The Truth About Affiliate Marketing

What is true about affiliate marketing? It's a way to make decent money, but probably not the one thing you would like to spend the rest of your life doing.

Affiliate Marketing Truth
18. July 2024 by Click insider / Affiliate marketing

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Most discussions on affiliate marketing on the web are boring and stupid.

Articles with headlines as "The Truth About..." are especially boring and stupid. Mostly these are clickbait junk, or any other form of junk.

But if you are interested in affiliate marketing and what is true about this, no amount of boring and stupid content elsewhere should define or limit your discussion.

What Is Truth?

The subject of truth is an interesting discussion in itself, only boring and stupid people would think otherwise.

There are thousands of philosophical works discussing theories of truth, and the best discussions, or at least the most enjoyable ones, are found in ancient works. This, by the way, is subjective opinion.

Truth is also heavily discussed in modern texts. This discussion of truth at The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is not too bad.

What Is True About Affiliate Marketing?

If the goal in life is to make a lot of money, this could be achieved through affiliate marketing.

It's possible to make millions every single month through affiliate marketing.

Yes, it's possible to make millions every month from affiliate marketing, this being net revenue, in pocket after taxes and everything. Millions of dollars, every month. And that's not just theoretically possible, it's actually possible, based on what we've seen and experienced. Industry leaders are making millions on a weekly basis! Furthermore, we're not talking about the big affiliate marketing companies (which makes hundreds of millions in affiliate commissions). Netting millions every month in commissions is possible, even for individuals and single founder start-ups.

Yet, why would this be your goal in life? Why would money be a goal at all?

To make a lot of money, that's a stupid goal. Or, to be more spesific, say, to make X million of dollars in monthly net revenue from affiliate marketing. It's stupid. Why? Why would anyone have such goals? We know it can be done. Be careful what you wish for.

Affiliate marketing can be a way to make a lot of money, but we would suggest you regard this as an stepping stone opportunity.

The thing with affiliate marketing is, it's not something you dream about doing for the rest of your life.

Honestly, it's not. But there are truly (see, now we're discussing truth) great things about affiliate marketing.

Benefits of Doing Affiliate Marketing

  • Financial opportunity. It's possible to make way more money from affiliate marketing than say, any ordinary job, and this could open doors and unlock access to pursue your true dreams in life.
  • Expanded knowledge and skills. You will learn tons from affiliate marketing. You will gain valuable business experience, understand marketing and selling, discover the complexities of the web, and you'll probably learn a lot about people, psychology, game theory, computers, coding, just to mention a few things.

In short, affiliate marketing will bring the benefit of adding options to your life.

Affiliate marketing can be great in terms of making those first few million dollars, and you could attain very high quality business experience.

The learning itself is perhaps the most valuable benefit of affiliate marketing. Combine this with the financial benefits and you have made for yourself the perfect stepping-stone for future success, a tool for unlocking dreams. It's a neat way to get the snowball rolling.

Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing

If your one and only goal in life is to make a lot of money, and if that's your main goal, you will probably end up making tons of money. Making a lot of money is not extremely hard if you make this your one and only goal, even for those with below average intelligence. Anecdotally, of the hundreds of multi-millionaires and billionaires we've spoken to, many are shockingly stupid.

There are disadvantages in affiliate marketing, but they can be easily avoided.

Affiliate marketing can be a side-hustle, but you're unlikely to achieve any huge success doing it this way. You may still earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, but then you're not unlocking the full potential of affiliate marketing. Going all-in is what it takes to truly master affiliate marketing, to the point where you'll be making millions every month. Very few people can do that, but then agian, very few people go all-in in affiliate marketing.

But why don't they? Why don't people give it their best shot when doing affiliate marketing? Because it's not what they really want to do with their lives. And this is understandable.

Who wants to do affiliate marketing for the rest of their lives, really?

The thing is, you don't want to do affiliate marketing for your entire life. You could level up and build this massive affiliate marketing company, add hundreds of employees, and make something cool of that, but even then, it's probably not the dream of your life. Eventually you will seek something else.

Success in affiliate marketing is not the end goal.

Affiliate marketing has the power to unlock doors, it makes you understand things you will not learn in any classroom, and along the way you will collect bonuses, capital, which can be used to build the dreams of your future.

If you truly want to succeed in affiliate marketing, see it for what it is:

Affiliate marketing is just an activity you could pursue to give optionality to your life. It's not something you will do for the rest of your life, but if you choose affiliate marketing, be smart about it.


Some people strive to make millions, so that they can buy luxury homes, exclusive cars or other stuff for the sake of impressing family, friends.

There is a high probablilty that you've been brainwashed if you are motivated by status.

Now, if you think buying fancy stuff is what affiliate marketing is about, you're doomed. That is no good way to spend profits.

If you desire things like fancy cars, luxury homes, exclusive restaurant foods, drugs, things like that, then you will fail. Fail at life. It's not what you really want. Take what you learn from this site, make your millions, buy those things, and learn the hard way, or just take our word for it. Those things are not what you want in life.

Re-invest Profits

Instead of spending the profits on things, re-invest your profits into the business. Or invest profits elsewhere, in crypto, land or any other asset that will generate wealth.

You start with a tiny snowball. Push it, and it will grow bigger. Don't waste your money on buying things, because those things will end up costing you way more than the thing itself. Spend money on things you don't need, and you'll be distracted by those things, and you lose the snowballing effect. Invest your profits. You don't need to buy a lot of stuff to be happy. Actually, if you own very little stuff, while doing the stuff you enjoy doing, that is what makes you happy. But happiness is such a poor metric for anything, and making happiness a goal of life equally as stupid as having financial goals as your main priority.

You could potentially make a few millions every month from affiliate marketing, it's what the top guys are making.

But, and here's the thing, if you're really smart, you could be making hundres of millions from affiliate marketing.

How? Well, let's go back to the snowball thing. Technically, you won't make hundreds of millions from affiliate marketing, but it's something that could be achieved if you re-invest all or most of your commissions. Then keep on re-investing both commissions and investment gains, and make the snowball grow.

When you first begin to make money from affiliate marketing, DON'T SPEND your profits on stupid things.

If you are making, say, only $10K/month from affiliate marketing, re-invest everything back into the business.

Obviously you need to burn some cash to stay alive, but the basic necessities of life does not cost much. No need to expand on this, hopefully our readers will agree with us here, you will get the point, and you're able to live frugally and live below your means. It's not hard at all.

For affiliates, the benefits of frugal living, botstrapping and lean start-ups should be clear. You will decrease the time it takes to achieve suceess in your affiliate business as profits can be re-invested, plus you don't have to waste time on worrying about all the stuff you own.

Snowballs And Thermodynamics

Rolling snowballs illustrate the compound effect, but most metaphors are fragile.

Grow your snowball. Turn it into a glacier. It will last longer. But snow and ice will melt at certain temperatures. Nothing will last forever.

A company can last for generations. But the money you have made may be lost. The things you own could be taken away from you. In the end, the things you will always have, is the things you've done. Do great things, and keep adding to life. The oposite would be to subtract from life, and buying stupid stuff instead of re-investing profits is one of those subtractive things.

The art of adding to life is mastered through avoiding subtractive things.

What Affiliate Marketing Can Add To Your Life

  • Knowledge, skills.
  • Money.

That's it really. And it may be enough. With this you could unlock doors and get opportunities you would not easily achieve elsewhere.

Subtractive Affiliate Marketing

There are pitfalls to affiliate marketing. It can, if you let it, be subtractive to life. Activities tied to affiliate marketing does have the potential to get you into legal trouble, corrupt your personality, or simply be a waste of time and money.

If you decide to work as an affiliate, you will probably consume affiliate marketing articles, books, videos. You don't have to spend a lot of time doing that before you understand it's mostly crap. Most affiliate marketing content, both free and paid, is utter junk.

Remedy this by consuming less junk, learn by trail and error, and define by yourself the truths about affiliate marketing.

Make affiliate marketing something that will add to your life.

Affiliate marketing can be a rewarding adventure. It has the power to drastically expand your knowledge and skills, bring forth hidden talents, and on top of that it can be financially rewarding and unlock amazing opportunities for the rest of your life.

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