Translator jobs

The Internet needs more translators! Globalization, cross-linguistic cooperation and increased production of text creates an urgent need for translators. Find out how to get translator jobs here.

Translator jobs

How much money can you make from translation jobs? Translation Jobs for individual articles can earn from 20 dollars to as much as several hundred dollars, while it is possible to make much more for larger projects and documents (translation of blogs, websites and other things).

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You can easily find these jobs now by going to Real Translator Jobs. Here you will get access to a large number of translation jobs.

The demand for translation jobs is great, and increasing every week. On the internet there are many who want to translate everything from articles, emails, promotional materials, databases, the web sites and blogs to other languages. Within the food is probably more jobs than there are workers.

Can I really make money with this?

The answer is YES you can. It's the fact, and there are millions of pages just waiting for a translator right now. And you can earn a pretty decent salary from this too.

Why do not you just Google Translate to translate text?

Google Translate and similar services are currently widely used if one wants to read a text in another language. Such translation work great to get an overview of what a text in a foreign language is about, but not much more than that.

Unfortunately these translations from Google too poor to be used for publishing the text. It will take many decades before computers can produce perfect translations. Some experts believe computers will never be able to translate the text as good as a man.

How much can you earn to translate text?

Some jobs are advertised, you can earn good at, while others are more competition. A text to be translated into another language, and you can make a quick buck in just an hour, or you can work for weeks and make tons of money. Your choice.

Translation from English -Indian, English - Chinese, English -Spanish there is a greater pressure on prices, since you then can get cheaper translators. An hourly rate in India is the not very high, as one who lives in US and is writing both Indian and English will have little left to translate the text.

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