Buying Domains

Buying Domains to use on your website or buy domains for resale so that you can make money on them? Here you will find information on how to do both.

Buy a domain

Bluehost is great for both buying domains and creating websites. Create a nice blog, an advanced e-commerce solution or anything else.

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When buying domains, you must use a domain registrar.

There are many domain registrars to choose from, but it 's important to look at are:

  • Price, price, price - how much does it cost for domains? Are there volume discounts? Price is important, but not at " any price ". Cheap Domain is good, but the second point below about the seriousness is at least as important. You can find many cheap domain registrars, but do not go solely by price, then you can burn you.
  • Honesty and quality - comes to customer service and ease of service, but perhaps more importantly, the domain registrar is serious, so you know that you actually get to keep the domain that you buy. At unscrupulous players can at worst risk losing the domain because they do not submit mandatory renewal.

Here are the cheapest serious domain registrar, choose the one that suits your preferences best:

  • Bluehost provides its customers Free domain when renting web space (which you need anyway to get your website online! where you can buy most of the Domain Suffix, / net / org / tv / uk and many more. Highly recommended.

Once you have purchased one or more domains here, you can easily make a website. All of the above providers have ready-made solutions that make it easy to set up a blog, online shop, forum or other website - and you do not need any technical expertise to do so. Just click in the road and you have a finished website. The only thing you need to do though is to add content (text, images, etc), but this is also very easy when you use the above mentioned services.

You can also buy and resell domains buying via these services. Many domains will go up in price after they have been registered.

Important to know before you buy domain

Start by thinking through what you are going to use the domain. Remember to buy a domain and hosting combined if you want to do it the easiest and cheapest way, the services mentioned above is the best. Now you have to buy through your own company.

For tips to the name of the domain, it is recommended that you choose something that is easy to remember and easy to type. Avoid special characters (accented) if you can.

Ensure that the domain registrar is ICANN accredited, and that it is a legitimate company that stands behind (the ones we have listed here it is). If you choose a junk registrar is much annoying as you may, and you can therefore at worst risk losing your domain if they are extra careless and clumsy - which there are many examples.

Bigger is not always better. Companies like GoDaddy has gained many complaints from customers, and a former customers was so pissed off that he created a website with the sole purpose of mocking GoDaddy for their mistakes. The wisdom: It is easier to select a good registrar first as last.

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