How to start trading forex

Currency trading is an activity that is to trade currencies in the foreign exchange market. It is easy to start, and many people have made ​​a fortune in foreign exchange trading.

How to start trading forex

Forex is an activity that is primarily to make money. Anyone can theoretically start with foreign exchange trading.

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Good online brokers are hard to find, if you don't know where to look. You can begin trading currency without special knowledge. Nevertheless, it is a great advantage if you have some basic knowledge about how currency trading works before you start.

introduction of this page will give you a better understanding of the currency market and forex.

Want to start trading currency now?

you do not want to read so much, but will go straight to the point and try to get through to a currency broker, we recommend that you try one or more of the mentioned currency brokers.

What you need to know about forex trading

Trading in foreign exchange is also called forex trading. Forex stands for FOR eign EX and change means trading in foreign currency.

When you trade currencies to earn money being a speculator. You speculate on an exchange rate to go up or down, as if the dollar go up or down.

How is the foreign exchange market, the various currency appreciates or depreciates against other currencies. Your job as a currency trader is to be as clever as possible to analyze the currency market so that you can make logical decisions on which currencies it is advisable to buy or sell within a given period.

Buying currency

When you operate with foreign exchange trading you buy money with money. Different countries use different currencies, and what is happening in the country affecting gladly exchange rate. If there is increased unemployment in the U.S. dollar will depreciate like, for example. There is much - very much - that affect the movement of a currency.

You can buy a currency and keep at it for weeks, months or years. When you are happy long term. You can also be a daytrader who speculate that the dollar is going to go up or down over the next few hours, minutes or just in a matter of sekuder.

How to make money in forex

To Be Rich with Forex trading, you need to get experience, so that you learn how to take good decisions in the foreign exchange market. Theory is important, but exercise in practice is equally important.

The first thing to do is to obtain a foreign currency account, you can do that in just a few minutes, and it's easy to get started.

Then you need to start trading currency. Let's say you have some Euros (€) to your Currency Account. You decide to buy U.S. dollars (forget why right now, but because you think it's a smart decision). So buying dollars. You spend your euros to buy dollars.

If the dollar rises in value against the euro, you have bought something that increases in value. You still have not made more money before realizing sales.

This may seem hard to understand, but it's there, think rather like this:

You buy a house for 4 million. Some years later the house is worth 5 million. You have not earned anything entirely at your house if you do not sell it. The house is still the same as you bought a few years ago.

difference is that now the housing market is willing to pay more for your house than what someone was willing to pay when you bought the house. When you sell your house, you have earned 1 million (in reality you have not, since one must calculate the including opportunity costs - such as what you would have earned on the money in the bank rather than buying the house, but now we think easy to arrive at a point here, so stay tuned..).

Forex is also the case that you do not earn money before you realize the gain. You could spend your euros to have purchased $ 1,000 for the master's many years ago, and you would still have $ 1,000 today. Only when you switch back your euro realizes the value of the trade.

World's financial markets

The best thing about Forex is that this is the world's largest market, in economic terms. There is no market in the world is bigger! Although all stock markets around the world can not compare with the currency market.

How large is so currency market? With sales of over 3 trillion dollars hvar Today it is almost inconceivable to understand the economic size. If we write this number numeric so it looks like this: 3,000,000,000,000,000,000.

You understand that it is large, and when you understand that there is a market consisting of many sellers and buyers. It gives you a huge advantage over other markets: It is always easy to sell or buy a currency, there is always someone willing to sell or buy.

One can buy cheap or expensive, the problem is that nobody knows what is cheap or expensive until later, for no one knows with certainty whether a currency is going to appreciate or depreciate against another currency, no one knows what going to happen.

Why start with forex trading

reason you choose to start with Forex trading is well simply because one wants to make money.

There may also be other things such as lures, such as challenges, excitement and pleasure of trying something new. Yet the desire to make money, and maybe to get rich, which is the great motivator for most players.

The fact that participants in the forex market wants to make money is important to keep in mind. Why? Because nobody gives away money. Everyone wants more, all will earn the most. The problem is that this is not possible in real life, and someone must lose money too.

who lose money in the foreign exchange market? The merchants errors currency loses money. If you buy dollars with your Euros when the dollar is going down, then buy back the euro later, you lose money. You have, in other words less euro now than what you had when you began. You've been a loser in the currency market - but such we want the no.

Success with foreign exchange trading

You want to be a winner in the foreign exchange market, one that makes money and that can become rich on this. That's when it gets fun!

Crazy goal, therefore, what should you do to get rich in forex? The answer you get. To become rich in forex trading you need to approach your forex trading as a game, a game in which you are motivated to participate, master and win. In this game, there are many winners, but beware: there is also many losers.

Help to make your first million

Your best victory you ever going to experience in the foreign exchange market is often not there to earn his first million as a currency trader, but just to make the first few pennies in this market is an amazing feeling.

ForexNorge want to give you the opportunity to be among currency market winners. On our website you can find out more about currency trading and opportunities in the forex market.

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