Online auctions

Online auction sites like eBay and classified sites like Craigslist are by ordinary people to supplement their income. We will show you how one can make money selling things at auctions online.

Online auctions
22. April 2024 by Click insider / Make money online

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Sell stuff you do not need

Many things have thousands of dollars lying around at home, which is not used, and just taking up space. Why not sell it and make some money from it?

The easy way to start online auctions, selling things you have lying around at home, you do not need.

Online Auctions and dropshipping

A popular way to make money online auction is Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is simple: You work with a supplier (a dropshipper). You will then sell the goods on behalf of this dropshippping opportunity. You can do this in online auctions (or own online store if you have one). You have no stock of products, but advertises the goods to the supplier at online auctions such as eBay or QXL.

It is extremely important that you choose the serious dropshippere to work with. This is because you want satisfied customers, it is essential to your own success. Drops Hipp he will deliver the goods directly to the customer on time.

For serious dropshippere and suppliers Salehoo, this is a good website to start if you want to succeed with drop shipping.

All you have to do is create an auction on eBay or elsewhere, receive order and forward it to the dropshipper. Then take the dropshipper care of most.

You earn is the difference between what you charge for it in the online auction and the dropshipper will have the item.

Sample dropshipping online auction:

  1. Selling hats on eBay.
  2. Hats is a stock from your dropshipper.
  3. Receives an order for a hat, it costs 250 dollars, which the customer pays to you.
  4. Send the order to the dropshipper.
  5. Same time that you submit the order, please send also payment of 100, - which is the price dropshipper takes the same hat.
  6. Server ie 150 million in sales.
  7. Dropshipper packets and sends the cap directly to the customer.
  8. Simple and inexpensive for you, and no risk since you can have many products left out online auction, without first having to buy these products.

Dropshipping is easy, and a brilliant business model that it is possible to make good money

That said, it is very important to find a good dropshipper to partner with. Find serious suppliers and dropshippere on Slehoo so you have the best opportunity for success.

eBay and dropshipping

eBay changed their logo because they wanted to signal that they are no longer a pure auction site, but also a page where businesses sell to customers. Nevertheless auctions are still a large part of eBay.

Anyways... you can easily make several thousands a week simply by doing dropshipping as described above, and post a few ads on eBay (just follow the steps above).

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