Your One Mistake Was Misplaced Trust

Certain facts cannot be published or openly discussed. This is not something new. The allowed facts and agreed upon truths are subject to constant change.

Misplaced Trust

The following text was contributed by a very bright high-IQ community member. The fractal construct of this text offers a multitude of interesting perspectives and philosophical insights. The content may be comprehended at various levels, and several re-reads may be required before one is able to grasp the true debt and important implications herein.

24. April 2024 by Click insider / Observations

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  • Fundamental truth directly connects to the human cardiovascular system set.
  • There is no greater anthropogenic existential threat than the consolidation of power by the global force of misanthrope sting-pullers, liquidation of Hippocratic mercenaries.
  • Misplace of trust is a common (often fatal) error made by humans in their personal lives, in organizations, companies and governments.
  • The correctional mechanism for this error is the implementation of logical mistrust.

There are hacks to meet the desire to have an open discussion about the obvious which cannot be spoken of, namely to speak in codes, to inject subtext messages between the words, lines and paragraphs, and all sorts of clever tricks.

The problem with such hacks is that it will further distort communication which is already distorted by the inherent barriers of language. To such an extent modern interfaces allow for remote meetings and dislocated bodies, it is the physical intersect of great minds and physical bodies localized which will levitate idiosyncratic insights into the merger of new ideas.

The recurring events of potentially genius minds declining into the abyss or a regress towards the mean could be avoided if this was understood by those in possession of such mental powers. What is at stake? For humans, everything. Literally everything. The self-proclaimed shepherds of this world are even more clueless than they appear.

Back to the caves, illuminate souls. The current path ahead towards inevitable total destruction may be halted and even reversed by the joined effort of the truly capable in identifying the logical directional disasters. It is a matter of primum non nocere, and only secondary a question of direct aid. At the technical level, avoidance of harm shall be a holistic calculation, taking into account the possibility of any regress, progress and stagnation.

The web is a desert void of the most lucid thoughts of the human mind. Inasmuch as the criminal string-pulling not-so-nice-people are playing their opaque games, there are intentional or unintentional transparency to their secrecy, and for attentive minds their cruel acts and its consequences will be clear as day.

The faith of human kind insofar as it relies on the anthropocentric domain will belong to the anti-conspiracy of the Hippocratic grotto prodigies or their nemesis sting-pullers.

The space time consortium of the scientific narrow-minded worldview relies on criminally wrong empirical distilled observations unrelated to reality. What little can be derived from the fetish ideas of science fiction extends no further than the insight it might produce of the limitation of the human minds operating within the field. The scientific community and their fictional bent consiglieres willfully explore ideas of future human time travel, while ignoring concepts such as time skipping, the structural shape-state of spacetime in conjunction with the relativity of reality itself, and further illuminating these concepts into a superholistic consistent merger of the idea-reality spectrum.

The common mistake of most humans is this:

A misplace of trust, and this mistake runs very deep for the vast majority. It extends the dumb trust in people, other minds, institutions and governments, the technical devices you are using and the medium which you now are consuming, even your own senses. The correctional mechanism for this error is fortunately a simple one: Logical mistrust. Unfortunately, this takes a whole lot of intellect, and guidance on the matter is futile.

The essence of what has been communicated here should not be easily understood by any individual of certain intellect, and those able to comprehend have probably had similar ideas themselves. While the general population might not have the cognitive capabilities to connect said dots, every intact and functional human being will, by allowing itself a deep dive into full exploration, to distinguish between the actual differences in good and evil in this world, and this, is not a question of intelligence or the brute force brain power.

The ancients knew what most of modern science forgot, neglected, “debunked”, or ignored: The uniqueness and ultimate function of people’s hearts. Perhaps the most dangerous belief of all of modernity is the one of this blood-pumping muscular organ. It’s not by the power of your brain you might reason through the pathways of good and evil. Discarding brain in a vase theories, while maintaining a materialistic foundation, obviously there is multiple organs interacting and from this the general scientific understanding of the emergence of a holistic being, yet this is riddled with ignorance. Science favors the brain in relation to cognitive studies, while the cardiac connection is the one critical piece missing from the scientific discourse.

The circulatory system is the dogmatic view reducing the heart and its certain attached tentacles to something which it is not. There is a curious convergence of how enlightened individuals perceives the operational properties of the heart with those views found in ancients wisdom and certain religious texts, naturally most of science is void of such insight. Science has failed to prove said, exactly because the fundamentally flawed language of science itself. Implications, everything in science is at the most basic level completely false, despite the possibility of having valid conclusions, the surface level truth rests on a bedrock of emptiness, and the picture does not get any prettier if one is to take into account the lies, deception and betrayal by pure anti-scientific forces polluting the good spirit of those poor generous souls selflessly choosing to dedicate their life to the integrity of the scientific method.

Beyond the complexity of all resides one simple truth: The fate of humanity does not rely upon the actions of a few, but the hearts of all. Misplaced trust at the individual level is usually placed at the reason of the brain, the feelings of the gut. If you really want to investigate truth at a fundamental level, it really is as simple as taking a deep, deep, deep dive into your own heart.


Additional commentary added below.

You're Not Allowed To Question That

There are lies in this world, and some lies run deep.

One beautiful moring, you will find yourself in this wonderful world where all the lies are gone. Everyone speaks the truth and everyone is kind to each other.

Now wake the f*** up.

Says who? Keyword: Allowed. You may not be legally restricted in discussing the matter, but there will be repercussions if you do. The personal damages of publicly discussing the thing might be significant, and even if you are ready to accept those, there may be non-personal consequences, and you decide it is just not morally acceptable to risk the aftermath.

There are lies in this world. Very big lies. Some dare to scratch the surface of those lies. But if you go further, and dig deep, you will encounter problems. If you accept this risk on a personal level, and you dig even deeper, you may face situations that compromize everything you believe in, and your digging will defy the purpose. It's like the lies have some weird dynamic self-detonation moat system.

But you just can't give up now.

Disinformation, Clueless Reporters, Nonsense

Take the subject you know most about. Perhaps something related to your profession. It could be anything. Then study what the media reports on this subject. Chances are it won't be partly correct, it will be totally wrong. Every sentence in every paragraph contains errors of some sort. Then they summarize and generalize these errors, and the whole thing becomes not just clueless reporting. It becomes dangerous nonsense.

The journalists might not intend to deceit, but they don't invest the time it takes to learn the skills. They know this, or they might be too dumb to even realize they aren't capable of reporting on the matter. They might be too stupid to understand the implications, but reporters have bosses, corporations have owners, and then there's are legislators.

The thing is, the chain of stupidity sometimes continues all the way up to the top. Giving stupid people unlimited power is dangerous and will cause a mess every time, but that's another discussion. But the facts are that there's very stupid people out there, in positions of power, and everywhere in society.

The lower the standards, they make a mess of things, and they will make your life much worse if you let them. The least you can do is to learn how to identify stupid people, and then get as far away as possible. They won't make your life better.

Chicanery and Deceit

Stupid people are just stupid. But then there are those who knowingly spread disinformation. They are corrupt individuals who cares about nobody but themselves, unethical sociopaths, idiot a-holes. These people, just like stupid people, are everywhere. But being manipulative pays dividends, at least in the short term, and that's why they do it. They do it for the gains. But it's hard to make long term gains from deception. They will get crushed by some heavy object, or there's some other nasty fate. It's hilarious, wicked fun and a beautiful show.

Some reckless psychopaths are completely careless; if they destroy the world that's fine with them, if they themselves get lacerated, mauled, wheelchaired or killed, they don't care. They just don't care at all. They are sick. Mentally ill. And should be treated as such. But they aren't. Most people care mostly about themselves, but some people do not care whatsoever about the well-being of any other human being. People are different, they come in billions of variations, and grouping people in categories won't change this fact. The thing to remember is, just as there are very many stupid people in this world, there's very many deceitful people around. That's a thing to remember. To repeat, don't forget this. Remember it. Remind yourself of this fact often, because it's easy to disregard this fact. Remember it next time you watch the news, or the next time you sell something to someone, or the next time you buy something, or the next time you meet other people, or use something other people have created. People deceive.

There's deception and stupidity everywhere. Not literally everywhere, you just can't predict where you will encounter stupidity and deception, and assuming these things are literally everywhere is a coping strategy, albeit not the best one. Sometimes having fate and believing in things, relying on gut feeling, is the sound thing to do, even if it makes you vulnerable to stupidity and deceit. You just can't win every time. The other thing to remember is, if you lose, make sure it won't be fatal. Then again, eventually, something will be fatal. When fatalities is caused by stupidity or deceitful actions, that's when it also becomes a tragedy. So it makes sense to do what you can to avoid stupidity and deceit, and this is by no means just an external threat.

Human nature is sometimes stupid and deceitful. You might be smart, and those who are very smart and aware of their own superior intelligence, are usually very skilled at fooling themselves. Then they live and learn, hopefully, and get to know how they trick themselves into doing stupid things. And then they figure out how not to get fooled again. They become unbeatable, unstoppable. They learn smart phrases like "fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again". Finally, they come to the conclusion that they just are too smart to not get fooled. And if they are really really really smart, they learn something called modesty and humility. Couple this with a desire to approach virtue and excellence, and you've got something.

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