5 crazy ways to make money online

Many people are interested in finding new and good sources of income from the internet. We have selected the 5 best ways to make money online.

Ways to earn online

Here is a list of the five best ways to make money on the Internet. All frivolous suggestions that you often find in other places are weeded out, only real possibilities remain.

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Make Money

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Start your shop with inventory

Start online store is relatively easy, but the problem many people experience after a while is that they do not sell the goods they are buying into.

Solution is to conduct commerce with a remote warehouse. This is called dropshipping and goes out briefly, by creating agreements with manufacturers and wholesalers who send goods directly to your customer. This means that you will work with packaging, sending and returning goods - all this takes your dropshipper off.

Dropshipping is by far the easiest way to start an online store, and many of the largest online stores have actually used drop shipping as a business model.

You may use Salehoo to find manufacturers and wholesalers (wholesalers) who offer drop shipping agreements.

Daytrading with stocks

Oslo Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges in the world is ravaged by robots that manipulate the stock market. This makes it much more difficult to engage in daytrading than before.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to make money day trading with stocks, and if you trade in CFDs instead of trading shares directly, you will be able to achieve substantial benefits. CFD stands for contract for difference (CFDs).

Simply by regular stock trading trading the shares of a public company traded on an exchange. The CFD trading has the opportunity to trade a mirror image of the shares and still get the same time many of the same rights as if you bought the shares (you can for example also benefit by purchasing CFD).


Currency trading is a unique way to make money online. The trick is to trade currency in such a way that you achieve a forjeneste over time. This is quite possible to learn.

If you engage in foreign exchange transactions over networks, you depend on a power broker. You should use an online broker that is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The best Forex brokers have international affiliations.

What about blogging and the other possibilities?

There are many possible sources of income online. That it is possible to earn good money from the internet is something we can all agree in.

Our list of recommendations above are not things like blogging, pyramid schemes and the famous " monetary systems online." For it is much harder to make money eg. blogging than what many think. A lot of "opportunities " to make money online is unserious.

These are things you can start right now, and you'll eventually make money and will give you a very large income.

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