Affiliate Marketing Resources

Affiliate marketing is hard, if you don't have access to the best resources. Where do you find reliable affiliate marketing news? Which tools should be used or avoided? This is the definitive guide to affiliate marketing resources.

Affiliate Marketing Resources
22. April 2024 by Click insider / Affiliate marketing

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The best affiliate marketing resources today might be a 404 tomorrow. This is not a static guide, but rather a continuously updated list of sites and tools for affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing News

Believe it or not, finding reliable affiliate marketing news is hard. While there are many news sites covering affiliate marketing news, none are really that great. There are SEO news sites, marketing news sites, but if you're asking us, there aren't really any great affiliate marketing news sites.

Great affiliate marketing news sites does not exist. Most "affiliate marketing news sites" are not really news sites, but they are more like blogs, and the newest posts could be weeks or months old.

List of Affiliate Marketing News Sites

Better Options for Affiliate Marketing News

Affiliate marketing news aggregators such as or, or or you could just aggregate news yourself, or use an RSS reader, or use a dedicated e-mail address and sign up with affiliate newsletters of your choice.

Try niche news and you'll get more of the news of your interest. Example: If you're mostly doing VPN marketing, aggregate your own news related from VPN providers, privacy, internet security and related topics. Get as close as possible to the actual industry and niche you're in, and you'll eventually find sources containing highly relevant news.

Affiliate Marketing Videos

There's paid affiliate marketing video courses and there's free affiliate marketing videos on YouTube and other sites. But you know what? The vast majority of those videos are very low quality.

Usually, the guy in front of the camera (usually it is a guy) is pure slime. It's the truth.

By the way if anyone here is in advertising or marketing…kill yourself. (...) Seriously though, if you are, do. Aaah, no really. There’s no rationalisation for what you do and you are Satan’s little helpers. Okay – kill yourself.

Bill Hicks actually said those words (source) and it's like, yeah, agreed. Marketers are slime. Business people are slime. If you're making money at all you are slime. But wait, no. We've seen the slime. It's everywhere. And it's easy to generalize. There's so many people in business you could despise, and you're not wrong. They are slime, and the world would probably be better without them.

You could start an affiliate marketing business today, do shady stuff, and earn millions and drive fast cars in less than a year. But you would have to sell your soul, become slime. You don't want that. Not for any prize. Seriously.

Go watch some affiliate marketing videos on YouTube. So much slime. You don't have to become one of those people.

You can make money in affiliate marketing, and not become slime.

For the case of this post we watched thousands of YouTube videos on affiliate marketing. Actually, if you're at our level you don't need to watch more than a second or two to know the guy in the video is fake or the real deal. Most are fakes. Very, very, very few guys are the real deal. But when you do get to watch these videos, of affiliate marketers preaching legit stuff, providing valuable content, and doing their thing with integrity, that's just so refreshing. Sadly those videos are truly rare.

We're making a list of those videos, and will publish it here later. Sorry for having you waiting...

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