Create a blog and start making money blogging

Learn how to start a blog, and how you too can make money from your own blog. Actually it's not that hard, and here we will show you exactly what you need to do to get started.

Blogging secrets

Hostinger is a great service for anyone that wants to start making money from their blog. They have a cool wizard that will make it easy to setup a blog on your own domain, and your blog will be available from the internet in minutes.

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It is possible to make good money doing something so ridiculously easy as blogging. How to get sales is a chapter in itself, but we will visit the theme here in this article.

Some bloggers earn insane amounts from their blogs. What is their secret?

How to earn cash by blogging

Although there are many in who make tonds of money by blogging, there are others who don't make a cent. Why are some bloggers earning a lot of money, up to several thousand a day, while others do not even earn one 1 dollar in a year from their blog?

Before you start blogging, you must have the following:

  • A domain (happy
  • A web host (it stores your data files, ie photos and blog posts etc..)
  • A blog design
  • A blog system
  • A strategy to monetize your blog

Let 's look at these in turn:

How to get a domain for your blog

Well, you know what a Domain is. The exact definition of Wikipedia is that a domain name is a " unique hierarchical name string used for addressing on the Internet." For most people it keeps only an example, "" is an example of a domain".

Ok ok ok... but what is the best domain name for my blog?

Domain name is not extremely important, but somewhat important, anyway. Find something that is short and precise, and describing your blog. Perhaps easier said than done, because there are so many domain names are concerned, especially if you have something that is English at dot com. But you should always be able to find a decent domain name.

Two important things to remember when you get a domain for your blog:

1) Avoid subdomains

The most important thing is to blog from their own domain, and not using a subdomain. Examples of subdomains is, far better had been or - of course both busy.

Free blog services offer feel free to add your blog on your domain, so you get a subdomain. It is a mistake so many bloggers do, but when the blog first becoming familiar, it is very difficult to change, both technical and commercial reasons we shall not go into detail here. Short and good tip is anyway: avoid putting your blog on a subdomain of free blog services, if you do you will regret it later, even though it may seem like the easiest option at the beginning.

If you earn the most money for the work you should take the extra step to register your domain in which you own.

2) Choose a safe and good domain registrar

It is not completely arbitrary where you choose to register your domain.

The second tip is to utilize a domain registrar that is reliable as making it easy and safe to buy a domain. The recommended service available in this area is clearly Hostinger, in our opinion, not only one of the best hosting companies, it's also a very safe domain registrar.

Check out your blog directly within your Hosting account

Hosting is where you store all your files to your blog.

Call it a web host, call the hosting.

Whether it's a influencer blog, a travel blog or swell serious politicial blog, you need a web host.

As mentioned, we think Hostinger is the best option, cracking hosting service that allows sites just pops up very quickly when your readers are surfing around your blog, and it's pretty important. More importantly, that your blog is up and running when someone comes to read it. Therefore, you should only use hosting companies with the best uptime.

Blog Design: How to get your blog to look leaking?

A blog to look nice, but it keeps not only with a design that is perfect. The design has many purposes. One must think about how the design looks compared to how long it takes to load the page, how easy it is to navigate and find your blog, and so on. A beautiful design is just icing on the cake.

There are mainly three ways you can get a blog design at:

  1. Create a design yourself. This is the cheapest option, but also what we would discourage if you want to get an proffit design. Many bloggers think they can design a blog header, but in reality it is very amateurish. Although the content is most important, a bad design can give you fewer readers.
  2. Let others create blog designs for you. There is no problem to let others do this for you (called outsourcing). The easiest and fastest way to do this is to find some graphic designers via Freelancer, which can give you a very affordable blog design of good quality. We use self freelancer to help with design and programming, very good service, they have over 100,000 people with all sorts of different qualifications

Strategies to Monetize Your Blog

There are many opportunities for those who want to monetize their blog. Ads are a familiar way to make money.

Other popular thing that makes the account may overflow for some bloggers to review products that they will receive in the mail. When a fashion blogger reviews some clothes or fashion accessories, they can earn several tens of thousands of dollars on a single blog post that takes just minutes to make. It is not to write the article they earn, but they actually publish it so that it reaches out to many readers.

What you earn money through a blog is one thing, how to do it is something else entirely.

It was what we had to say about blogging, and really all you need to know to start a profitable blog. The information on this page know more about making money on the blog than 99 % of all bloggers, so now it's just to get started:)

Yes, Show Me How To Make Money! (NO B.S. Guaranteed) Learn the truth about how to make real money online: Start Earning, Click Here