Start a company

If you start the business? Many people have questions about how NOT establishes the company. If you register a corporation, sole proprietorship, which company name you choose, how to register? Get answers to your questions about the establishment.

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Business ideas

Need business ideas for your next company: Here are some great ways of making money.

Your company mission

Like everything else you need to start with a base. For those starting a business is basically an idea, and not any idea, but a business where you have a short but good description of what you want to sell and why your customers should choose just you. Specify also like who your competitors and suppliers.

Company Name

Choice of company name should be thought through well. Find some good suggestions, and find out what your future customers like best. It costs little to do some good analysis, and this will be invaluable later. It is costly to change the company name when in operation. Then you have to launch your new profile in the market, build up a new brand, spend money on marketing, etc.

The company name is not necessarily your brand. The firm can be called Olsen International Business Services AS, but it need not be your main brand. Maybe they sell a product called " Business Accounting Reel " and it is this product that your customers will recognize.

Legal form of business

There is not any company which shape you choose. There are many options, but sole proprietorships and limited company is the most common, and many also see advantages to a NUF.

Sole proprietorship is appropriate for individuals who want to start as an entrepreneur. You can also hire many people even if you have such a compnay. Appropriate for low-risk business ideas, because you are personally liable for all debts of the company. You must post, but is not recognized subject until you have a turnover of 20 million. You do not get sick pay before 17 day of illness. It's free to sign up.

C Companies requires a minimum of capital. A good option for those starting a business that involves risk, but it can also be beneficial if the risk is small. You have limited personal liability, and it is the company responsible for the debt, so you will not perrsonlig liable if the company goes bankrupt.

Registered Foreign Enterprises is suitable for those who want the benefits of a limited company, but wish to avoid the requirement to share in a limited company. It costs less to register such a company a via a law firm, and you will get full assistance. This is used by many businesses that can not stand the light of day, and this has meant that many are skeptical to such companies. Certainly there are major companies sticktured as foreign enterprise that are also registered as such and for these it seems to be quite problematic.

Responsible Company / Shared responsibility are two types of companies in which the participants have a personal solidarity liability for the debt of the company operated. In a partnership with shared responsibility is the only responsible for the percentage of debt that equals your interest in the company, for example 20 % stake will give you 20 % personal responsibility for the debt. In a general partnership, all participants responsible for the debt, and if one can not pay, then you have the other do it. This is a corporate form which you should rely 100 % on those who are with you.

Cooperatives's corporation limited personal liability and risk, and members' economic, consumer commercial or professional interests are better served by such company form.

How to register Company

How to register a company depends on the form of organization you have chosen.

A limited company can be registered online, a public website from the government is where you can submit the necessary forms. Before you begin the registration process, you must have a bank for the company and you must have an auditor's certificate. Total price of entry varies.

Sole proprietorship is very easy to register. It's free and you can be ready in 10 minutes. It requires no capital and find all the information you need about registration online.

Monetize your business

Goal of every business is to make money. If the company is not making money, so it does not deserve the right to life. Companies do not make money will eventually go bankrupt. Your business must be profitable.

To make money over time you need to offer something that people are willing to buy. You must provide values. The best companies provide more than customers expect.

Good customer service is important. You order a pizza and get not only the best meal, but also a customer service that surpasses everything else. You buy a product with manufacturing defects and that an apology from the company, you get free copy of their top model.

Price is important. Today, customers are aware of the price. That does not necessarily mean you have to be the cheapest, but you must have a price that customers believe is right. Be competitive in price, otherwise it's just pack up your stuff.

Good governance is a prerequisite for success. Do you have employees, they must also be competent and motivated. Your products must satisfy the customer's quality requirements and it must be demand for such a product in the market.

All businesses have a vision of success. It is ultimately not just about making money, but being a business of importance. Make the world better for their customers. In order for a business to be successful they need to have a competitive advantage. There must be benefits for anyone to become a customer of your particular business. There has been much written about success in business literature, but in practice there is no definitive answer as to how to proceed.

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