Superhuman Nightmare Mode (Game Changer)

Life will NEVER be the same ever again. Presume average life span is 29240 days. As an average human: Would you sacrifice a few days of Nightmare Mode trying to become superhuman?


Superhuman Experiment. Could you: Make millions/billions/trillions of dollars? Develop your most epic dream business? Build the most awesome physique for your age? Reach a whole new level of brain function awesomeness? We don't know. But if this short-duration experiment is too much for you, then PROBABLY: NO to all of those. This experiment will explore the limits of your potential. If you can't do it then we'd be inclined to think you will never get to know what you are truly capable of. However. If you enter Nightmare Mode testing ground for 5 day or even 30 days, and play exceptionally well, there's a tiny chance you might just achieve greatness far far far beyond whatever limits you'd currently imagine for yourself. What are you made of? What are you really capable of? Admit it, you would like to know.

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Mindset

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[INIT] Initialize game change plan.

Begin: Tomorrow.

[Today/NOW is prep/determination day. Read this page [[all of it]] and get ready for tomorrow. You must get to bed early and get a full night rested sleep before starting. Wait an extra day if it's literally too late right now.]

Superhuman Routine

Routine outline:

  1. Wake up (early).
  2. Business work.
  3. Body work.
  4. Eat.
  5. Brain work.
  6. Sleep (early).
  7. Repeat.

Routine note: Business work could also be brain work, and vice verca. Same for all B's; Business work, brain work, body work should be mutually beneficial. These are interdependent yet the activities are distinct. E.g. business work will advance brain function, while body work will improve productivity in brain and business. Eat once or twice every day, after business and body work.

Routine NIGHTMARE Mode: One mode only. Hardcore is for pussies, level up. Degenerate actions, thoughts and habits shall not be down-prioritized or partially limited. These have to go. Completely. The one and only easy thing in this routine is setting priorities because there will be none. Only the most beneficial actions will pass, sacrifice everything else.

Approaching Superhuman

Understatement: This is the Mother of all Nightmare Modes.

Zero humans in history have finished the game. The transition from human to superhuman has not been done yet. Comparison: Cro-Magnon, modern human; Tools have changed, but neither are superhuman. Owning a phone with internet access or having a brain implant, will not make you superhuman.

Play the game. The purpose is playing the game at your highest level. It's not about reaching the highest level of the game. It's about reaching the highest level you could possibly achieve. While zero humans have succeeded in this game, there might be just as few people who have maximized their outputs and reached peak capacity. This experiment is an undertaking.

Sacrifice. Forget prioritization. Eliminate choice. Make the ultimate sacrifice. Work towards reaching superhuman altitude. Identify your one purpose, and that's it. Everything else must go.

Competition. A superhuman simply do not compete with humans. Compete against yourself. Init continuous improvement. You do not need to prove anything to anyone. Don't chase status, do not try to impress others. The one person you must impress and shock is yourself. Giant leaps of daily progress.

Explore limits of what you are capable of. There are limits. Impossible is a thing. But very few people get to ever experience their true limits across the board. Explore your capability ceiling. Test yourself and become familiar with your limits, it's one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself. Install in yourself the mental fortitude to constantly seek maximum capacity.

Brain-Body-Business (BBB) Awesomeness

  • Brain
  • Body
  • Business

Excel at those three, and achieve awesomeness. Your business can't function properly and operate at peak if you're not operating at peak. Your brain and body must be in good shape, in the best shape it can be. This does not mean you can delay working on your business. You can't just become a health freak, and once you've reached your ideal body and well-functioning brain, then you're going to work on your business. No, that's not how you do it.

BBB alignments. The approach must be aligned from the beginning. Nothing will ever be perfect, get used to it if you aren't already. There's ideal starting positions, and there's your starting position. Start from where you are, make sure you get into the best starting position, but it cannot be somewhere up-in-the-sky dream place, it must be real. Align your BBB so that growth in each (brain, body, business) will supplement each other. A great diet is required for all three B's. Same with sleep, your brain, body and business will literally stop working without.

Superhuman Brain

Thinking. The whole routine will facilitate peak cognitive function, approaching superhuman levels.

Determination. Superhuman.

Focus. Your brain operates at various levels throughout the day. Identify which time your brain-function is operating at peak, and put in the most challenging work in these hours. Extract all the benefits and gains when operating at peak capacity, by taking full leverage and eliminating any distraction, both externally and internally. Stay mentally focused and on the task every second. Human, unlike superhumans, cannot sustain the state of flow and mental super-clarity for a very long time. The next best thing is to take full advantage while having the most mental clarity, and also condition your brain and body to operate at peak capacity.

Eliminate Fear. [Coming SOON]

Superhuman Body

Exercise every day. Post business work, pre eating.

Diet must be 10/10 super healthy and in line with the purpose, supporting not only the body but also aligned with the limit exploration for brain and business. Too many opinions on diet, and a lot of nonsense. Do your homework.

Superhuman Business

The Customer. Your business must solve the problems of the customer. The customer might not be aware of the problem. It's your job to understand problems of the customer and find the best solutions to these problems. Think of customers as someone on your team. Don't just give the customer what they want or what they think they need. Give to the customer exactly what he needs. Customer first approach. If you're prioritizing your business first, you are not; meaning, if your customer aren't first, your business won't be as good as it could be. How to deal with bad customers? You don't. You are in charge of your business. You choose your customers. It's not a given right to be the customer of your business. Being your customer should be a privilege, and you decide who to serve. But once you decide to onboard a customer, make it your duty to put the customer first. A hack: Facilitate customer levels, adding privileges to customers who prove they are worthy of your business, so that you don't end up having to serve bad customers. When done right, this will feel like teamwork. You will be making the customer better, and the customer will be making your business better. Something like: Make your customer 10x better, and he will 10x your business, very simplified and probably not exactly true, but you get the point.


Superhuman Tools

Willpower. This routine demands perfect willpower. The mere thought of playing Nightmare mode indefinitely might diminish willpower, thus the idea of this being a temp experiment. It will last only a few days. [If life changing results will be achieved in just a few days this may default to permanent Nightmare mode.]

Optimal: Everything. Anything which is not optimal is unacceptable. Everything must be exceptional. Your thinking must be exceptional. If there are distractions: Eliminate distractions. Diet must be optimal. Sleep must be optimal. Don't accept anything that is not optimal. Master getting to optimal. It may take sacrifice. Removal. Destruction. Ending. Starting. Whatever. It. Must. Be. Optimal. If. You. Want. To. Get. To. Exceptional. Your thinking must be: Optimal. Your tools must be: Optimal. Your routine must be: Optimal. Everything must be: You guessed it. But if you can't have it? Then you can't have it. Make things optimal. It's not about being perfect or perfectionism. Master optimization.

Superhuman Results

Advance Multiple Levels. You will not move up just one level or a few levels. This experiment will completely change your game. Everything will be different, regardless of your current levels (unless you are already an operating superhuman).

Money. Sure, but it's beside the point. It's almost like it's not even a bonus. The millions, billions, trillions you'll make are an outgrowth of advancements in your business, which is a consequence of brain improvement and taking care of your body. Money does not matter. Well, it does, but you're not doing it for the money. You will be so far beyond this point, making money is none of your concerns, yet it's happening. Your goal should not be to make the most money, but rather: to build the best brain, body, business (BBB) and having growth in each of those. Money is just a by-product of BBB awesomeness. If your main goal is to make money, then ironically, you'll be making less than your highest potential, plus you'll fail at maximizing growing your business/brain/body. Money is not even secondary on your goal list. If you main occupation in life is to make tons of money, and just money, this might be all that you will get, and that's simply not a good life. Plus, money could be lost, but if you worked on something that would benefit your whole life, then even if you lost your money, you'd still have an awesome brain, body and perhaps even your business. Money isn't everything, but if that's what you chase, it'll be the only thing you get. We're not saying completely forget about money, just don't make it the one thing you will go after. Don't make money your one and only legacy, there are better approaches. The best way to gain money or grow your wealth will probably never be through the direct pursuit of money, so just don't. Work on optimizing brain, body, business.

Awesomeness. The label of every achievement.


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