How Real People Make Real Income Online

Make money online: Yes, we're actually going to write about that thing. How: Investigate real examples from the internet. The plain and simple, free and obvious approach: Learn how to identify internet income opportunities and finally deep-understand the how-to of online revenue and web income.

Internet Income Examples

It's possible to make money online. It's possible to make money in the back seat of a cab. It's possible to start a web business from your home kitchen. Possible, possissibleble. If you don't act, it's not possible. But first, you need knowledge and know-how. Observing, looking at real-world examples can be helpful. Other people thought you how to speak, how to eat like a human, now learn from other people how to start an online business. Learn from example, learn from doing: It's so obvious it's not even funny.

24. April 2024 by Click insider / Make Money Online

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The best way to understand how to actually make money online, like real income from the internet, is by investigating how other people are doing it, learn from it, be inspired and then take action from whatever you have learned from your observations.

Brilliant ideas are simple, and this is almost too easy:

Want to make money online? Stop dreaming, start doing: Observe, learn, take action and implement. Easy. But still hard. Taking action, doing work instead of dreaming of huge piles of cash is... hard. Not really, but getting started is a battle for lazy people.

How To Start a Start-up and Make Web Income

So, you want to make money online, but how? Start by exploring real internet businesses. Get inspired.

one brain is enough

But looking at big corporations, what Google does, does no good for your wallet. You are not Google. You don't have the billions, and you have one brain, not thousands of brains. But one brain is enough.

Enough talk. You need real examples of real web income.

Examples of One-person Business & Start-ups

Disclaimer: Revenues reported for these start-ups and businesses may be outdated. The business models, pricing and description of the businesses may have changed since the time of writing. Source is this post from Indiehackers.

These are examples of real one-person single-founder internet businesses.

AuGrav ($15K/mo)

Personalized Jewelry and 3D Products. Sells rings, engraved jewels, platinum, accessories.

Readable ($16K/mo)

Readable tests the readability, spelling and grammar of text. It will also provide clues on how to improve the text.

Face Juggler ($18K/mo)

This was the first automatic Face Swapping App. The clue here might be: first. Being first can be a huge advantage (but last mover advantage is also a thing). ($20K/mo)

Made by a guy that have done a lot of hosting stuff, from web hosting, VPS hosting, game server hosting and more. Then he got into Ark: Survival Evolved and hosting Ark servers for other people.

Bugfender ($21K/mo)

Bugfender is a mobile app remote logger plus crash reporter plus in-app user feedback tool. Their platform logs users experience details, and sends the data to a web console, even when devices are offline keeps logging even if the device is offline.

Instapainting ($32K/mo)

Instapainting is a photo to painting service, and they are hand-painted on canvas in oil, watercolor, or other. In addition there are tons of artists to choose from.

Hacker Paradise ($35K/mo)

Remote working community, facilitates trips from all around the world. Assists with accomotation, co-working space and more.

SubmitHub ($55K/mo)

A service created for musicians and curators, and to make it easier to send music to curators. Provides stats to assist in determining if the songs actually ends up where intended.

ManyPixels ($60K/mo)

ManyPixels provides graphic and web design services, and there is nothing outstanding about that, but they do this for a flat monthly fee, and you can get your own personal graphic designer from their site.

Looka ($70K/mo)

Looka (Former Logojoy) is a platform powered by artificial intelligence that will help you design a logo and make a website.

Snappa $76K/mo

Snappa is a tool that makes it convenient to create online graphics. Use examples include creating and publishing images for social media, blogs, ads.

Web4Realty ($100K/mo)

Create real estate websites, in a no hassle easy fashion at a relatively low price. ($125K/mo)

This is a site for autions related to ccTLD domain backorders and expired domains.

CrazyLister ($150K/mo)

A service for easy listing and selling on both Amazon and eBay. At the time of writing claims to be used by over 100,000 retailers.

Egghead ($255K/mo)

Screencasts for developers, learn JavaScript tools and framework. Tutorials from professional developers.

CoderPad ($335K/mo)

This is an interviewing platform for programmers.

The Full List Of One-Person Start-ups is Much, Much Longer

This list is just a tiny, tiny, TINY fraction of all fun and interesting one-person internet businesses.

There are thousands of other single-founder businesses like the ones mentioned here.

Dig deep into the source of wealth creation

You can find these businesses simply by doing a Google search, or a duck search, or qwant, bing, yandex... Does not matter, search and you will find these businesses. There are thousands and thousands of examples, get inspired, learn, observe, start doing, take action and all.

Making money online is only impossible if you get distracted by BS articles on how to make money online.

Ignore scammy suggestions, don't search for "how to make money online" ever again. Instead dig deep into the source of wealth creation:

Explore real internet businesses, understand their business model, build your knowledge, be curious and open to the possibility that you could actually begin to make tons of money online. Yes, you.

Don't expect it to be easy, but don't assume that it will be impossible either.

Single-founder vs Outsourcing vs Start-up With a Co-founder vs Small Group of Entrepreneurs

If you're not the do-it-all-alone make-all-your-wealth-by-yourself rather-have-a-co-founder type of guy, then that's cool too.

Single-founder businesses can easily be something a small group of people could be working on as well. Some people have all the skills, or rather they learn what they need to learn as they go.

Some people prefer working in small groups, not doing all the heavy lifting by themselves. It's your choice.

As a free solo, you be the creator of visions, chief of time, boss of life

Another option: Outsorce tasks, like accounting, web design, stuff you don't know, don't want to learn or just don't want to be doing. Or hire people, if you don't mind managing people, or if you do mind, hire managers for your crew (if you have money), CEO as captain, but you will still be the ship owner and probably a board member.

Outsourcing everything is the hyped passive income solution, but in reality it's a headache. The less you have to rely on other people, the better for your business. Also, if your start-up succeeds financially, there is less to share, keep more of the profits. Plus, as a free solo, you be the creator of visions, chief of time, boss of life.

starting a one-person company online

Even if you fail, you will succeed

Be bold, do stuff that matters, do things that, even if you fail, you will succeed.

Make your best effort to explore business opportunities, at first do a broad exploration, then dig deep into a narrow field of your interest.

Survival matters.

Making money online is not an universal process. It's individual, every person must find their own path.

Failure is not an option. Not because results are guaranteed, but because either way you will learn from your mistakes.

Save yourself the agony and learn from the mistakes of others first.

But the best lessons in life will often be from your own mistakes, your best lessons will be given at The School of Life, great wisdom at Hard Way University. Sad fact, yet weirdly comforting.

Avoid fatal mistakes, enjoy what you do, and keep trying, iterate and improve every effort by learning from errors.

Whatever you do in business, make sure you will be in business next week, month, year. Survival matters. Life-work balance if for dead people, multitasking zombies, life-death balance, kinda hard to live if you are dead.

Making an income for yourself from the internet is actually possible.

Try reading that one more time, many readers will probably not believe this:

Making an income for yourself from the internet is actually possible. Shocking.

make money online

Stop dreaming of starting an online business. Start doing. Learn from other people. Learn by exploring impressive internet businesses. Learn from observation, examine consumers, markets, inspect and reverse-engineer intriguing products, study compelling services. Acquire know-how by doing, make stupid, do stuipd stuff, make a mess, absorb any lesson you get from business life, just make sure you survive till the next day and you will be alright. Enough big tech. The world needs small creators.

It might still be pretty hard, but possibly not feel hard

How to make money online? Don't start by typing in "how to make money online" in Google.

Explore how other people are making money online. Single founders, one person businesses, learn from examples, come up with your own stuff, improve upon other products, innovate services, understand what other people are willing to pay for, make something you would be using yourself. Business opportunities are everywhere, constantly look for examples of what other people are doing in business, learn from the real world.

Starting an internet business and making money online is hard if you are determined that it will be hard.

Change your mindset, it might still be pretty hard, but possibly not feel hard.

Twist your thinking and this whole internet business thing could become something fun, interesting, profitable even.

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