Outsourcing: When others make money for you

Are you out of time? Outsourcing allows you to make money from work done by other people. Learn more about outsourcing here.


Outsourcing makes it possible to subcontract work to others. Useful if you need cheaper labor, expertise or to free time and resources for something else. Freelancer is the largest and most recommended site for outsourcing projects and tasks via the internet. Freelancer can be used by individuals as well as huge companies.

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We will look at two options:

  • How to Get a freelancer job
  • How to make money on outsourcing

Work as a freelancer

Are you looking for freelance assignments? A good tip is to use the website Freelancer, this is the biggest and definitely the best website for online job assignments. On that page you can find thousands of advertised " virtual jobs".

Virtual work can be so many things, such as assistance to translate articles, design tasks, programming, accounting, tutor over the Internet, a variety of consulting jobs, and hard to find, all tasks that can be performed via the web.

Freelancer find thousands of jobs in many different categories. Get a great reputation here and you have a good income for years to come. Read more on Freelancer.

Making money on the work of others

Above, we mentioned how to find jobs online. We shall not write much more about it Work as a freelancer. However, we will discuss the possibility to earn money to let others work for you.

Below we describe how to get others to do the work that you do not have the time and / or do not have the required Kompetanse to perform.

Outsourcing makes it possible to make money that other people do your job. It sounds cynical, but it's the opposite.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is simply to leave the work to others outside the company (or if you are a private person, entrust your work to another third party), often across national boundaries. For example, you can outsource the accounting of a business in Poland, or you can outsource software development to programmers in India.

In most industries use outsourcing, but is especially common for internet - based businesses, security services, accounting, service workers, and IT companies.

Aim of outsourcing is to get the work done by someone who is more competent ; offer cheaper labor, or because you want to free up time and resources for other tasks.

How can you benefit from outsourcing

Aim of outsourcing is to make money, save time, free up resources, and acquire skills and labor that are not available in their own internal network or internally.

Outsourcing can use in so many ways. Although individuals can benefit greatly from outsourcing.

Here is an example of how to earn money on outsourcing:

  • You have an idea for an iPhone application that you want to develop. The problem is a lack of both expertise and time to develop this application. Therefore, you need someone to do this for you, preferably as affordable as possible.
  • Next task for you then is to find someone who can develop the application. This is easily done via the internet, and the best service for this is Freelancer. Reviews and Ratings makes it easy to find people you can trust and who performs the task according to your expectations.
  • Once you have found a developer through Freelancer, you can deliver a complete project where you tell the developer what you want (how your iPhone app should look and what functionality it should have).
  • You set a deadline for when the application will be completed.
  • Developer submits completed application to you, and you control the application. If adjustments are necessary, this can be performed.
  • You pay the developer for the job.
  • You then sell the application. This can be done almost " by itself " if you post iPhone app in Apple 's AppStore, and for every download you get paid by Apple.

What is Freelancer and why you should use this service?

Freelancer is the world 's largest outsourcing within virtual services, ie services that can be performed from anywhere else, and that is not tied to a specific location.

Freelancer is used if the task is not location specific, as in this case, where the task is to develop the software, and it does not matter where the software is developed. The dialogue between you and the developer which you can find at Free Lancer takes place online.

Freelancer is brilliant in many ways. Firstly, it is easy to find bodies or firms that wish to perform the tasks and projects you need help with.

All virtual tasks can be done through freelancer, whether small tasks such as designing a logo, to major projects such as the development of advanced software or outsourcing accounting operation for a billion corporation.

Want to be rich in outsourcing?

Actually it is only your creativity is the limit for how you can use freelancer. As an individual you can use the cheap labor for the most part.

You earn in a day may be enough to hire an Indian in 2 weeks. Tasks that you are not very good at, you can outsource and get the job done in a much shorter time and at a reasonable price.

Outsourcing is brilliant, and the possibilities are many. If you really dream about making money on the internet, there are few services that are as useful as a freelancer. Be creative and try to find some good business ideas on their own, and there are no limits on how much you can serve with Freelancer... one thousand, one million, 100 million. Sky is the limit.

Try outsourcing via Freelancer here

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