Social Media Marketing

Social media is an excellent place to market products and services. Marketing on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and sharing services such as YouTube makes it easier to correct advertising at exactly the audience you want to reach.

Social Media Marketing
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What is Social Media?

Social media are online services, where content produced by users of the service. It is common to think of these services:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogger

List does not stop there. Social media also includes online forum, comment fields in online newspapers and other websites, services like Technorati, Reviews via, games like Second Life, newsgroups, and so on.

How should you market your products and services in social media?

It's amazing what can be achieved by marketing in social media, but one must first know how to proceed. We will write about this, but for a detailed guide on how to succeed with different social services, read more at the links below:

These guides above are useful when you need to start promoting. Advertising budget of many companies is quite large, but with simple strategies outlined in these guides mentioned above will be a lot of savings.

Marketing in social media is " free". on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you can pay for advertising space, but you can also create profiles for free. The only cost in terms of resources required to maintain your profiles in social media. For example, on YouTube, you can post videos for free, and on Facebook, you can start groups for free but you have to anyway do certain things to reach out to your target audience.

Be where your customers are. Not all companies need a great blog, a great website, a popular Facebook profile, or otherwise show off online. If your customers are on Facebook, LinkedIn or elsewhere, then you should strongly consider whether your business will also have a presence there.

Social marketing online to work and have no purpose, you need your customers to be active in reviewing your products - either on profiles that you control, or beyond your control. For example, some popular companies not only their own profile pages on Facebook, but also fan pages or groups.

Is essential that customers engage in a positive way in your company, your products or services through social media. For your customers to do that, it is best if the company itself is active in social media.

Therefore, you should promote the social media

This is marketing in social media:

Any form of marketing where you give the customer the power to tell the story and express their own opinions about your brand and your business, by sharing text, photos, and videos with other users on the Internet.

Companies dares to give a bit of control, and let customers help to define your company's qualities, have much to gain.

Marketing works best when the recipient trusts the sender of the message. Allow customers to share their opinions and experiences about your company in social media.

Important not to forget the purpose of social media

Many enterprises or so is very professional, acting very clumsy in social media. They seem to forget one important point, namely the purpose of the concept:

What is the purpose of social media? There are no users to receive advertisements from companies, but to nurture personal networks and to share opinions and experiences with others.

There is a conflict of interest between the customer and the company:

  • Customer will buy at the lowest price.
  • Company will sell at the highest price.

Social media makes it possible to add this conflict of interest a little aside, and instead look at what are the customer and the company wants to achieve in the community? Look at social media as an extension of your company's marketing strategy, where you can meet your customers on a more personal arena. The company does not sell and the customer does not purchase - instead, it is an "us ", where customers and companies together to arrive at solutions that work better for both parties.

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