Start a web shop

An online store can quickly become a gold mine, and here are a few tips that will help you realize your dream of starting their own online store.

Start a web shop

Starting Online Store has become very easy. The only thing that's hard is to purchase goods and to sell these again at a profit. If you choose dropshipping as your business in the online store you do not own stocks (but an external storage), which makes it a lot easier to run a business on the internet.

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Quick tip #1:

Create your online store using the one-click web shop installer at BueHost.

Quick tip #2:

Get traffic to your web shop submitting your web shop to dozen of search engines.

How to start an online store?

It has never before been so easy to start an online store as it is now. You have so many cheap systems to choose from, and the cost is negligible compared to the potential income.

It starts with an idea. When you have an idea of ​​what you want to sell, then you are well on your way!

Buy a domain and hosting. As soon as you have a good navnt online store, so check if your domain name is available. Please take a. Com domain name - there is no rule that says you must have a. Com domain online store. Lefdal 's a popular online store, and they operate with - so I guess you can also do it!. COM has many benefits that you can not get at. Now and is also cheaper. You can order domain and hosting here (at Bluehost, our recommendation).

The mission statement is the next natural step. Here, write down your idea on paper. Read it for yourself. Sounds like a possible business that can be a killer success? If so, proceed to the next step.

Starting a business. If you want, you can wait a bit to register in Brønnøysund. Once you have passed 50,000 in revenue, or like some before, you should be registered. It's free to sign ENK (sole proprietorship), but more risky than eg. a corporation in which the personal risk is not the same.

Create your online store. It is not difficult to create an online store. Recommended that you use a free tool. If you order web hosting and domain with Bluehost will get a click - made ​​solution for online store, no technical knowledge is required, however, but this is a Desides Cheap and good alternative if you're willing to do a little self. In the opposite case, you can hire a web developer to create online store from scratch, but this is considerably more expensive.

Get traffic to your online store. Getting traffic to your online store is one of the most important. Many people think that when they have a ready online store solution with all products in place, customers will come automatically. When they get enough bit of a shock the first time after opening, when customers absent.

Marketing online hotel consists of including advertising on other websites through Google AdSense and not least, one should take the time to familiarize themselves with the methodology we use to get organic traffic through search engines to your online store - these are free traffic and you can read more about this a little further down the page. Important to put into this!

Dropshipping unlike traditional online shop

Dropshipping is an alternative for those who do not want their own inventories. You then use a dropshipper who send goods directly to the customer. Dropshipping very simple way of doing commerce on.

Many of the largest online stores began as drop shipping stores, and some still use dropshipping as an important part of the business.

Read more about dropshipping in our article that shows you how to start making money in dropshipping.

Also check out Salehoo is the most recognized resource for dropshipping. Here you can get an overview of dropshippere and you can join in a network where those involved with dropshipping share their experiences and access to a valuable database that lists a large number dropshippere you can use.

Payment for online stores

Most common payment solutions offered by online stores nowadays is bank transfer, cash on delivery, invoice, credit card, PayPal, Payex and other payment options.

A regular bank transfer to your bank account is often too cumbersome and is no longer as common as before, although many online stores still offer this. CoD is still quite common, but the invoice in the shipment is on the way out as there is a sufficient safety net for online store.

Credit is the preferred method of payment at online stores. You can use VISA, Mastercard, or other credit cards to this. In addition, PayPal quite popular, but because of the expensive fees not very widespread. You should be aware that a large number of customers have paypal accounts they want to pay, and if they do not offer such a payment solution that will risk losing sales.

Cash payment on pickup is also an option if your shop is in the same range as customers. That's a savings for both customers and shop. is an example of an online store that offers cash payment upon pickup.

Many payment can raise the cost of the operation, but on the other hand, it may also result in more sales.

Online store you must have domain and hosting

Without a domain and web hosting comes online store never online. A house needs a plot and foundations - and an online store need a domain and a hosting.

It is recommended that you use the one-click web shop installer at Bluehost. Here you can order really good web host, they start very low in price and quality is good. Free domain included with the purchase of web hosting.

In addition you get through Bluehost ability to create online store directly through Bluehost 's wizard, just a few clicks and enter the name of your store and you are on your way! Large simpler than this may not be to start an online store

Get traffic to your online store

Getting traffic is the most important thing to consider for your online store is ready to receive visitors.

An online store should be visible in search engines.

For example, if you sell cheap laptops, and a customer searches for " cheap laptops " into Google or another search engine, you want to get as high as possible in search results.

The most common way to become registered in search engines and get good results, start with " Submitter" your URL (ie www.your - to a number of search engines and directories. As this is very time consuming, one should find a different solution than doing this manually.

Simply by using Search Engine Submitter you can multiply traffic to your online store in a few weeks.

Advertising can think of later, first you should focus on getting a good position in search engines. Once this is done you can use Google AdWords to promote your online store through their ad networks.

Autosubmitter as Magic Submitter will help you go a long way in getting customers to your shop. Here, your online store will automatically get publicity in the search engines and social media such as Facebook. Read more and try this at your store by following this link.

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