When your Blog becomes your income

Blogging is no longer an activity only for those who want to share opinions and experiences. Today, a blog is as much a tool to make money, for better or worse.

Blog income

Good websites for those who want to make money blogging:

Webhosting and domain names: Bluehost provides cheap web hosting, free blog on your own domain, and a blog tool that is easy to use for everyone.

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Writing about their hobby or else one is interested can in many cases be compatible to monetize your blog.

Is it wrong to make money blogging?

There is nothing wrong in making money from blogging, so if you are one of those who have the notion you should get the idea out of your head right away. Money is not the root of all evil in the world. A blogger who can provide good content and make your readers happy, should not feel guilty also monetize their blog.

In this article we will show you how you can start making money to start a blog on a topic that you discovered, be it politics, football, pets, or something else entirely.

How much can you earn on your blog?

Income potential depends on the amount and quality of traffic, ie how many readers you get, and also the demographic group they belong to.

There are some bloggers who earn well over $100,000 a month (!) on their blogs. Some earn even much, much more, but unlike most prolific bloggers they have no desire to boast of it.

Blogs with a large and often international audience is sometimes more like a business to rain. The turnover of millions of dollars every month, and dominate the search results.

How to Create a Blog

It is very simple to create a blog. If you do it properly, you probably pay a little for it (see below mentioned reasons why you should avoid free blog services).

How to create a blog:

# 1 Start by seeking a reseller of hosting and domains. We recommend Bluehost where you can get cheap rent of Web "free" domain in the price.

# 2 Search for available domains. You do not need to pay expensive to buy a domain by others before you. There are more than enough of unregistered domains of good quality. Find free unregistered domain to your blog.

# 3 Start your blog. If you use Bluehost as recommended, then it is easy to create a blog with their Automatic blog tools (includes in the price of renting hosting at Bluehost). You do not need any technical knowledge, just click through and follow the wizard, you have your own blog on your own domain. Now's your own blog on your own domain, which can freely decide over yourself!

# 4 Making money. Before you can start making money you need Content on your blog, which in turn leads Traffic to your blog.

We'll look at how to go about both creating content and getting traffic to your blog, but first we will come with a little warning about free blogging tools.

Free Blog: Avoiding free blog services

A mistake many people make is to choose the free blog services. DO NOT DO IT!

Result is that you will get fewer readers, earn less money, and you have less freedom with your blog.

To monetize blog you should create your own blog on your own domain, we have already mentioned Bluehost which is a cheap and good alternative when you need to create your own website or start a blog.

Avoid free alternatives blogg.no, wordpress.com and blogger.com. Crap in, crap out. No bloggers with respect to themselves using these free solutions, and nobody has well earned especially with money using such free services either!

Content of your Blog

Not begin to monetize your blog without readers, and readers will not come until the content is in place.

What you need to do to get many readers to your blog?

Firstly you need to write about something that is interesting to the audience you want to attract.

Content affects the readers to get to your blog. A pink blog about nails, fashion, hair, and health work great for attracting certain types of readers. Do you write about politics or football will get a completely different reading group.

Think well over what to write about on your blog. You may want to limit themselves to one topic, and not write about everything that concerns you.

An alternative is to create two or more different blogs: One about fashion, one for food and one for football. Of course you can do that Football wife and blogging about the fashion, food and football in the same blog.

It is important enough that you choose a topic that you are interested in. You will soon get tired of writing about something you think is boring. Do not choose the topic for the readers you want to attract, but what theme you want to write about.

Content on the blog is general Be more than just text. Use Images and preferably Video in your blog. Video Blogging is a great way to attract more readers, as is the frequent publication of photographs.

A blog can be Personal, where readers get insight into your life. This has repeatedly been successful recipe for pink bloggers, but can also work fine for athletes, students, geeks, or anyone. Even a person who spends most of his life to video games, you have enough substance to make a blog on the basis of it.

Blogs can also be Impersonal, where you can not write about himself at all, but rather about a topic. Blog format is yet to be sharing their personal opinions and thoughts, and not just collect a lot of facts.

Another important ingredient of the blog is Comments. A blog without comments seem lifeless. When blogger opens up for comments from the readers, you get a dialogue, and the blog is a meeting place online.

Good content, but little traffic to your blog?

While your blog may be of interest to you, so do not help it if no one can find it!

Here are the additional measures that help you to get more visitors:

Be visible in search results: blog must be indexed in search engines, and you must make their own efforts to get a good position in Google Search, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. For this purpose, the service Search engine submitter excellent, and can help you rank better in the search results in no time.

Email and Newsletter: Also consider whether you want to send out newsletters by email via the blog. The newsletter can earn extra money directly through letters sent out, and they help to keep the readers so they do not forget your blog. For this you need a good technical solution, since it is not appropriate to engage in unsolicited email from your own computer.

To make money blogging

When you have a large blog, you can retrieve the advertisers themselves. More likely, perhaps, advertisers will contact you with a request to buy advertising space on your blog, it is therefore only when the blog has become popular.

Before you get there is a lot you can do to make money blogging.

It takes time to learn how to make money blogging, but there are no golden recipe for success. Many, however, recommend This guide to make money off your blog.

Ready to start your next blogging adventure?

A blog could be the start of a lucrative income. Do not forget that even in your local area there are probably many people who earn thousands from their blog.

This page contains everything you need of information to start a blog. More detailed information about how to make and earn money from your blog is described in the links found in the article, so now you have no excuse: Go ahead and make a blog, and then make some income from it. I've done it. Teens have done it. You can do it too.

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