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Wanting to make enough money is fair enough, but how much is really enough?

Make Money
18. July 2024 by Click insider / Money

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How to Make Enough Money

How much is enough? This is, of course, subjective. Many people will be satisfied by making a little more, or having double of the money they already have; But these are dynamic limits: They will always wish for a little more, or the double of what they have. For some, no amount of money is enough. Others are happy with the little they have.

This is how you make enough money:

  • Increase your money. Make more money, earn more, get a second income, grow your financial wealth, until you have enough.
  • Reduction in lifestyle cost. Reduce your living expenses, until you have enough money to support it.

Either increase your money supply, or reduce your lifestyle cost.

A third alternative is to do both: Make more money while reducing living expenses. This will allow for saving up more money. There are extreme versions of this, practiced by some avaricious multi-millionaires and billionaires; They spend almost no money on themselves, and re-invest all the profits they make. But then, what's the point of making all this money? For some rich people, it's not about the money, but they are driven by passion and the money is just the by-product of their calling, it's a result at being excellent in their craft, it's a consequence of flalling in love with their business. While making money may no longer be their pursuit, it's an outgrowth of finding purpose in being excellent at what they do. That, or they're just greedy bastards.

The fourth and most stupid alternative will be to decrease your money supply while increasing your lifestyle cost. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the stupidity until it is too late.

Freedom and independence may be the ultimate goal of having money. But as humans, we will never be truly free or completely independent. So that initself is an illusion. You don't have full control of the things that will happen in your life. And things will happen. Bad things. It's just the way it is. And there is no way to completely remove yourself from the risks involved in living. That's life. And in life, good things happens too.

What's the Point of Making Money?

People spend a lot of their life tied to activities in which they are making money. But why? Most people are so busy working they don't have time left to reflect upon why they actually spend so much time making money.

What's the point of making money, if any? Beyond a certain point of wealth, there may be no point at all in making money. These are some reasons, meaning, points of making money:

  1. Making money is a game. The point of making money is to make money; An infinite numbers game. There is no endgame. You earn points: Dollars, gold bars, bitcoins, cattle. What is the point of anything? What is the point of life? What is the point of making money? Answer: Points. The point of making money is points. The purpose of money-making is recursive; Money-making in itself is the purpose. There is no point beyond. If it's not points, it's pointless. Something from nothing, oxymonoric ignorant insight, fractally defracted. You just can't pinpoint the universal endpoint of money-making; There's just viewpoints, and one such point of view is that the accumulation of points in itself is the porpose of obtaining money-points.
  2. Freedom and independence. The point of making money is to escape the chains of money. Some dare call it financial freedom. But that's an invention of the imagination, something like maintaining a suicidal lifestyle, it's not really a thing. At first you play the money game at the lower levels. At this level, both your gameplay and your game plan determines the "degree of suck" or level of entertainment, the intensity of emotional impact. Plan your play, and play your plan. Your gameplay will also determine your efficacy rate, performance returns. At the lowest levels, the game is all about moving to the above levels, as fast as possible whitout breaking your integrity, although some people will be slack about this, poorly or wrongfully justified by externality or something else. Can we really break free from the chains of money in a capitalistic society? Level up to escape lower level money games, and you might. The game can be fun, entertaining, or just pathetic and idiotic at any level. Just like the game of life. It depends not only on the game at play, but on your gameplay, and the eye of the beholder. Collect well played points, regardless of the level you're playing. There are no certainties in life. There's no sure path to level up. But if you try, then you've at least you tried. In anything, don't just try, if it's worth trying, try hard, try harder, try your hardest, and then, when you try all you've got, it's enough. Your best is enough, it's all you can do and expecting more is just stupid. But what is enough really? It's wordplay. We're bound by the structures of language, narrowed by the chains of life, trapped by the restraints of nature. What does that even mean? Acta non verba. Break the chains, if you can. Audentes fortuna iuvat. Or not.
  3. No point. It's all meaningless. There is no meaning to money or anything in life. The point of making money does not exist. There is no point. None, nil, nada, zilch.
  4. The point of making money is to be right. Because being right just feels right? Being right and doing right is not the same thing. The point of making money may be to be right, independent of luck. But everything is luck-dependent to some degree, it's a spectrum. We can make the quest of making money, or the point of making money, to be something interesting, simply by framing it as an inquiry to be right. Making money could even be a pursuit to do right. Meh.
  5. Power. The point of making money is to increase your level of power. Money is power. If money is power, and money is an infinite resource, power too is infinite, which it is not. Power may be similar to energy, which cannot disappear, but just like money, it can be transferred. Okay, social power can perhaps vanish completely, and it's a bad comparison, but the point of making money could be to relocate power, shift influence, convey potential. Attain it, then keep it. Power cannot be kept, but it can be used. Just like money, the power of money lies in the usage of it, or the potential usage, not in the keeping. If nothing else, money will give you buying power. If billions and trillions is your thing, there are indeed shortcuts; Politicians and bureaucrat gain power over other people's money.
  6. Money is the glue of society. The point of making money is to provide liquidity to the glue of society. Money is the sticky liquid that holds capitalistic civilizations together. The thing that makes it run smoothly, or not. Without money society would be halted, civilizations collapse, or perhaps not. The point of making money then, is to contribute to the liquidity. By making money you are doing your part in upholding the financial structures of the world. Is there any alternative to capitalism? There are various types of capitalism, and capitalism is certainly not the only way possible for human kind. But while something is possible, it may not be the right, or the best? What is the best of anything really? How can you know, unless you are able to run simulations of every eventuality. We only get to test a single contingency, these are not linear. Socialism or X did not work in the past, but we cannot deny it will work in the future? X today is not X tomorrow. The world is dynamic world, regardless of the value of X. The world is not a closed system. Making money is like making liquid glue with the perfect viscosity. Weird. Next!
  7. Objection to Framing. It's just semantic wordplay. The point of making money is just a bunch of words, too narrow, they can mean anything or nothing at all. You might as well ask: What is the point of actions? Or what is the point of self serving actions? Or what is the point of philanthropy? Perhaps instead of searching for the answers, the key to unlocking wisdom is in coming up with new questions. The discussion regarding the point of making money might be inherently pointless. Come up with better questions, other ways of framing it. What will you do with the money? How much time will you be spending doing actions that will earn you money? How much money do you desire realistically, taking into concern the mental and physical work involved?
  8. Greed, cravings. The point of making money is to buy more stuff, consume more, buy buy buy. Some people do not know why they want to make more money, they do not know why they want it, but they know they want it. They crave money so that they can buy the things they crave, and then they buy those things, and forgot why they initially craved those things, and now they just crave money, and they crave making more of it. No amount will ever be enough. Until one day, you'll become filthy rich, or reach a certain level of wealth, and then you stop an think about this madness, and you finally get to the point, it's like your whole life has been one giant continuous rant, and now you see clearly, and at last you feel like you have made enough money for yourself. It's time to share some of the money with others, and perhaps this too, will be another unreflecting act of selfishness. You must not fool yourself, but as the saying goes, you are the easiest person to fool.
  9. Pain evasion and prevention of discomfort. The point of making money is to evade pain and elevate gain. The no pain no gain strategy. Make sure it's more gain than pain. Balance the pain/gain ratio in your favor across the board. No pain is no fun, we humans need some pain, nothing goes up up up forever. You lose some, you gain some. What is better: Winning all the games all the time, or win some lose some, but in the end your total return is greater than if you just kept winning, never losing. Make money so you can keep the savings untouched, grow your savings, while also making money you could throw away, because the pain in making the money is less than the combined joy from being able to increase your savings and/or throwing away money. Make making money so effortless, that you don't mind throwing away some of it, or all of it, or sharing it, or giving it away, or saving more, because it's just so easy. Realize time is a finite resource, while money is not. You do not have infinite time to spend making money, you do not have infinite money, you do not have infinite spending power. Make more money in less time, and make it as fun and effortless as possible. The "I would do this for free" cash machine is a dream come true for some, but for most people will remain the dream of dreams. Time has value, for humans. Don't waste it as a rainbow treasure chaser. Take the pain, enjoy the gains, find balance and work on the ratios. If you take pain and don't have gains, take the point. Minimize the pain of making money, maximize the point of making money, whatever this means to you. If the pain of making money is to great, you know you are doing something wrong. As you realize this, value this knowledge, too much pain, too little gain, time to re-balance, adjust, something is not right, so you try a different approach, and be smart about it, there might be a billion wrong ways, a billion right ways, but time is limited so you can't start trying the billion wrong ways first, you'll be dead long before you get to test the right ways. Do your best, it's the best you can ever do, and then amor fati whatever comes.
  10. To sustain your desired lifestyle. The point of making money is a required component of X. Like, make money so that you could spend some money for fun and life, save some money for the future, have some money money just for the comfort of having money. Having money gives buying power, freedom to buy, and this in return increases happiness, or some other desired emotion.
  11. What's not the point of making money? If you don't know what the point is, you could still know what it is not. Many people seek money because they want to buy things, to impress people, for status, or material things which aren't actual needs. There may be valid and fair reasons to work towards having more money, but the chain of thought regarding the desire for money is often distorted. Many people are filled with cognitive biases when justifying their money-motivated actions. Some people are just stupid, and they do not even understand the desires behind their actions.
  12. Philosophical motives of making money. The point of making money may be entirely driven by metaphysical rationale. Money is intrinsically fungible, but wisdom is not. For the most part, money, dollars, cryptocurrencies, gold, silver, oil is all fungible. In fact, even quantum particles have fungibility. Money can extend one's personal freedom and can be deployed toward certain societal and individual goals. Financially profitable actions might just be seen as a component of the quest to understand the totality of life.

The point of making money is not the how of making money. Many people conflate the why; the point of making money, the logic, the reason, the acumen of making money; with the the how; the procedure of capital gain, method of building wealth, operation of generating cash flow, strategy of building revenue, plan for prosperity, get rich scheme. Money is quantifiable, and money can be attained through a diverse range of actions. Thus, you cannot use money as a quantifier for actions, or to use money to compare the quality of the actions. The point of making moey is not that we are specializing in different things, some are good at one thing, some experts at other things, but that is not the point of making money, rather, that is how you could view the point of money itself.

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