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Generic advice on making money online is the worst. Let's talk about how to make tons of money online. You're searching wealth, millions, luxury, freedom, adventure, fun, interesting things, and not a lame opportunity to make a few hundred dollars.

Make Millions Online

ACTUAL BLUEPRINTS TO ONLINE WEALTH: People have made tons of money online in the past, why not you? Forget about the tiny income opportunities. Never mind the occasional and rare thousand dollar income event. Ignore pathetic claims from fake internet millionaire. No, what you're interested in is this: Legal, honest and fun ways to earn massively online. Here we'll be looking at how to aquire that massive fortune of wealth, health, cash, gold, security, freedom...

24. April 2024 by Click insider / Money & Wealth

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How To Really Get Rich Online

We all know it is possible to get rich online, or to get rich as a function of using the internet.

Get rich online examples: Founders of tech start-ups, traders, hustlers at eBay or Craigslist, affiliates, developers, programmers, domain name investors, and the list goes on... We could expand on these, tell stories, trow around anecdotes, but you've all seen this before. We can do better.

What if we just told you... how to get rich online? Right now, right here. Yes.

Starting now.

Tick tock...

Extract Wealth From The Web

The challenge then, is to get money, and to somehow extract wealth from the web.

You know it's possible. You've seen it. And there are so many ways to do this.

Other people have done it before. They've made millions, even billions, thanks to this interwebs thing.

Question is: Can you do it, can you make millions from the internet? Do you have what it takes?

But first: There are so many ways to do this, so many ways to extract wealth from the web. So let's just look at these ways.

There are thousands of paths to online riches, here's some:

  • Trading in the financial markets. Stock trading. Option trading. Day trading, swing trading, and even insider trading (that one is illegal and stupid, no amount of money is worth risking jail time).
  • Internet Start-up. This is a chach-all, could be anything. Not even a niche. Big ones like eBay, Amazon, Google once were small start-ups. These were all outliers, but there are many other companies that are doing well, founders are making millions, but to small to be noticed in this pond with all these big fish.
  • Affiliation. Affiliate marketing is another way of making big bucks online. Top affiliates are earning millions from promoting other services. Profitable affiliate niches include hosting services, credit cards, loans, gaming, travel tickets, hotel reservations, online security, software.
  • Google AdSense and other paid-for-click ad programmes. These used to be good earners, some people were actually making millions from placing these ads on their websites, blogs, apps. Today the ROI for these ads has plummeted although some are still making decent money.
  • Dropshipping. Selling other people's stuff online without ever touching it. We've heard the claim that "millions of people are making millions in revenue each with this thing", and we wouldn't be surprised if that actually was true. Thousands (millions?) of people and online shops are doing dropshipping.
  • Scamming. Some criminal organizations and scammers are highly profitable. Just to be clear, we do not endorse any scam or illegal activity, not in any way, but it's as old as the internet, and it's still one of the paths to making millions, unfortunately. Why in the world would we include scamming on our list of making millions online? First, because it is actually one of the ways people are making millions, this is true and it's a sad fact. Second, to emphasize that we're not endorsing scams or any other strategy mentioned here. It's just a list, we're listing ways to get rich, without moral judgement. Awareness of scamming strategies and how online criminals operate could prevent you from being victimized.
  • Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins, shitcoins. Trade them, own them, mine them, or make your own coins, a.k.a. ICO (initial coin offering). Young billionaires have emerged from the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market is huge but still untapped. Perhaps we've just seen the beginning of something very big. There's a possibility that cryptcoins could eventually outgrow banks, fiat currencies, central banks and even governments. That, or it could fail, truth is we just don't know yet.

Copy Success

Copy other successful online businesses. Take other people's ideas and spin them. Iterate on other people's ideas. Take a look at what is already working.

You don't nessearily want to copy the idea but you can take it and put your own spin on it and make it even better.

Don't reinvent the wheel, just make the wheel better.

This is actually how many businesses come into being. Very few businesses are truly original, most are just new competitors to existing markets.

Buy a Successful Business

Launching a new business can be hard.

An option (if you've got the money, and you know how to run a business): Buy a business.

Buy a profitable business, and keep it profitable, or buy an unprofitable business and make the necessary improvements.

How to find online businesses for sale:

  • DIY - Do it yourself, find online businesses you would like to own. Approach the owners, ask if they are willing to sell. Go the direct route. If you've got the cash, why not?
  • Flippa. Use this site and scan for possible profitable sites to buy. Perhaps something with subscriptions. Prices range from below hundred dollars and up to some thousand dollars. Be careful as many sites here are not really worth anything at all, but some good deals can be made.
  • EmpireFlippers. Another great service, mostly high end businesses. Asking price typically several hundred thousand and into the millions.
  • Others to try include SEDO, FE International,,,,

Sell Your Successful Business

This is how you'll make millions online. Fast. If you've already got a profitable business, you could use these services above for selling your biz, or even better if you know how to negotiate: sell the business without engaging the middle man, this way you can keep all the profits, alternatively engage a trusted lawyer for basic assistance.

How To Stay Rich Offline

Getting rich is as easy as moving from A to B. Staying rich is a constant battle. It's the A to Z game.

The downsides of being rich. It's when you've finally made the massive wealth you will realize the game has just begun. It's easy to think of the alluring lifestyle of the rich, "they should never complain about anything since they've got everything". Or so you thought. Then, one day, you join the club. Now, you realize what you've wanted for all those years (months if you've been effective) did have its own set of drawbacks.

Keeping the Cash

It has happened before, and it will happen again: The brown stuff hits the fan. Stay prepared. If you want to keep your money, you need to prepare for the worst case.

There are many strategies here. Everything you have placed in a bank could be worthless tomorrow. Seriously. In the worst worst-cases there are no where to hide, but in semi-bad cases, you could protect your wealth by things such as this:

  • buy land
  • buy non-perishable food
  • buy gold (and silver if you must)
  • buy anything but keeping your money in a bank or investment broker.

Converting cash into products is something most people can do. But, rich people have much more money than what they can spend on themselves. You can't trust the government, you can't trust banks or institutions. You really can't trust anyone with your money.

What should you do with the rest of your money?

Some rich people buy expensive doomsday bunkers, just in case. Which brings us to the next topic of discussion, swindling the prosperous and privileged.

Scamming the Rich

Traditional scams target dumb people (the feebleminded, the majority group). These scams should be easy to spot, yet the dim-witted invariably fall for the most overt deceit. Being rich, however, does not equal being smart, and the rich are in no way immune to scammers.

Nigerian-style scam letters are still paying the bills for some grifters, and these scams are burgeoning thanks to the dumb and poor. Other strategies are needed to fool the dumb and rich.

When tricksters target the rich they are typically using far more sophisticated methods. Investing-scams Madoff-style, luxury-industries, there's a huge lineup of legally structures ready to scam the top one percent of the top one percent.

Few rich people will be immune to the tactics of clever marketing. People are just people, and most are remarkably stupid. Money can't buy everything, suerly it can't buy intelligence. That said, you might gain wisdom by losing money.

For the truly rich, everyone else is a potential scammer. It's a lonely world, up there.

Getting The Best Deals Online

Getting rich is mostly about income, income, income.

But if you spend it all, you will never get rich. Either live modestly, or enjoy a lavish lifestyle only if you can afford it. Spend less than you earn.

If you earn a lot, you can afford to save a lot. Preferably invest your money and be smart with your investments: Protect your money agains market crashes, learn how to build a robust portfolio that will stand the test of time. Don't be blinded by the fast gains in the market (easy come, easy go).

Getting rich online, is also about wise spending. Know how to spend cash. Especially know how not to waste cash. If you prefer to give away money, fine, but never throw away money, not even if it's just a dollar. It's bad luck.

Finding good deals online (or offlie) starts with knowing what not to buy. Most people buy way too much stuff, things they don't need, things that won't make their life richer or happier. They are filling their lives with stuff, stuff that takes money out of their pocket, stuff that will decrease their net worth and will make them miserable. It's hilarious and stupid. Just don't buy that much stuff, and above all avoid buying anything that doesn't make life better.

A purchase should alwasy add more to your life than what it subtracts from your life. Think ROI, think wealth gain, think less is more, think second order effects, think long term.

"How To Make Money Online"

Gosh. That popular SEO phrase...

The one you would use to target unsuspecting and gullible souls in search for easy money.

How about we dissect this phrase, "How to make money online".

First, "how to". This implies we're going to discuss the methodology, the instructions, the manual for how something is done.

Then, "make money", implies you can actually make money. Unless you're the government, you can't really make money. Or unless you launch and operate a new functional currency. By and large, you just can't. It's like, you can't make energy, and you can't make money.

Finally, "online". This neglects the offline world onto the online universe. What happens online, isn't some separate cosmos. It's all tied together. Everything is. You're not doing it ("making money") online, you're not doing it on the internet, or inside the internet. The web is just another tool to reach out to other people.

So you see, and we don't have to dive deeper into this, the phrase "how to make money online" is a flawed one. It doesn't even make sense when you think about it.

Transfer Money! When you're saying "make money" you're not actually referring to "making money", but how to transfer money that already exist from somewhere and into your possession.

The web as a tool for profitable gains. Now, the web is, in this case, just another tool. Just as your skills and your brain and money itself, these are tools.

Everyone Dies At The End

Spoiler Alert: You too, will die.

When will you die? The moment you're finished living.

The good news is, if you're reading this you're still alive.

There's not a question if and when, but perhaps why and how.

The cause of death will not be revealed to you now, nor will it ever be revealed to you. You cannot know and you will never know. The cause of your death will always be a mystery *to you*.

In the moments right before it's happening, you may assume the cause, but people survive the most extraordinary things. You just will never know.

When it happens, it will happen. The transition will be instant. And you're not dead until you're really dead. We read of people who have been dead for minutes, perhaps even an hour, and then come back to life. They are labeled clinically dead, but they're not really dead. In other words they did not die, and they weren't dead. You're dead when you're dead. If you're not dead you're not dead. A clinical death is not a thing.

It's binary. You are either dead or alive. In fact, you can only be alive, when you are dead you are not. You are not you. But life isn't binary. In life, being alive is all there is. If you are not alive, you are not living, you are not you, if you're not alive, it's not you, and it's not your life. This is important, deep roots, massive implications. Most people will never know, nor will they understand.

Conception and death defines the boundaries of your life. A part of you was created long before conception, and there will be remains of you long after your death. Your life have deep roots, one could argue way way way back, to the creation of the universe, and also, your extended "life" will seed forever. It's not just a block of time, and the product of yourself extends your being.

One day, you will die. It's inevitable.

Money might extend your life, bring you more joy and the opportunity to do more interesting things. But then you'll die like everyone else.

You can get rich by making millions online, even billions (trillions perhaps, although you'll be the first).

Yes, those internet money can get you filthy rich. But what's the point, if all it does is damage your health, and if you're not even enjoying the time in front of the computer.

Eventually, you too will be put in the ground, or something, but your legacy will remain and every action during your whole life will be part of universal history, and in this slice of time, you'll exist forever. This has been communicated so much better before, but if there's a point here, perhaps it is this: Your life is limited, i.e. there's a constraint on time, and you've got a fixed amount of time parts, each divisible into smaller time parts.

Your life is worth something. Your time is valuable. Don't waste it.

Go make some money, but don't make money your God. Money is just that, money. It itself will not make you happy.

The art of making money is not an art. It's a business. It's also a process, it takes time, and bits of your life. If you're just trading your time for money, make sure it's worth it. If not, it's not worth it. This is so obvious, but yet so many people don't live it. Don't stick to a job you hate, especially if it's not worth the benefits. Employment is justified only in terms of monetary gains greater than the value of loss of time, or because of educational purposes or skill acquistion. If you're just working to pay the bills, reconsider the billis. If you can, learn how to make money without the assistance of an employer, this is a path to a greater freedom. Ultimately we are all bound to certain constraints, if not to society and established systems, at least to those of nature. Make the most of life, and do what you can to make it a good life. Live and learn, and realize that your death is not something to be feared.

The end of life is your ultimate freedom from everything, including the constraints of society, cognition, nature. This life is all you've got in this life, so make it a great one. Your inevitable moment of death will come, out of the blue or as expected, but you will never know, and from there the seeds you have planted in this life will spread to the end of time.

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