The Game of Making Money

The Game of Making Money is not what you think. The best money making game ever is The Real World. The best game of any game, actually. Learn how to play it, and play it well.

Money Making Game

The Game of Making Money: The best money making game ever is the one you can play in real life. You'll enjoy it the most after you have reached a level of financial independence, and have developed a deep understanding of risk.

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Making money is a game.

Making money 101

At first you get born, then try to understand the world.

You learn things, and you unlearn things. You fail, rise and fail, iterate, and learn things as you go.

Then you start working. You make some. Cash. Then you make some more.

You keep doing this. Until you realize you. Don't. Want. To. Do. This.

And you begin to dream. Dream about being financially independent.

Set for life. No money worries.

Making Money 2.0: Financial Independence

Boom. Done. You're financially independent. No worries.

That wasn't so hard (really isn't). You are financially free now.

But you skipped one class: Easy come. Easy go. How to protect your wealth.

Back To School (of life). Study Risk

You spend some time learning how to guard your stack against inflation.

You realize all humans make foolish mistakes, no exceptions. You build your Stupidity Shield as a hedge against your own indiscretion, to escape your inescapable foolishness.

Boom, and done. You now know how to protect your fortune. Now you are financially independent and protected. Good job!

You begin to understand risk at a deeper level. Sweet.

Life is good.

But it gets better.

Now you are ready to play the best game of all.

The Fun Game of Making Money

This is when the fun part begins.

Most people will never experience this part. They miss out on one of the greatest experiences in the world of Capitalism.

Making money can be fun, but for most people it's not.

That's because they are playing all the boring levels. You need to level up. This is where the fun begins.

The boring game of making money can be played by everyone. Be smart, and you will eventually take part in the fun game of making money. And it's fun because of your two "houses".

The Two Houses

House one is your fortune, protected in safe assets.

House two is where you go to party.

You can only enjoy the party in house two, and sleep well at night, because of your house number one.

Do you not understand?

The game of making money is only fun if you play at certain levels. You get a million times more enjoyment out of this game once you have reached the sweet setup.

Making big bucks while being protected and set for life is crazy fun.

We all know what fun is, but this is FOS (Fun on Steroids). It's crazy fun, but not because you can afford to buy fancy houses, fast cars, yachtes and jets. Those things are yours, if you want them. Buy whatever you desire (or rent the three F's). But these things add little to life.

Financial independence does add something of great value to life, that, and knowledge about risk, makes your life much much much better.

Making a few million is okay. But the real fun begins when you start making units with your play money. Get richer doing things you enjoy.

Either this makes no sense, or it speaks your language. Hopefully at least one reader will understand and relate.

How To Draw A Car

Draw a perfect car. Easy. If you understand this, you will know how to make millions. This is how you do it, step by step. Bulletproof method.

Step 0: Sharpen your pencil.

make money game

Step 1: Draw two circles (wheels).

step two make money

Step 2: Draw the rest of the car.

making money step three

The point: Don't expect anyone to hand over all the instructions. Learn by doing. Make mistakes (small ones). Improve. Compound. Progress.

Pro tip:

Keep an inner scorecard. You don't answer to no one. Do things, and do them right. Enjoy the game of making money, while also realizing there's an even bigger and better game, called the Game of Life. Play them both and play them well. Once you can hear yourself whisper "well played", you know you did something right.

Read this post twice. If id did not make sense, read it five times. If it still makes no sense, you probably need to level up, then come back here later.

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