Paid surveys list

You can make money from paid surveys, but they are not what you think.

Paid surveys list

Paid surveys on the internet is no myth, and you can make money at it, but you might be surprised what these surveys are used to. Read about using surveys as a tool for producing distorted statistics, in an attempt to sell more.

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You can make money from paid surveys online, but few know what the data collected is used. We reveal some well kept secrets, and shows how you can make money on surveys.

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You may have heard about paid surveys and would like to find out more about how you too can start making money on this.

Is it possible to make money online surveys? Yes, definitely. According to a number of allegations that have come forward, showing you that it will be possible to earn quite a lot to answer these surveys online.

You should immediately get to learn how you can start making the surveys, but first we will look at a related topic, not everyone thinks so much of:

Companies pay you to answer surveys, but what use all this information collected?

Below we put the spotlight on something many companies would rather wish you never knew anything about.

Truth about paid surveys

Company information on consumers, it is highly unlikely that they will pay people to take part in surveys. In order to get accurate information about the market and consumer preferences have to use more scientific methods.

Other hand, if companies want to fabricate statistics so it is very much necessary to pay people to participate in surveys.

So how fabricated several statistics, and perhaps more important How can you profit from this?

Surveys, you can get paid, but just why you get paid to be a mystery in itself.

Sample Paid Surveys:

Imagine a survey of such detergent. A company that produces a detergent wants to appear as consumer first.

Produced as a survey where the respondent (the person who answers the survey) managed to respond in a certain way, so that the results of the survey are largely determined in advance, due to the design of the survey questions.

Survey can for example start with Question 1: " Do you know that [ our detergent ] is the only detergent that does not contain harmful substances? ". and then a follow-up question that " Will you using a detergent that contains harmful substances next time? "

Questions seem legitimate at first glance, but the survey could be a bluff: This particular detergent contains only natural mieraler. Most other detergent may contain harmful substances, only if you eat detergent. In normal use, none of the competing detergent particularly harmful, since the detergent is rinsed away during washing.

Results of the survey have no validity in relation to reality, but of great value to the company that sells detergent. They can now market their product with fabricated evidence like this:

" 9 out of 10 consumers choose [ our detergent ] due regard to the environment and their health."

This is a fictitious example, but the practice is illustrated here is very widespread.

Paid surveys have in some cases that is intended to fabricate statistics that can be useful for sales of a particular product.

Why pay companies for you to answer surveys over the net?

It could be a whole host of different reasons why companies choose to pay people to answer surveys. One reason is the desire to " manufactured truths," such as in the example above. Then it is obvious that there can be a profitable investment:

Companies pays from 2 dollars and up to as high as 250 dollars for ansvering surveys online. For you this may well sound like a lot, but do not be fooled: It is a small expense for a large company, and no more than the cost of a few seconds of TV commercials.

Worldwide used the extremely large amount of surveys and other market research. Billions of dollars go out to the market research companies and respondents (including those answering paid surveys online). Anyone who still doubts that there is money to be made here, can not possibly have examined the possibilities well enough!

A number of the company that is paying money to people who are willing to respond to surveys, and where the result is attempted manipulated. Both the company and the person answering surveys winner, the loser is the impressionable consumer who buys a product or service because of fabricated truths.

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Another surprising reason why companies pay you to answer surveys:

This method is, if possible, even more cunning, but once you know the method, you can actually make money on this as well. Here you do not have any ethical qualms about attending:

Some surveys are in fact designed to look like a legitimate paid survey, but in reality, the purpose is to make money from the respondents.

It can be done like this:

Survey held by a legitimate player in market research (see some examples of this below). Anyone participating in the survey get paid 75 dollars, and you must answer 20 questions.

Towards the end of the survey you will be prompted to enter your phone number. You can refuse to fill out the phone and still get paid for survey, but many do not see this, and become unwilling member of an SMS service that costs thousands of dollars a month. If you are aware of this, it is easy to avoid, and you can identify a number of surveys that pay well, but be careful you do not even go into the trap. Therefore you should NEVER give out your telephone number associated with paid surveys.

How to make money from paid surveys?

You can make money answering surveys and other market research.

In connection with paid surveys is often written that " your opinions are valuable," and " you can get paid for your opinion."

It is true that you can get paid to answer surveys online, but it's not really your opinions you get paid.

You get paid for is to take part in a survey that distort reality in favor of commercial interests.It is not always the case, but quite often the case.

If you want to earn money from paid surveys, you must first consider whether you want to take part in an industry where reality distorted because of commercial interests.

To earn money from paid surveys:

The procedure is quite simple. You register with blundering, and responds to surveys sent to you by e-mail or that you find around around the net.

It will be of great help to register with companies that provide surveys:

Join with a survey company

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