Speculating in buying and selling available domains

Speculating on buying and selling available domains can be immensely profitable. Buying an unregistered domain costs very little, and you can earn 10 to 1000 times the purchase price when you sell the domain.

Profit from available domains

You can earn a lot of money buying and selling unregistered domains. See our recipe for success to monetize domain trading at the bottom of this page. The cheapest way to do it would be through Bluehost as they offer free domains for every hosting account you rent with them.

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Find available domains here

Would you speculate in buying and selling unregistered domains?

You can make good on domain trading, and you have enough may have already read about domain sharks who earn billions a year? Although it is not as common to be Billionaire on domain trading, it is quite possible to be Millionaire.

Whoever is lucky obtain 3, 4 - or 5 - syllable domains. Nav.no was originally sold for over 4 million, but there are domains that have been sold for much more than that.

Moreover, there are many who purchase unregistered domains for around $ 10 and sells them at a later date for 1000 times that sum, even though it is still only a domain and no website provided.

Facts about making money with domain trading

  • Anyone can make money with domain trade, and here 's how to get started with profitable trading unregistered domains.
  • You do not need much money to start, as it costs only approx. $ 10 for one domain (are you smart use Bluehost when buying domains, then you can get domains even cheaper than this).
  • You need not invest in expensive registered domains, purchase unregistered domains, they always rises most in value
  • There are still millions of unregistered domains that someone is willing to pay far above entry price to buy - they just have not thought of the domain name first.
  • This is an efficient way to multiply their investments on if you learn how to sign the appropriate domains.

Unregistered domains gives you the most bang for your buck

Should you buy domains need to look at more than price.

A domain owned by others (a registered domain) often costs from NOK 1,000 and up, depending on how good quality domain has.

Need to purchase registered domains for overcharges, when you can get a cheap domain for a few cents.

Why unregistered domains increase in value after registration:

Is such that the domains are becoming more and more valuable as you keep the domain. This is due to various technicalities, such as the recording affects the search engine ranking criteria, but we shall not go into here. Anyway, being thus domain worth more as you keep at it, if only for technical reasons.

Another reason for unregistered domains will increase in value, that is the number of available domains is less for every day. When there is less access to good domains, and when in addition, more and more websites that are launched, there will be greater demand for quality domains.

Some helpful tips when choosing a domain reseller:

A great option that many uses are this U.S. domain reseller, here you buy domains at a fraction of the price (in comparison with other similar services, there are others just as cheap, but they are not as secure).

Should you buy hosting as well (required if you are going to launch a website on your own domain), the domain for FREE if you are using a service called Bluehost! This is true for every new domain you order, if you rent hosting here.

Making of parking domains

An attractive way to make money is to buy domains and park them.

" parking" domains only means that you buy a domain and then leave the domain reseller " stick up a poster " of the domain, which is a kind of advertisement, or an interactive website with customized ads.

Every time someone comes into the side, you have a good opportunity to make money without you even being aware of it. Do you have a domain with some relevant keywords, it is possible people coming in at just your domain when they do a search online.

Bluehost is excellent for those who want to make money on parked domains. To get started with this, you can read more on their website about Make money parking domains with Bluehost.

Domain Trading and Risk

Buy domain at domain auctions involves a significant risk. Many domains which are highly overpriced, while others may be sold for even higher sums in the future. Our advice: Use domain auctions only to the sale of domains.

Simply by purchasing unregistered domains there is virtually no risk. The only thing you should be careful of is not to register domains with known proprietary name. For example, you should not register Google - search.com because " Google" is a separate Trademark, and you may therefore lose the rights to the domain.

A small investment of under $ 10 can be quickly sold for many times that amount. The trick is to buy only unregistered domains as almost without exception, the percentage that rises most in value.

Domain Trading on 1-2-3

So easy you can start making money on unregistered domains:

  1. Use a reputable and cheap domain registrar. We recommend Bluehost.
  2. Find available domains, and buy all that you think can be sold at the domain auctions.
  3. After you purchase your domain, you can post it for sale on sites like Sedo.com, domaining.com and afternic.com.

There you have a golden recipe to make money unregistered domains, and as you will soon discover it is not hard to make some money on this. Are you a skilled domain speculator can make domain trading in our recipe for a million business.

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