Boredom and Boring People

There are many activities, including business activities and ways to make money, that are incredibly boring.

Boring Stuff
22. April 2024 by Click insider / Observations

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When should you do boring stuff? What a dumb and leading question. Who says you should? Boring stuff is boring. Boring is boring. Would it be possible to do fun stuff all the time? If you're doing boring stuff, you're probably doing the wrong stuff. Wait, how do we calculate the probability of that? Boring is boring. Don't do boring stuff. Unless you have to? Or just do fun stuff or non-boring stuff all the time? Boring is a mental state.

Idleness isn't boredom. If you mix these two things, you're just stupid. You can be idle, calm, do nothing but just sit there, and still be amused and not at all bored. And, you could be going everywhere, be busy, distracted, doing lots of things, be surrounded by people, and still be bored. Now, with that out of the way, let's discuss boredom.

Boring ways to make money. You probably know a few ways to make quite a bit money. There's hustles and things you could do to make a good amount of bucks. Yet, you might not want to do those things, because they are boring things. They might be hard too, but the hard things about these things is that they're boring. If it's hard, but really fun and you would enjoy doing it, if it's your calling, if it's the thing you really want to do in life, you don't care if it's hard. Anything boring might become hard, simply by being boring. Boring stuff is dangerous. There are boring ways to make money, but these things are typically not the best return on action.

If you're trying to get rich or whatever, and don't enjoy the process, and then die before you ever get rich, you failed miserably. But if you're trying to get rich, or whatever, and you deeply care about the work you do and also enjoy the work, then the end goal isn't all there is to it.

Consider the path with the most rewarding journey, because you might never reach the destination.

If you're only doing dull things, life will become mundane, your achievements stale. The tame and tedious things are tiresome. You'll just end up as an uninteresting person. Boring people might live longer perhaps, or they'll die out of boredom. If you're only doing fun things, or things you enjoy, or interesting things, or non-boring things, that might be better. Who knows. But everyone knows this: Boring things are boring.

Avoid boring things. Must boring things be done? Nothing must be done. What happens if you don't do boring things? Are there ways to do inherently boring things in ways that are less boring? Nothing can be boring in itself, it's just the way it is perceived. The first time doing some thing, any thing, it might be a fun thing, but when it has been done a hundred times, it might be completely boring. The thing is the same, but you've done it so many times before. Boring things are boring, because you find these things boring, not because the thing itself is boring. If you think something is boring, and you don't have to do that thing, just don't do it. And if you have to do it, ask yourself if you really have to do it, and if so, why?

The Freedom Test. An indication of how free you are can be determined by the amount of boring stuff you have to do. But boredom is just one metric for freedom. If you're in physical pain and extreme agony, you're not exactly bored, you don't have time for being bored, as you are overwhelmed by pain. Nobody is holding a gun to your head, unless someone are holding a gun to your head. You may force yourself to do boring things, but nobody but you are forcing you to do boring things. Really.

You are free to chose your actions. Even when someone put a gun to your head or is trying to manipulate you, your actions are yours and yours only. You don't get freedom, you take it. Freedom isn't something people will donate to you, it's something you give to yourself. Even with that gun to your head, or that stare from a spouse, or that threatening boss, or that intellectual preaching about the illusion of free will: Freedom is all yours and you can have it now. If you are bored, of if you choose boring activities, that's your choice.

If you are feeling bored, it might just be because you're a boring person. Sorry, but it might be true. Now, if it is true, you might want to do something about that. Like, stop doing boring things, and avoid the things that makes you feel bored.

Curing boredom is easy. Do anything that is not boring. Hard work. Have a purpose. Wake up in the morning and feel the desire to do something, be curious, play. Boredom is a mental state, and a disease of the mind which takes the joy and creativity out of life. If you feel bored, you are boring, and you probably don't have enough to do, or you choose to do just boring things.

There are many boring ways to make money. If you can't find any fun ways to make money, and you choose to make money from boring business, guess what, it will be boring. There are fun ways to make money too, but perhaps if you just keep your eye on the money, it won't get boring. Find something you enjoy doing, something you care deeply about, a thing you do well, and because you enjoy doing that thing, you might actually become quite good at doing that thing, make it a business, earn money from it, even though you didn't just think about making money from the thing. You have to do your own thing, and if you're not doing your own thing you just end up doing other people's things, or the things they find boring and don't want to do themselves.

Bordome as an indicator. The goal perhaps, is not to eliminate boredom from your life, but like hunger or pain, regard it as a signal from your body or mind, it's telling you things are boring, and you should probably do something about it.

Stuck in Boredom

Some people are feeling bored, even in their spare time and when they are free. These people are boring. They are cognitively rotten and lacking in knowledge.

If you're an employee or a non-free individual, you might find yourself stuck in some annoying routine behavior, but since you're not free, you think you're not in the agency position to take a break or escape the situation. You feel you're forced to keep doing the boring thing. Your whole being is fighting this state, you want out, but you can't. There aren't no reward to keep going, except you feel you must continue. Too much of this can be an extremely damaging condition.

If you want to get rich, build a successful business, or achieve anything huge, and you feel the options to get there are boring, then what will you do? Will you ignore the premonition and do it anyways? You might have searched everywhere for non-boring options, but could not find anything, yet every business opportunity just seems boring, perhaps except a few things, which feels our of reach, perhaps you don't have the skills or the capital to enter in certain areas, and your only discernible options seems, well, boring. Then you keep searching, but there's no earnings, you drain your funds, and no there's even less options for you. You feel this pull from some sort of a black hole, until there aren't any options left, now you just have to become the slave of some random corporation. This is what might happen if you keep dreaming far outside of reality. Ground yourself. Things can be fun, even if they have to be based in your reality, within your means. Dare to dream, just don't dream all day.

Boredom isn't natural. Very few people live in their natural state. Modernity has removed us from what we really are, in fact, so far away that we don't even know who we are. Just observe people in cities doing their thing, almost nothing that they do is natural. But going back to nature isn't the solution to end all problems, they had it though too, in many ways much harder, and if your mind is occupied with things like survival, there might be no room left for boredom.

Seeking non-boredom from a state of boredom, is perhaps like seeking happiness from a state of unhappiness, seeking financial abundance from a state of poverty; It might not be the most effective escape route. Instead, recalibrate the thinking, seek things like virtue or excellence.

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