Make Money With Subscribestar

Subscribestar is an independent membership platform where you can publish your content and get paid. Learn how to make money with Subscribestar right now.


You can make money from Subscribestar but how much? The revenue will depend on just two things, and that is how many subscribers you will get, and also the fee of your subscriptions. Get more subscribers, or increase your subscription fees, and earn more money. There is nothing more to it.

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Make Money Online

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Subscribestar is just another platform for creators. A place to upload your content and get paid.

Go to and learn more about their service, and explore the "stars" that are already making money as creators.

You know what Patreon is. Subscribestar is a similar service.

Is it safe to use Subscribestar? You might wonder if Subscribestar is safe to use, and the answer to this one is a definitive YES. The site is completely safe and legit. It is used by thousands of experts, cool people, any kind of creator. They pay on time, it's a legit company and the people at Subscribestar are exceptiaonlly plesant.

Reasons to use Subscribestar

One reason to use Subscribestar is that they don't just shut people out and cencor everything without warning. Cencorship has been a problem for creators on many other platforms. Subscribestar is known to be more liberal. Although they are very much for free speech, they do not allow anything to pass on their platform. If you are promoting illegal stuff, are being a bully or attacking groups or persons as a way of making money, you will not be welcomed by any platform.

You will get very low service fees here. Compared to the minimum charged at Patreon, the service fee at Subscribe star is only 3%. If you negotiate this could be lowered furter, according to some claims on the internet. But you know, "I reddit on the internet" does not qualify as fact.

You might also be getting bonuses once you're in. E.g. they have been paying bonuses for the first ten subscribers.These things can change and you should check with the official site for the current deals.

Live streaming is also a nice feature from Subscribestar.

You don't need to have a Facebook account, YouTube account, Twitter or any other social media. These things can be used for promoting your content on Subscribestar, but you don't have to have any other social media account to become a Subscribestar content provider.

Another really great thing about Subscribestar is that they offer many payment options. Paypal, Payoneer, and wire transfer to bank accounts around the world.

The minimum threshold for payments is also set very low, only 10 dollars and you will qualify for your first payment. It should be noted that you should set a payment limit much higher than this if you have opted in for the wire transfer payment alternative as there will probably be additional fees from your bank.

These are just some of the benefits. You will have to explore this service for yourself and find out what you like about it.

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