Moot: Everything Is Doubtful

Categorical thinking may be the norm for humans, but everything is questionable and nothing is certain.


Don't be so sure about that.

18. July 2024 by Click insider / Observations

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Everything is questionable. This claim too, that everything is questionable, is questionable. Nothing is certain. This even includes the assertion that nothing is certain, which is paradoxical, which opens up the possibility that there are certainties in a world where nothing at all is certain. Get it? Don't be so sure about that.

Dualities in reality may exist. Two opposing things may both be correct. Things aren't always black and white, or gray, or any color. In the real world, things are what they are, and not what they are not. But one thing can be two things. Things can be black and white, but through our perception we just see the white or the black, the gray, or we don't notice it at all.

What do you know? We may be fully aware, or we may be completely oblivious; We may be aware of our ignorance, or ignoring our awareness. Furthermore, we may ignore our ignorance, or be aware of our awareness.

Perspectives are viewpoints, and these may vary depending on where or who we are. The size of a building can be large or small, as compared to other buildings, or depending on perspective. The Boeing Everett Factory is the world's largest building with a volume of 472 million cubic feet (13.3 million square meters), but viewed through a bottle of Diva Vodka (price: $1,060,000), and if you're too drunk to consider perspectives, it may seem like there's more space inside your bottle than in the entire airplane assembly facility. Same, this building may seem small from space, but gargantuan from inside.

Categorical thinking and organizing the world in fake groups does not make the world so. People try to fit people in gropus, but there are no absolutes, it's not this way or that way. There are no clear-cut methods to place individuals in groups. Same with everything else. There are no definitive answers; There are no universal solutions; There are no unequivocal methods. Everything is dubious. Including everything you'll read here. Nothing you read on the internet is undoubtable. Actually, nothing is undoubtable. Which includes this last statement. Don't be undoubtful about anything you read on the internet. Actually, just don't be undoubtful.

Nature knows things we do not know. It seems nature does not allow for paradoxical realities. Things just are exactly what they are. Reality may seem perplex to us, and we may be baffled by the complicated systems around us and the complex and confusing world we've been thrown into. Our convoluted thinking may yield mysterious inclinations. The world as we see it will always be different from the impenetrable world we live in. No mind-bending will reveal the truth of the matters. This too, is dubious.

Smart Idiots

The pig-headed majority engage in categorical thinking. They think in absolutes and perfect as they are they will always find the clear-cut approaches that leads to definite answers. Their forthright brains will produce unambiguous conclusions. They are certain about everything, and thus can afford to be direct with the equivocal minority. Some people are just always right, they know EVERYTHING. They are, in fact, Gods, and we must all obey them.

The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt. ― Bertrand Russell

There are two types of people in the world, those who divide people in groups, and those who don't. Be it intelligent versus stupid, or any other group. We may all engage in categorical thinking. We may all be intelligent or stupid, or even intelligent and stupid simultaneously, from time to time, or all the time, or neither, never. Who knows. We know what you mean, Russell, but it's not what you wrote.

You may be wrong. You may be correct. You may be wrong, and think you're correct. You may be correct, and think you're wrong. May may. Meh meh. Things that most people believe could be erroneous. There have been theories in the past which has been proven false, scientific studies may have been flawed, methods may have been imprecise or they have conducted improper investigations leading to inaccurate results. We may have been mistaken, way off or just slightly wrong.

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