Trading with currencies

Currency trading is an activity where there is speculation changes in exchange rates, where the goal is to make money on those changes. Find out how this is done in practice.

Trading with currencies

Currency trading allows you to earn money on the constant changes in exchange rates.

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There are opportunities in currency trading for everyone, whether you're a professional financial speculator or completely new to trading.

Beginners should like to start with less risky forms of trading, such as Social trading. That in itself is quite informative, and as you become more advanced, you can expand your horizons with more trading opportunities, stand on their own feet and start to earn even more money.

How to start forex trading

What do you need before you can begin trading currency online?

Cash or other means that can be used for trading (to trade with borrowed money, however, recommended only for highly experienced traders).

A merchant account with a good online broker.

Knowledge. Basic understanding of how to make money on currency speculation is enough to start. This article shows you what you need the knowledge to begin trying your hand slowly on currency trading.

Eventually you also need a profitable strategy. An INPUT golden road here, and all speculators must find their own path trading jungle. This is because trading is more than a mechanical process, it also is comprised of all other variables that trading psychology and the availability of liquid funds.

Trading Capital

I want to start trading in forex? How much money do I need to begin with?

The beauty of forex trading is that today you can begin to speculate with very little funds. In contrast to such bonds and certain other securities, it is not necessary to start with so much money. The advantage of starting in a small way, is that you will learn " game" before starting to bet big.

As you become more steady on the trading can accelerate and invest much more in relation to your own risk appetite and the size of your wallet.

In the beginning it is enough to maybe around 500-1000 dollars, depending on the broker you choose. You can also bet more if you want it too, but that said, it is not stupid to get a thorough understanding of the risk and find a profitable strategy before risking your savings.

Currency Pairs

Currencies are traded in pairs, always. It is a fact that when you trade currency, you buy one currency, and while selling another currency.

Base currency and the counter currency

Currency pair GBPUSD is USD is the base currency, and GBP is the counter currency (or quote currency). The price or exchange rate tells us how much of the counter currency you have to give to get one unit of the base currency.

The 7 most popular currency pairs

The most popular currency pairs, ie those who traded the most, called " The 7 Great ':


USDJPY - USD / Japanese Yen

GBPUSD - British Pound / USD

USDCHF - U.S. / Swiss franc

USDCAD - USD / Canadian Dollar

AUDUSD - Australian dollar / USD

NZDUSD - New Zealand Dollar / USD

As stated above summary is USD is the greatest currency in the world. In fact, says the U.S. dollar for over 60 % of the market. The euro is the second largest, with about 25 % of foreign exchange.

As a side note, note that although Canada also has dollar as the currency unit as used term USDon USD and not of CAD, although both countries belong to the American continent.

An important point to notice is otherwise as already mentioned, the currencies always traded in pairs, and that the exchange rate represents how much you need to provide for one currency (base currency) to buy another currency (counter currency).

Exchange market

One of the best things being a trader in the foreign exchange market is opening.

Since the currency market is worldwide and not controlled by exchanges (such as eg. equity markets in the world), there are no closing times on weekdays. The market is open 24 hours a day from Sunday evening to Saturday morning.

So it's just a period between Saturday and Sunday you can not act. Unlike the stock market which is only open during normal business hours.

Exchange rates change constantly, and they are affected by so many variables that it is for most people is very difficult to analyze all aspects of the foreign exchange market. Wherefore many currency for a risk sport, but we will also remember that he who learns to identify key identifiers can develop profitable strategies.

Foreign exchange market:

Currency Speculators account for over 90 % of trading volume. This includes everything from hobby traders, professionals daytradere, investors strategically placing money in currencies other than the operational currency used, and others who want to make money on the constant changes in exchange rates.

Funds also accounts for a significant part of the bargain, and act primarily on behalf of its clients.

Companies is also involved in the foreign exchange market through transactions across borders.

Is it possible to get rich in forex?

It is definitely possible to earn good money by trading currencies. Of course it is required that you sit well with the various aspects of foreign exchange, such as risk, risk minimization, as well as indicators that can help you analyze the market and give you the best forecasts.

A good currency trader needs to identify how and why the market is constantly changing. There are microscopic changes that are difficult to explain, even the best analysts, but the larger economy can both predict the future, as well as to explain why the actual changes that occur actually took place.

You do not need any special education to succeed in currency trading

You do not have an economics degree or be a kind of mathematics for successful currency trading. In fact, many of the world's top currency speculators self-taught.

They learned nothing about how to trade in the foreign exchange market at school, but with time they gained experience and developed their own strategies today have made that they were both multi- millionaires as well as billionaires.

How traded currency online?

There are many ways to buy and sell currencies.

Direct Foreign Exchange can be performed in the bank. You create such as two bank accounts, one in dollar and the in euro. Thus, you can transfer money between these accounts and make or lose money then. This is an expensive way to trade currencies, and not recommended. In addition to being an unprofitable method, it is a cumbersome method and used rarely of currency speculators.

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