Automate your trades

The latest buzz in social trading is to copy fellow traders: Copy other traders in the market, and every time they make a profit, you will too.

Automated trading
22. April 2024 by Click insider / Money & Wealth

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Anyone who has traded stocks for a while have probably heard of Bell sheep. These sheep are in stock context not four-legged animal with a lot of wool, but also investors / traders that the stock looks up to.

If a famous investor buys or sells a stock, it will be noted, and many want to follow this investor.

World has changed, and bell sheep no longer has the same impact on the financial markets.

New trading opportunities for the future

Traditional daytrading is on the way out, and in comes new trading strategies.

Today we see the emergence of two new approaches to trading online:

  • Algorithmic trading - which in everyday language is also known for Robot trading. New technology has made it possible to set parameters for when a stock (or other securities) shall trades. Using computer programs to regular traders execute thousands of orders per second
  • Social trading - Social trading networks has changed the way traders invest online, and the largest investment network with millions of active traders is a great way to trade in the financial markets.

Algorithmic trading & robot trading

Algorithmic trading can be performed using sophisticated applications.

Robot Trading is here to stay, but the feelings of the new technology are mixed. Many investors have expressed their skepticism, as algorithmic trading has already turned upside down on how exchanges worldwide work.

You can perform thousands of transactions within one second, literally. During the time it takes to blink your eyes, you would through an algorithm could have acted in hundreds of shares.

Problem of algorithmic trading is that it is difficult to set up an algorithm that provides good performance, especially for private traders. It is also proven that people can fool these algorithms.

Social trading

Using their social investment network is now becoming a very popular way to trade on. These social trading services will let you leverage the social aspect of the internet on completely new way:

  • You can see who is what trader in real time.
  • You can follow the best traders and Automatically copy everything they do in the market.

Social trading has made ​​it's way to the future of the trade for both hobby investors and increasingly the major brokerage firms.

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