The Sosial trading revolution

We tried social trading, and this was a truly unique experience recommended all traders. Social investment network are now used by millions of traders.

The Sosial trading revolution

We have very good experience with social trading. This is a power broker who has dared to tread new ground, and have succeeded. We salute them for having built on the concept of social trading, and to have developed a trading platform that is both fun, convenient and inexpensive to use.

18. July 2024 by Click insider / Social trading

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Social trading networks is trading platforms for currency and more. Call it forex broker if you want, but it is also more than just a common currency broker.

Try social trading here - free demo or deposit money if you want to experience the real trading experience.

At the largest social investment networks you can do more than trade currency pairs:

  • Social trading networks is hugely popular these days.
  • You can trade just about anything with social trading.
  • Social trading allows you to see what other traders in the network to buy and sell foreign exchange and commodities at any time.
  • You can also follow certain traders, and also copy their exact actions.
  • Easy to find and copy the profitable traders.

Besides, it is cheap to trade with tradingnetworks, here is the low spreads and no other fees than the difference between the buying price and the selling price - no brokerage!

Social trading networks often better than competing online brokers

There are many forex trading platforms to choose from online, but few have offered social trading, and even fewer have a good offer. Social trading networks is a uniqueform of online broker, and our experiences after reading about the various networks mediate pure offering social trading, these networks then definitely in a class by itself.

Social trading networks is one of few online broker we have in-depth experience with, but we have tried the demo accounts in some of the competitors and can safely say that social trading is much better than the others in this segment. Cheap and good, and miles ahead of the competition in terms of quality of the trading platform.

Copy the best traders

WARNING: Before we let ourselves be carried away we might as well bring a warning to begin with: Through social trading you can trade in foreign exchange and CFD products. This means of course the risk of losses (even if the purpose of the trading is to generate returns and make money). So you can lose money by using social trading. Even the "experts" (the best traders) social trading will lose sometimes. So this is not a guaranteed way to make money, but the possibilities are definitely present.

Many earn money with social trading networks and it is a great platform for both beginners and advanced traders who want to engage in foreign exchange trading, share trading, forex and CFD trading.

Copy the best traders - This is a strategy that is as simple as it is ingenious. As I said, it may even the best also lose money. Even in social trading, there are guarantees that the copying will do just as well in the future. A good strategy is still to copy other traders who have had a good postitive return over a certain period.

Socail trading conclusion and experiences

Before trying social trading you might have been sceptical. But the large number of users and the popularity of these networks will at least make you curious and want to try their service.

It is quite another to build a kind of human-based portfolio than just trade in the actual instruments.

We have only positive experiences with using social trading networks. It is a very good service that has surprised positively, the company that operates the service is seriously and regulated. This makes us feel in safe hands when using this service.

In short, social trading is very funny, and as you might imagine - socially! We have come into contact with more exciting people like sharing our passion for trading and forex.

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