Social trading networks

What is the world's largest social investment network? Some social trading services will let you automatically copy the best traders and earn as much money as they do.

18. July 2024 by Click insider / Social trading

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Social trading is an ingenious social service where users are free to trade in currencies and equities. You can buy a selection of currency pairs at a cheap price (no fees, low spreads).

The best thing these services has to offer is still the social aspect, definitely the best trading platform for social trading that exist today.

Social trading is great for traders

Social investment networks typically offers unbeatable on price. There are no fees and no commissions.

Their business model is based on the spreads between the bid price and the offer price, and spread is the lowest of all the currency pairs that we checked out.

Price is often the main argument for choosing your broker, then there is commerce solution that is in focus.

Trade currencies and commodities socially

At most social trading networks you can trade currencies and commodities (gold, oil, and several other ingredients). For investment and trading there are few services that achieve the same quality as the trading platform.

The advantage of social trading networks is that they offer an easy way to get access to the financial markets. You need not be an expert to make money online. The only thing you need to do, strictly speaking, is to copy other experts, thus earning as much as they do.

Of course there are many who also want to trade via commercial solutions on their own, without use of the social trading platform. It is entirely possible. With social trading networks you can trade like a loner too, and take all trading decisions on their own using their tools technological analysis.

Social trading

Social trading services is a great way to identify the best traders, and pay attention to what these trades are trading at any moment.

To see what they are trading in themselves is educational, but you can also can copy what they trade fully automatically. This is really brilliant.


You can find a trader who has achieved 400% return over the past several months, copy this trader automatically and dedicate example, 20% of your deposit to this trader. If he continues to make good money on its investments, you will also earn money. This is no less than brilliant.

With social trading networks you can thus build up a kind of human-based portfolio, where you invest your money in other traders trading strategies, rather than to bet money on your own. Are you a beginner or less experienced trader, this is a unique opportunity to get a good return on their money.

Read the rest everything about currency trading on these networks, where you can read about the opportunities, conditions and risks of trading in foreign currencies. Interesting is that in each case, and there are many opportunities to earn good money on this. Social trading is fun, and a whole new way of investing.

Their trading platform is used by millions of traders, and is thus one of the largest in the world. Their social trading network is also the largest of its kind in the world. When you apply social trading size is an important factor, because it means that you will always find many profitable traders to follow and copy here and thus make money if they make money - and since many of the top traders trades through such social network, it is always possible to make money by following the correct and good traders.

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