Create Your Dream Business

Achieving success in business is hard. Leverage your chances by choosing work that makes you happy, gives you purpose, and not just something that will have great potential for profit.

Dream Business
22. April 2024 by Click insider / Business

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When you're going to start a business, choose something that have/are:

  • profitability potential
  • acceptable risk/reward
  • fun, happy, interesting

If you don't like doing it, you will probably not be great at doing it either.

Don't prioritize profit potential above anything else. If you choose the most profitable thing, even though there is some other business which you think you would enjoy much more. If you start a business you think is somewhat interesting, but not really your dream business, you'll not end up in the best place and you'll just be upset.

Would you rather be

  • rich and happy, or
  • filthy rich and miserable


Happiness and money are superficial things. If you chase money, and if everything in your life revolves around money, you probably won't be happy. If you chase happiness, you won't find it. Happiness will find you when you're busy doing other things. Don't chase money, don't chase happiness. Your current levels of happiness or your net worth today is the surface of you. Go deeper. There's a real person inside, a complex and interesting being. Avoid trying to achieve the things valued by society or other people. Disregard the status tied to achievements, instead connect with yourself. What do you really want?

Satisfaction and success are not the same thing. What is success anyways? If you achieve the goals you've set for yourself, does this define success? Instead of success being a metric, try satisfaction. There may be things in your world which are perfect, there always will be, but satisfaction is not about what you own or what you have accomplished. Instead of just focusing on making as much money as possible, work on building your character, stay true to your values and principles in life. Do great things with great execution. Do hard things and push yourself to discover your actual limits. Even if you don't succeed, you'll feel satisfied because you did what was, in lack of better words, close to your heart, and you gave it everything you've got. You've expended your full potential while following your calling, and the knowledge that you gave it your best shot is all you really need to feel deep satisfaction. Deep, in contrast to the frivolous and superficial satisfaction you'll get from giving in to things that doesn't make you profoundly fulfilled.

Wants and other wants. There are things you crave. Some people crave the afternoon beer with their friends, or a chocolate in the weekends, or making money to buy luxurious things to impress their friends. This is your stupid brain with all its troublesome desires and harmful cravings. Your two options: 1) Rewire your brain and completely stop these cravings, or 2) just accept the cravings while not giving in. If it is unhealthy food you're trying to avoid, either educate yourself on healthy eating and change your perspective on health and diet, or just accept that your brain craves these things and fight it with determination. Basically, rewire or ignore your brain, or the third option, which is 3) various brain hacks. These hacks are based on first knowing exactly how your brain is going to trick you, then outsmart your brain, front-run it by using clever tricks. Eventually your brain will eventually catch up, and you might just end up fooling yourself. Hacks are usually shortcuts and the easy way out, but real life is hard. The most difficult and challenging paths often lead to greatness. The key to great outcomes is often found by accepting discomfort and torment. Make adversity something you deal with head on, not something to hack or work your way around.

Starting Your Next Dream Business

Your dream business will probably not be something you'll hack, it won't be a joy ride. Buckle up, it most certainly won't be a pleasant adventure.

It'll be hard.

But from dealing with hardship comes the feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment. And isn't those things exactly what we seek when creating our dream business?

Do the other things, remember, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Do hard things. Create the dream business of your life. You've got all it takes, if you give it all you've got. Do that, and you'll get the satisfaction and fulfillment you deserve, That, and possibly tons of money and happiness.

Directly chasing superficial stuff like money and happiness is not the best way to attain those things. But if you seek what makes you fulfilled and satisfied on a deeper level, you may also indirectly increase your chances of material success and wealth.

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