Blogging: Make money from your blog

Many have been impressed by teen bloggers who are making tons of money every month. Read more about how to create your own blog and earn a second income from blogging.

Make money blogging
22. April 2024 by Click insider / Make money online

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It is very easy to create a blog. It's not quite as easy to make money blogging.

To create a blog:

  1. You must first buy a domain and renting space on a web host where your blog is stored and made ​​available on the internet. We recommend that you use Bluehost (this is a good, safe and cheap domain registrar and hosting service).
  2. After you purchase your domain and hosting, it's time to prepare for blogging. If you have followed our suggestions above, you can easily go to Bluehost and after a few clicks, they have set up a blog for you with the configuration and the design you want.
  3. Then it only remains to write the first post. Hello World! Now you can start blogging about what you want.

Then we come to the next challenge:

How to Make Money Blogging?

Others earn so much money on her blog, as well you can also do it? It is almost like saying that " if someone else wins the lottery, then so can you also there." There are many coincidences in addition to the hard work that determines whether you are going to monetize your blog.

A blog should be personal. It does not have to be about you and your life, but you must at least share your opinions and thoughts. You must surrender yourself in a completely different way than you have been accustomed to and you must be able to withstand criticism. Some bloggers have made ​​millions on his blog, but have chosen to quit blogging because of negative comments and feedback.

If you think you can stand up to criticism and negative comments (on going no matter how good and kind you might be). Do you do everything right you will get bad feedback from those missunelige and not like you because you have something they do not have. Doing things wrong will in any case negative feedback. One option is to shut down the comments, but it's like that readers can participate with the comment in the blog that makes a blog into a full-fledged blog.

To make money, you first have readers. The question you should ask yourself first is:

How to get traffic to your blog?

To get readers to your blog, people must first find it. For people to find it must be registered with search engines. For this you can use a Search engine submitter.

Otherwise the content is the most important thing to be found in search engines. Create blog posts of high quality, and it is even more interesting, it is possible others will link to your blog, so you also get traffic from other blogs.

You can also collaborate with other like blogs so that readers of your blog can also discover your blog. Find blogs with the same theme, and ask if they would like to exchange links.

Writing comments on websites or participating in online forums, you may leave a URL of your blog if it is allowed.

Another tactic is to use newsletters or collect email addresses of your readers. You can then keep your readers updated, or make any important messages. For this you can use services such as MailChimp or others for sending mass emails. MailChimp fixes everything for you when sending emails to many recipents. Remember: Never spam! Get permissions before you send emails to people!

Free Blog

Free blog services you should by all means avoid. There are many to choose from, but all have major drawbacks, especially considering the recent earnings. Are you going to monetize your blog, you should add it on your own domain right away. If you change later, you will lose including PR (page rank) and positive review that blog has built up in the search engines and traffic will plunge overnight.

It is much more negative free blog services, even the " best " will not do if you are running a serious blog. It is best to have a blog on your own domain.

In other words: Do not use, and other similar services. You may want to use their wordpress blog script on your own domain, it can easily install with some keystrokes when you first get hosting here.

How to earn money on blog

Not think about monetizing your blog right away. If you get many readers will be able to earn any money. It is traffic that is the first thing to think about.

As you get more readers you can start thinking about how you can leverage this traffic to make money - if you do not mind that you make money with their blog. Some would rather to blog because they like it and do not want your blog to be commercial.

The first thing to do when starting a blog is thus to create the blog. No blog, no income on the blog. A complete blog on your own domain you here.

The next step is therefore to obtain traffic. We have already written about, read what we have written above about getting traffic to the blog above if anything should be unclear.

Get traffic, and money comes by itself. When you have a blog with lots of traffic, then the rest comes by itself. Advertisers will usually contact you with a request to sponsor you with products or they will pay you for advertising on your blog. Get a lot of readers, so get revenue by itself.

A mistake many bloggers make is to think about how they can make money on the blog until it has become popular. It is better to think of your readers first and what they want to read about on your blog. Start by building up a loyal following of readers. It may take several months or even years before your blog gets popular, so patience is required.

Another indirect way to benefit from the blog is to use it as a way to present yourself and your skills. Then you can get quests as speaker, guest writer, job offers and other benefits.

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