Financial advice: Not worth your money

Financial Consultants is not always what it seems. Even the most credible companies come with fatal bad advice to their clients. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing!

Financial advice

Financial Advisors appears frequently as charismatic, articulate, and knowledgeable. Often they are just salesmen in disguise, most are concerned about their own wallet.

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In very many cases, consultants in finance more a salesman than a counselor. They decorate themselves with titles like " financial advisor ", " marketing consultant " or "investment adviser". Behind the facade they are still only sellers who are primarily looking to make money from their clients.

Counseling in finance is a dirty business. Lying villains without moral backbone is not exactly scarce in this industry.

Course there are companies that do a good job, and that despite all good advice. The problem is often that customers are lost mirror another risk profile than is the case, or they get higher expected return than is the reality.

It is easy to be fooled. Eloquent men with ties and black suits who are good at selling can persuade the majority to invest in almost anything. They pour in with requests to invest in useless savings and high-risk projects.

Facade is always alluring. Prospects that promise riches and success, and that between the lines promises to make a lot of money and achieve a high yield.

Investment in knowledge, or do you trust the seller?

Never Invest in something you do not have knowledge about. Make sure you understand the product or the company that you are investing in. If you do not understand what the product consists of, and if you do not fully understand the risks and rewards in relation to this product, it is only to forget to invest money here.

In most cases, it's silly and naive to trust the seller if you have a lack of knowledge. It will usually be in the seller's interest that you achieve good avkasstning so you are a satisfied customer, but in many cases you will get a false picture of the risks and rewards of the product entails.

Remember that investment advisers in banks and investment companies are primarily looking for your money. Is it bad with investments is that you lose, they 're still making money on fees and to take the risks that fits best.

Structured savings products

Structured savings products are an investment that has been promoted by financial institutions in, including companies Acta Asset Management and DnB NOR.

Way these products have been marketed shows how greedy banks and investment companies have been. They have gone behind his back to people and want their customers to ear. Customers had a different picture of risk and return than was actually the case.


Famous financiers and professors have stated that structured products are scams, and that banks and financial institutions have shown that these products were fraud from beginning to end.

Former financier Bernard Madoff is one of the greatest rogues, but far from the only culprit in finance.

In some countries, there are plenty of greedy financiers who are after your money. Do not forget the next time you talk to a seemingly nice seller. In one moment, he shares his personal experiences and talk about the weekend's nicest event, shortly after he tells a fabulous investment that you can not afford to miss.

Beware of greedy banks, cunning devils, and lying cheaters

Become an expert yourself and earn more money

Not trust the banks tell you no further. Gather information on their own, become an expert yourself, and learn how to make money in finance without using bank or other financial institutions as intermediaries.

It is easier than many think to achieve a good return on an independent trading and currency trading. Of course you must have a minimum of knowledge, but this comes as you gain experience. No one is born with knowledge of foreign exchange trading, these are things that can be learned, and even the very best started from scratch. Knowledge is your key to making a lot of money.

Knowledge of investment has an economic value in themselves, and by being active in currency trading and stock trading will not just get the opportunity to earn a lot of money, you will also teach you hundreds of useful tricks that can enrich you in every possible way.

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Debt and debt problems

Do you owe money and want to get out of this debt hell, and get rid of all debts once and for all? The solution is easier than many think, and you can read more about this on free resource from sites such as the Debt Collectors Association.

Here are some tips to avoidCollection trap muchBad debt:

  • Bills must be paid at maturity. That way you avoid fees in addition to the amount you will be billed. It's silly to pay too much, especially if you can afford to pay in advance.
  • If you get debts problems then contact the creditor. It is the best way to find a good solution for both parties. Do not take out new loans to get rid of old loans.
  • Find out the exact amount you owe to all parties where you have debt. It is important to have an overview of the economy, and especially if you have negative wealth.
  • Debt Settlement is an option when all other options have been tried. Your municipality can inform further about what this means in your case.
  • Sell everything you do not need. Do you have an expensive car and a music system worth fifty thousand, while the debt up to the hilt. Get your property on online auction, you can buy new when you repair the economy.
  • Changing consumption patterns. It's easy to go in luxury trap, but difficult to treat less than you are used to.
  • Earn more money. For be operated in one way or another. The ideal is to find a way to make more money. You will find the inspiration to get rich, or just do something to supplement the income.

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