First you save, then you spend. If you save more and spend less, you will have more saved. Find the balance between too much and too little.

18. July 2024 by Click insider / Money

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  • Save X years of income. If you do, you don't have to worry about cash flow. This will allow for freedom and less distraction. If you can't save X years of income, try X months or X weeks. Aim for having all your costs for the rest of your life covered, ideally a lot more.
  • Save and accumulate. Learn how to invest and trade.
  • Spend only on what you need. Learn how and how not to spend.

The Saving Trap: Are you saving for the future? Are you saving for glorious days later in life? Are you working hard, all days all week all year not spending a dime not enjoying life hating everything because later everything good now not so good? Do not just work and work and save and save and never live life. You'll save and save and then just suddenly die. It's not a good plan.

The Saving Hack. You don't need much to be happy in life. Happy, or satisfied, or fulfilled. Whatever it is. Your purpose. Saving isn't a complete waste. Make sure you save, and earn, but also make sure your work feels like play, your wealth is created from purpose, and money just flows into your life although this isn't your main purpose or even something you deliberately strive for. You're not motivated by financial achievements, yet these rewards will be yours when your path has been calibrated. You don't need much, yet you own more bags of gold than you know what to do with. You don't obsess over money, yet you have more of it than anyone you know. Saving is easy and effortless, as your earnings are massive, yet your work is your purpose and your calling, and you have few cravings and zero urges to to spend your not-so-hard-earned money. You're financially rich now, but honestly, you don't care. And you're financially free, and that's a blessing. But money is meh and freedom is an illusion. You've been rich since day one.

Safe Savings: Security Is An Illusion

The German playwright, poet, philosopher and Goethe-friend Friedrich von Schiller suggested that "to save all we must risk all". Everything will be lost in the end. You can't hold on to your savings forever. You may pass them down a few generations, but once the savings are in other people's hands, they are outside of your control. If fact, your savings will never be compeltely within your control, regardless of the method of wealth preservation.

You'll die, and your savings will be gone or change hands. But what you own today, you might own in the future. Wealth protection is important if you want to keep your wealth, but there is no such thing as safe havens or bulletproof savings. That's a fact, only liars or ignorant fools will tell you otherwise.

"Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving."
― Warren Buffett

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