Daily Leaps of Progress

If you can make great leaps of progress every day, imagine your future a year from now. Progress by proceeding with passion, purpose and perform at your best ability at each moment.

Daily Leaps of Progress

Make great leaps of progress every day. This is what you must aim for. And if you're failing or having setback days, it's not really a setback if you're learning and benefiting from the experience.

24. April 2024 by Click insider / Mindset

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It's not perfection that makes us great. It's progress.

Make sure you'll get these P's every day:

  • passion, do what you love.
  • purpose, do what makes meaning.
  • progress, make actual improvement.
  • proactive, expect the unexpected.
  • preparation, prepare for opportunity.
  • performance, always do your best in the moment.
  • perseverance, determination and dedication.
  • pause and ponder, just think and do nothing else.

Slow Progress

Even slow progress is better than no progress. Above all, make sure there's progress. But aiming for slow and okay progress, sounds like a bad excuse, if fast and great progress could also be achieved.

A little progress each day may add up to good results.

Great progress every day adds up to greatness and awesomeness.

Imagine what could be achieved if you aimed for great leaps of progress every single day. Most people can imagine themselves in a position of extreme success, but would you actually believe you were capable of this awesomeness?

If you can make great leaps of progress today, why not make the leap? That said, most overnight success is probably due to long preparation. Steve Jobs pointed out that if you really look closely “most overnight successes took a long time” and that is probably the case most of the time. But what is success? Everyone's definition of success is different.

Perform To The Best Of Your Ability

We're not always capable of the same high outputs. All we can ask of ourselves really, is that we do the best we can do, be the best we can be, in each and every moment. If you've been running for miles, your body will be less capable of performing at high levels as compared to earlier in the race, but at each moment do we have the ability to do our best in that very moment. And that's the clue. It's all you can do, and requesting more would be foolish. That said, our limits may be further away than we realize.

Try one week, a month, or even a year of this attitude, demand great leaps of progress every single day. Watch where this will take you. You'll be surprised of your own achievements one day.

Progress isn't about making more money every day, or being happier every day. Don't seek superficial things like that, because you won't get any of it if you're chasing it directly. Seek fulfillment, and you'll get satisfaction. Seek happiness, and you will become unhappy. Seek money, and you may gain short term profits, but over the span of years you would earn more by doing what makes you fulfilled. But of course, it does need to have the potential for profit. Also, consider the option of failing. Make sure that, if you fail, you will be able to rise again the next day and keep trying new things, now with the added benefit of having learned from your own mistakes.

Counterintuitive Setback Progress

Some days you may be sick, or there may be a major setback. But counterintuitively, these down days may have the greatest potential for progress.

Your potential to become sick or cause the setback has been present the whole time. Now, learn from the experience, and be the best version of yourself in that moment. Deal with the situation at your best ability.

Create awesomeness from adversity. There's a saying: Failure is success in progress. You're not really failing if you learn from your mistakes. Small errors are just bits of information. Just make sure you avoid fatal errors which will halt progress forever.

Don't make excuses, make progress. Now.

Today's Daily Leap of Improvement

Unlike most websites these days, this site isn't about keeping users glued to the site for as long as possible. We're about helping people. It's about doing great stuff, making things happen, or just making things, and changing your world.

Take a giant leap of improvement if you can, and if it's the responsible thing to do. Make major improvement, just like that. Seeing huge progress in real time will make you feel like a billion dollars. But sometimes that's not possible, or at least you don't know how to make such leaps. Sometimes baby steps is the way. One small step at a time.

Look around you. Look at your life. What would you change, and what could you change, right now?

Instant destruction. Harm can be done easily, while improvement can take time. It's harder to make a million dollars than to lose it. Losing money is not hard. Keeping money can be challenging. Improvement isn't just about making progress, it's also about making good things last. The most important thing you could do right now, might not be in terms of progress. The most important things you could do now could be in terms of preservation, or even preventive maintenance; Make sure bad things don't happen. Make sure you don't fall further down. It's not always about becoming better.

Instant improvement. It may be the case that destruction is faster than improvement, but there's no universal rule for this. Extreme improvement can be done instantly, within the time frame of a thought, or within the time it takes to make a decision, a smile, an apology, picking up the phone and making a call, ending a bad habit, or anything. Some improvements can be made instantly or nearly so. Don't fall into the trap of believing that fast improvement is not impossible, if it actually is possible.

Things can always get worse. The first step you need to do if you want to turn things around, is to stop, and then turn and move in the direction you want. Things can't get better if you keep moving in the wrong direction you know. If your eating habits are whack, if your thinking isn't well, if you have any lousy habit or destructive behavior, then you're moving in the wrong direction. The wrong direction is not the direction you want to move in.

Choosing between wants. Say your brain wants cake NOW. You also want to be healthy and have a fit body. Those are incompatible wants. Choose one, or the other. Make the sacrifices you must make and get the life you desire. Just make sure your lifestyle is compatible with your ultimate wants and purposes in life.

Baby steps didn't take us to the Moon. You can only do so much by taking baby steps. Breaking down problems is fine, do break down problems into smaller chunks, but don't forget the main challenge. Many small changes might not make a big change. If you keep fixing the small things, things that matters a little, but aren't the key things, the big things, then you might not experience big changes. Look at the big things you want to do or have in your life, the things that usually takes hard work, serious effort. Then do the hard work and serious effort.

Improvement Now

  • Prevent bad things from happening.
  • Maintain good things.
  • Identify, and execute, the action that will yield the highest return of action.
  • Find the smallest thing in your life, that could be fixed in minutes. Then fix it, in minutes, or perhaps, in seconds.
  • Work on hard things.
  • Work on your biggest challenge in life, your main purpose, your key problem you might have right now. If it's a huge thing, break it down into manageable chunks until they are small enough for you to begin solving, one step at the time, and aim for giant leaps when it's possible and if it's the responsible thing to do.
  • Take responsibility. You're in charge of your life. Don't blame others.

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