible to engage in " leverage " - that is a form of leveraged investment - to make more money. Normally this would mean extreme risk, but using the system the risk is limited to your initsielle investment, which means that you can not lose more than what you have on your account. Of course you can also lose money on the gearing, but it's part of the game. If you want to get rich fast, you must also be willing to risk anything.

Often exchange go up or down as much as 2% over one day. This means that your investment can be doubled. Normally, at an investment of 100,000 million 'd earned 2.000 million. But you have leverage of 100 times, you will earn 200 % and this gives you a doubling, so that your investment has grown to 200,000 times.

Example shows how lucrative gears can be when the investment goes your way. At one moment, one can double his entire fortune, if one is willing to take the risk. Our broker is in our opinion the best option for foreign exchange trading today, and is suitable for beginners as much as for professionals currency speculators.

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