Why We Closed Our Affiliate Program Directory

We have closed our affiliate program directory and removed all posts and comments. Yes, it was probably one of the richest affiliate programs directories out there, so why did we do it?

Affiliate Program Directory

Founded by affiliates, for affiliates. It was great while it lasted. Why shut down a great project and a solid business?

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Affiliate marketing

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Looking back

This site used to be the world's largest affiliate program directory.

We operated one of the most trusted directories for affiliate programs, advertising networks, partnership sites, and white label operations.

Users could read hundreds of thousands of reviews and remarks, and contribute with affiliate experiences.

For many affiliates this site is where it all started.

But all good things must come to an end.

The cost of maintaining affiliate program directories

The best affiliate program directory in the world requires heavy moderation.

It must process thousands of daily comments and input from users, and each statement must be validated.

Who is telling the truth and who is lying?

That new affiliate program someone just submitted, is it legitimate or a complete fraud?

The directory contained a list of many thousands of independent affiliate programs, hundreds of networks, millions of comments from affiliates.

This directory was truly the insider site in the industry. Most people did not know about us. Mainly this was a site for invites only, for the best in the industry.

This was not a site for everyone. It was not a site for the masses. This was for the insiders, the ones that know how things really worked.

The directory grew large pretty quick and users exchanged information about any affiliate program out there.

Clicks and insiders

The name Click Insider was spot on. You could find information here about independent affiliate programs that truly would have made a difference in almost any affiliate business.

It was all about the community. The exchange of ideas and information.

Affiliates loved it.

We were usually the first to spot affiliate programs before they became popular. Also, our moderators and commentators spotted scams early on.

As a directory for affiliates, this was up there with one of the most useful affiliate resources on the web. You could come to this site, and discover partners that truly would transform your online business and skyrocket your commissions.

The directory was useful. The community was awesome. The site was a nugget, most people did not know about it, and that was fine: Less competition for the affiliates that did use it.

As a business this did work. Money was made, and it could have been scaled.

We shut it down. Why?

Because there are other opportunities out there that are so much more profitable.

Great will be replaced with awesome.

Keeping this site alive as an affiliate program directory would be cool, but from a business perspective it would demand resources that could be spent better elsewhere.

Behind every sale online, behind every click, there is something going on that we can learn from and understand.

From now on this site will explore fun and great business opportunities both online and in the real world.

Join us on this new and exciting journey as we will explore the many ways to make money online (and even offline).

We will investigate all kinds of internet business opportunities and inspire you with the most facinating stories behind the many ways a simple click can be transformed into cash.

R.I.P. affiliate program directory

In memory of what this site used to be: Here are some random selections of text taken from the former affiliate program directory.

Founded by affiliates, for affiliates

Successful affiliates are already using ClickInsider in their everyday operations. If you need to find a new affiliate program, this is it. Searching for alternative ways to monetize your site? We're it. Need cool banners for your site? Text links? Searching for a better affiliate network? We got it. Want to make money with that e-mail list of yours? This is the place. Just starting out? ClickInsider will give you proper advice from affiliates who are already successful. Searching for the highest paid affiliate programs? This site it is. Looking for the best converting products and services, or new opportunities in the world of affiliate marketing? Well, you now know where to find it!

Used to be one of the best affiliate marketing directories

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or experienced in the field, ClickInsider will help you grow your business. Our exhaustive affiliate program directory is the go-to-source for millions of affiliates worldwide.

List Affiliate Program

Promote your affiliate program for $0.00 today. Listings are currently 100% FREE. Why? Paid affiliate directories will only list affiliate programs and partner networks that are willing to pay for listings and inadvertently excluding the best affiliate programs. Do you run an affiliate network / affiliate program / advertising network the?

Donate money (thanks, but no thanks)

We appreciate it. Affiliates love us because we helped them to find new partnerships, or avoid scam operations. Affiliate program operators love us because we gave them free directory submissions and good amounts of traffic.

We get it. You love us. But really. You don't need to pay us anything. All we ever wanted to do with this site was to make the world of affiliate marketing more transparent: Make it easier to find the good affiliate programs and avoid the bad. We made this resource because we needed something like this for ourselves, and there was no other service just like it.

This site had never been possible without the amazing contributions from the worldwide affiliate community. Their engagement have made this site special and valuable to us all.

If you insist on donating money, our suggestion would be to give whatever you can afford to ALS or any other organization of your choice. That's the proper way to say thank you to all the people that have helped to build this wonderful resource.

The independent affiliate program directory

Many affiliate program directories are rigged. Fake comments, fake rankings and fake everything. We don't do that. Our affiliate program directory let users themselves rank the programs.

Moderated submits. We are aware that some affiliate program managers may be tempted to submit fake comments, but doing so on this site would be a terribly bad idea: Submitted reviews and comments are monitored by our moderators. Any attempt to submit fake comments will be investigated and may result in a ban and possibly a warning about the affiliate program.

Protecting affiliates. We are committed to helping affiliates identify opportunities and finding the best affiliate programs. Affiliates around the world are constantly submitting their reviews of affiliate programs in our directory.

ClickInsider.com is made for affiliates by affiliates! Our directory is the trusted source for reviews and information about affiliate programs. Avoid being scammed and ripped off. Ensure you get paid what you deserve. Make ClickInsider your first choice when finding new partnerships and affiliate program opportunities online.

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