The price tag is not the actual price. There's a price to pay. For everything.

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Business

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Do you want to get rich? There's a price to pay for that.

There's always a price. There's a price for maintaining health. There's a price for neglecting health. Want a life worth living? There's a price. Do you desire to launch a start-up? Do you want to be financially free? Do you want to own a dog, cat, goat or turtle? Do you wish to have great relationships with friends and and family? There's a price to pay for that too.

But whatever it is you're going to get, do or achieve, make sure the price doesn't get too high.


  • Price is what you pay.
  • Value is what you get.

Whenever the costs surpass the benefits, you've made a bad deal.

Now, high prices do have benefits. Hard earned lessons, wisdom, those things are often the result of paying a very high price.

Paying a price isn't just about money. In fact, money is usually a tiny fraction of the cumulative costs in anything.

The price of getting financially wealthy is what? Anecdotally, based on personal observations of a handful of very rich acquaintances, it turns out compiling massive wealth, in the range of hundreds of millions to double digit billions, in many cases heavily taxes health, bankrupts personal relationships, and it might destroy your reputation, and perhaps the highest cost of all, the process of gaining a fortune might further compromise your integrity. Yes, you will gain access to the world's best health care if you're filthy rich. You may pay for "friends" and people to entertain you. But some things in life is simply not possible to acquire with old fashioned money. If money corrupts you, you might have already been a lost case. Then there's those who got rich at a very low price, actually, it's more like they got paid for becoming rich; They did what they loved, or followed their passion, or just had this drive for excellence and virtue, and lo and behold, suddenly continuous money rain from somewhere starts pouring down, and it's like, they didn't even try to get rich and they didn't have any hunger for money. It just happened.

Point: The price tag is not the price.

In anything, there will always be a price. If you're lazy, there's a price to pay. If you're not lazy, there's a price to pay. Any action or inaction bears a cost. Idleness, lethargy and apathy might sometimes be beneficial, while taking action, direct response, forced operations might not be.

There's costs, and then there's the hidden costs in everything.

Get Rich for Free, or Pay to get Poor

Getting rich does not have to cost you everything. Most people can get rich, if they are willing to pay everything they've got. Literally everything, including their reputation and integrity. But the reckless and foolhardy path to getting rich isn't true affluence and prosperity. You're not really wealthy if it means selling your soul.

Getting rich will always cost you something, but it's only worth trying to get rich if the costs does not outweigh the benefits.

The way to get there, is to always make sure your integrity is fully intact. Have values, principles, and operate with virtue. Getting richer should not only add to your wallet, it should add to your character, not detract from it.

There's nothing wrong in staying poor. Well, that's not exactly true. There is. But if it's a choice, or preference, that's up to them. There's costs associated with staying poor. Financial poverty in itself isn't a virtue. Just like money isn't virtue.

Get Rich Quick From Audacious Risk Mitigation

Short term gains can be attained by making others pay the price for your benefits.

Outsource the risks, retain the profits. Unfortunately, this is not an unusual path to becoming filthy rich. Literally filthy. This is the dirty little secret of immoral financial acquisitions, and it's the preferred path for rotten human beings all over the world. Don't do this.

Decent and honorable people will never accept gains from such corrupt redistribution of risk; Dignity is by definition irreconcilable with indecency.

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