The 5 hour work week will kill you

The conventional idea of work has changed. More and more people are realizing that 50 hours of work a week for up to 50 years (or more) is not an ideal way of living. Is there really no alternative to such an entrenched work? Well, thankfully!

The work that kills you

Many seek job, but few realize all the wonderful possibilities without having to depend on an employer. The SmartLittleMan will provide suggestions for how to make money and get a regular income even without having a real job.

22. April 2024 by Click insider / Full-time Online Jobs

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Why work for 5 hours when you can survive working only 4 hours, as in the "Four Hour Workweek"

And why stop there? Why work at all? Some people are using their husbands as wallets, others inherit wealth and have just figured out they want to quit working and start living the lazy and free life.

Snap back to reality; You probably do need to work, but 30 hours is a lot, and anything above 50 hours is way too much to have a chance at living a complete life outside work.

Starting to create their own income already today:

It does not matter if there are no jobs available, whether it's financial crisis, or if no employer wants to hire you. It means nothing !

You have many opportunities end work and start makeing money on your own right here, right now.

Jobbing and sleeping

If sleeping is the " activity " we spend the most time in their lives, the work we use the second most time on.

Since labor is one of the key ingredients in our lives, it is natural to expect that the work gives us more than just an income and a livelihood. Where did the job satisfaction?

The big life plan

For many, life has a clear path:

Life usually begins in the delivery room. So school education. Then look for a job. Then work to forward to retirement. Live long enough you 're old home next stop. Finally, it is right in the grave. For dust you shall return and finish it.

The whole, this is the framework for many, and we are stuck with these limits.

Why not innovate?

The alternative to 50h work week for 50 years

Life need not be fixed to the frames that society has put forth. Although society has its proposed framework it does not mean that you can do it differently.

Many do not want to work until they are 60 In addition to retire early, you may want to take mini - pensions early in life, so you get some nice and long lasting experiences even when still relatively young and vigorous.

Unemployment is not only negative. Had you had a decent job, you might have been happy with it, without thinking much about it existed some better options.

Some are happy as long as they have a livelihood, others require job satisfaction and higher wages, but does not reflect so much of what options exist.

It 's great that people dedicates much of his life to the necessary work, but for many this is no longer an option.

To work as an employee for 40 hours a week for 40 years is out of the question for my part, as long as there are alternatives that are more rewarding in every possible areas

Freedom, wealth and current income

Few people are against work, but many see that it pays to work at a regular job. Hence the phrase to " auger" - that is to live by utilizing social insurance and other social security benefits even if strictly speaking are physically and mentally able to work. Such is not the rich, and it is not long to live the good life.

Others see the value of working and want to do something that challenges one intellectually, and while being financially rewarding.

Stepping unemployed, are often the natural thing to do is to look for a job.

Many people also think: " what am I really looking for? "

An employer or a job position in itself is often not what you 're after, this is just a means to get what they really sought after.

Many really wants, above all, the freedom of their own time, as well as financial independence.

It is possible to achieve this, even without help from an employer.

You can get freedom and money, and revenues from outsourcing and projects of its own, which makes it possible for you to take time off whenever you want.

Had you been in that situation, you could of tomorrow by taking a year off, if you had wanted it, and you could traveled around the world. It sounds surreal, but in reality it is an achievable dream if you are willing to follow the tips that you find here on this website.

Even if you take a year off, you can with some of the methods mentioned here on this page come home with more money in the bank than when you left, thanks to current income. It is the positive effect of semi - and fully automatic inntektktskilder (passive income).

Some "secrets " about making money

With a few simple tricks you can achieve more than you could ever dreamed of in terms of income, freedom and employment.

You can make money even when you are not working, and you can make a freedom that going to mean very much to you and your quality of life.

What are these magic tricks?

    • The bad news is that everyone must find their own way.
    • The good news is that we have proposed many ideas that can be the springboard that makes your dreams of financial freedom possible.

There is no secret formula for achieving financial success or to get more freedom :

The day you realize that you do not have an employer, it will be as if a light is turned on in your head. When you start your hunt for all the opportunities you 've never seen before.

That you will eventually be able to start earning good money and get a tremendous freedom, will be the result of your curiosity to find alternative ways to make money without having to depend on an employer.

You need not be a genius, but you have to make some unusual choices.

When you go unemployed, you will not be desperately looking for a job, as most are unemployed.

Remember that if you want financial freedom and more control over your own life, you can get it - even without an employer or job.

Do not be afraid to take unconventional choices, you can achieve more than you ever dreamed. Being a part of the herd feels safe at the moment, but do you dare to leave the herd mentality will discover a whole new world. Conformity is for those who want " standard package" in life. Do not let others dictate how your life will unfold, but trust that you are able to make their own choices.

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