Finance Glossary: Terms, Dicitionary, Slang of Finance

This is a list of finance dictionaries, as well as definitions of some common words and sayings in finance.

Finance Glossary
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There are thousands of finance spesific words, terms, slang, sayings. We're not going to cover all of those here, but a small selection will be given. Refer to the list of finance dictionaries (scroll down)for definitions of the most basic financial words.

Financial Sayings, Idioms, Slurs

Definitions not given, you should know these already. Just a re-cap of financial sayings. Look them up if you don't know.

  • No money no honey
  • BTFD, buy the fucking dip.
  • Don't fight the tape.
  • The trend is your friend.
  • Dead cat bounce

Select List of Finance Words

A random sample of finance words you should know well (so no definitions given, look them up if you don't know):

Surplus, deficit, credit default swap, CDO (Collateralized debt obligation), sub-prime mortgage, shorting, QE, Chrematistics, clearing, market maker, bull, bear, crowdfunding, DAX, Dow Jones, DD (due diligence), Sentiment, ISDA, IPO, LTCM, ...

Random Sample of Finance Things

Hedge Funds. Some hedge funds you should know: Bridgewater Associates, Renaissance Technologies (aka RenTech), Man Group, AQR Capital, Two Sigma Investments, Millennium Management, Elliott Management, BlackRock, Citadel, Davidson Kempner, Viking Global, Baupost, D.E. Shaw, Farallon, Marshall Wace, The Children's Investment Fund Management, Wellington, Winton Group, Capula Investment Management, York Capital Management.

Laffer curve (go wiki) is the theoretical relationship between rates of taxation and the resulting levels of government revenue.

SPACs is a special-purpose acquisition company, a blank check shell corporation designed to take companies public without going through the traditional IPO process.

Stock Dillution (equity dilution), decrease in existing shareholders' ownership percentage of a company as a result of the company issuing new equity.

VIX (see is a meassure of volatility in the markets. Basically, a "calculation designed to produce a measure of constant, 30-day expected volatility of the U.S. stock market, derived from real-time, mid-quote prices of S&P 500 Index (SPXSM) call and put options".

Random List of People In Finance

These are people you should be familiar with already, if you are into finance. Again, this is a highly random sample, for your inconvinience.

Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Musa I of Mali, Nick Leeson, George Soros, Adam Smith, Bretton & Woods, Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Dave Ramsey, Charles Ponzi, Bernard Madoff, Elizabeth Holmes, Martin Shkreli, Elon Musk, Ding Xuedong, Larry Fink, Lloyd Blankfein, Mario Draghi, Jiang Jianqing, Ray Dalio, Janet Yellen, Carl Icahn, Jamie Dimon, Steve Schwarzman, Christine Lagarde, Michael Bloomberg, Jesse Livermore, Jim Rogers, Steven Cohen, Paul Tudor Jones ...

Just a random sample of people related to finance. If you don't know about these people, look them up, go watch some videos or read more.

List of Finance Dictionaries

  • Financial Term Dictionary is a great place to start for beginners in finance. Explaining finance words and financial phrases. A sample of terms defined here: V-Shaped Recovery, Payment for Order Flow, Asset Turnover Ratio, Balanced Scorecard, Beta, Compound Interest, Debt Ratio, FAANG Stocks, Gamma, Harmonic Mean, Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Joint-Stock Company, Kaizen, Laissez-Faire, Margin Call, Out Of The Money (OTM), Qualified Dividend, Racketeering, Tranches, Volcker Rule, Wash-Sale Rule, X-Efficiency, Yield Curve Risk.
  • offers a great list of basic words in finance in their Glossary of Stock Market Terms.
  • Financial Dictionary contains a short list of basic finance words and definitions.
  • Finance Dictionary Books: If you prefer the paper versions, there are books available. Search Amazon or your favorite book retailer for financial dictionaries.

Pro tip: Find spesific dictionaries / niche dictionaries. If you are interested in e.g. options trading, search for "option trading dictionary".

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