Economic intelligence

Economic intelligence is not something you are born with, but something you can learn. Learn to think in a new way that can help you to earn more money. Be richer with these tips.

Economic intelligence

Economic Intelligence characterize the lives of all of us. There is a clear correlation between a person's financial intelligence, income and assets.

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Research has shown that your surroundings are of great importance. If you are rich and wealthy parents, then it is likely that they have learned a mindset that is economically beneficial.

Your surroundings means a lot

If you surround yourself with happy people, so it will affect your own happiness positively. You may have experienced the effects of being with negative people? Such is contagious.

Wealth is also contagious. Rich people will not pull money from air. They have learned to think and act in a way that enriches them. They have developed a financial intelligence.

The most salient predictor of how successful you will be is where you are coming from. So unlike a lot of self-help literature it is therefore of importance if you come from a rich or poor family.

Do you have family from the class, then it's likely that you're also going to be middle class. Parents of rich often become wealthy themselves. Do parents have good education, it is more likely that you will also have a higher education. Economic habits is something our parents teach us already when we are children.

This is of course only statitsikk, and do not mean anything to you.

How do you think does more

You do not know any rich people to learn from them. The way they think is reflected in their actions, and you can read biographies and attend lectures, observe the business decisions they take and draw any conclusions from this.

There are many examples of people who have risen from the slums and become rich and prosperous. Where you come from does much purely statistical, but it does not mean anything if you take conscious choices in life.

Think and be rich

Is it possible to imagine the rich? In a way, perhaps. There is a book called "Think And Grow Rich" (American nonsense literature, we mean). It was not that we thought either. But yes, it is possible to imagine the rich.

Your thoughts control your actions and decisions. Therefore, it is also possible to envisage rich.

You think and also what you fail to think about, is of great importance if you are going to be rich or not. The question then is:

Can you learn to think in a way that increases your likelihood of getting rich?

It should be possible for most people. Here are our publishing:

  1. Pursuit of prosperity. If you want to be wealthy, and if the desire is strong enough, you will use more energy and deidkere more thoughts to find out how you can satisfy that desire. Do you have a strong desire to achieve something, then it becomes easier to take advantage active decisions, and you will not give up even when facing tough resistance.
  2. Believe that you're able to build the income and assets you want. Faith can not move mountains or anything, but it affects your thoughts and thus your actions.
  3. Have a plan. Write down your wishes. Get down on paper what you think, or what you want to focus on. Specifications diffuse want to make specific goals. Plan how your dreams will become reality.
  4. Analyzing your current financial situation. Know how much money you have in the bank, what you use for consumption, and a full overview of your personal finances.
  5. Timing. When would you like your wish will come true? Put a time limit on when you should be promoted, finish school, when to get out of debt or when to make over 1 million a year.
  6. Obstacles. You have a dream and nothing will stop you. What stands between you and your desires? Identify all obstacles and find ways to overcome these. A counter-argument here, if you find that there are too many obstacles, and it is a too big gap between reality and your dreams, then it is better to realize this as early as possible. "Never give up ", it is perhaps not a very good advice, although there is talk about your dreams. It is allowed to dream, but no server to ignore reality.
  7. Defining benefits to be rich, have an income of X dollars a month, Y have money in the bank, etc. This reminds you why you want what you want, and you sharpen focus.

Get a better economic life

You dream of financial freedom? We have many tips for you that will have better income and more money in the bank.

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