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Trading and investments are usually done online today. Learn all you ever need to know in order to successfully start trading or investing in stocks, commodities, currencuies and options.

Trading & investing
24. April 2024 by Click insider / Make money online

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In this article on trading and investing we will cover the following topics:

  • Stock trading
  • Social trading
  • Forex trading and currencies
  • Options trading
  • Trading with commodities
  • Daytrading
  • Recommended brokers

Stock trading

Stock trading is relatively simple. You buy stocks that are expected to go up in value and sell when the price reaches assumed Target.

Course it can happen that the share price does not go the way you expected, and the risk of selling at a loss, or wait in the hope that sooner or later going to rise in value again.

Social trading

Social trading is very different from all the other possibilities mentioned here. Try social trading with this service today, and copy the traders that are already making a profit.

With the most advanced social trading networks (click to reveal recommended services) you can automatically copying other traders in the network (currently there are millions of traders using the larger networks). There is always someone who is doing very well, and of course you can copy these traders, and if they achieve performance will earn the same percentage return as the. Total unique. The company has won many awards from the financial and banking industry due to this originality. Worth a try! You can start with a relatively small amount.

Currency- and forex trading

Currency trading is also called currency trading or currency speculation. In English, the name of this type of currency trading for forex trading (For eign Ex change trading).

The type of currency we consider here should not be confused with the type of forex a tourist does when he should switch currencies. Here we are talking about trading, where one speculates the constant changes in exchange rates - which rarely stands perfectly still, they move as a rule up or down.

How to buy currencies online:

To trade currencies on the internet you need to use a broker. These are the most popular to online currency trading:

It is completely up to you which broker you ultimately choose these, but the mentioned broker is loved by traders all over the world, and a very good choice for many professional traders as well.

Exchange Rates

You can never tell what the exchange rate for the dollar is tomorrow. It is pointless to say that the exchange rate of 1 dollar is 6 Exchange consists of a comparison between two currencies, called Currency pairs.

USD/EUR currency pair USD compared to EUROS. If it says that the USD / EUR is 0.8 that means you at this moment receive €1 if you pay 1,3 dollars. Just seconds later might be another number.

Commodity trading

The purpose of commodity trading (trading of raw materials) is that to make money by buying raw materials cheap and sell for more.

It would be very difficult to trade with commodities if one were traded physical commodities. Therefore, the financial industry invented commodity contracts in CFDs. It makes it much more convenient and you can then buy and sell in a matter of seconds if you wish, or you can invest long term.

Try commodity trading

It is easy to begin with commodity trading. You must of course have an idea of ​​what you may want to buy, but it's like the knowledge you get eventually. Start by trying - knowledge comes in time.

For beginners, the larger social trading networks is a great place to start trading. This is because you get here a unique insight into how commodity traders think and trader. With social trading networks is in fact possible to see what everyone else is trading at any time. You can follow other traders, and even copy them automatically so that their percentage profit can also be your profit. This sounded maybe complicated, but it is not at all.

Social trading is usually designed that anyone can use it, both beginners and pros. Pro Skill traders will also benefit other users copy their trading strategies, and beginners will serve to copy the best traders.

Major commodities traded by traders:

  • Oil
  • Gold
  • Natural gas
  • Coffee
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Cotton
  • Copper


Daytrading is a term that encompasses it to buy a security and sell it shortly thereafter. The goal is to achieve a return on the trade.

There are many ways of doing daytrading, and numerous strategies you can use. We will not go into detail on this right here.

Daytrading must be performed via a Online broker that offer trading in securities. We have discussed most current brokers here on our website. Read about the kind of trade that interests you most below for some suggestions on which online broker that is most appropriate.

The brokers below are perfect for all types of trading.

Recommended brokers

Please see our list of the best online brokers and trading services below the picture at the top of this page.

Our list contains only respected brokers, and are suited for professional traders.

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